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Very helpful, thank you for posting this synthesis! Two categories tied for my "natural style" in the DISC quiz, both scores at 88% (these being my dominant and secondary DYT Types 2/4). I wonder how that translates for my DYT, where I recognize my secondary strongly in personality and thought habits yet bear none of the physical/style/Winter season markers. I notice you're also neck-and-neck with Types 4/2 and hover between soft winter and soft summer influences. Which do you find takes the reigns: dominant tone/type as it determines colors and shapes, or the leadings of personality when they sometimes contradict that due to such a strong presence of secondary nature?

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What a great question!  What happens when you have a very strong secondary?  What happens when your strong secondary does not show in your appearance?  The second part of the question has to do with how to incorporate the contradictory colors and shapes of the secondary type.

Yes, my DISC scores are quite close, with C=88 (on both natural and adaptive) and S=77 (on natural, but repressed to 46 in adaptive).  Remember C=T4 and S=T2 (and I=T1 and D=T3).  So my personality is strongly T4, even if my appearance is strongly T2.

I have a few posts on adding in your secondary energy.  One idea I've heard is to keep to your dominant color palette, but change to your secondary shapes and design lines.

All that being said, it's still a dilemma to me or I wouldn't keep talking about it here!

A dominant T2, with secondary T4
A dominant T4, with secondary T2

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