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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Planets Rising

Planets are considered Rising, if they are within 10 degrees of your Ascendant.
Planets near the Ascendant also affect appearance:

"Sun – adds height/weight and a big broad smile.  Sun in the 1st House

Moon – has a round, “moony” type of face.
Moon in the 1st House

Mercury – adds height and a pointed chin.
Mercury in the 1st House

Venus – attractive, beautiful complexion and may have dimpled cheeks or cleft in chin.
Venus in the 1st House

Mars – sometimes hair is reddish or auburn. Pimples or scars on the face, may also have a ruddy complexion or sometimes a receding hair line prone to baldness.

Mars in the 1st House

Jupiter – adds height and girth.
Jupiter in the 1st House

Saturn – shorter, thinness, bonier.
Saturn in the 1st House

Uranus – makes a person look totally unlike what you expected!
Uranus in the 1st house

Neptune – Makes a person take on an aura of glamour or mystery. Eyes are large, liquid and beautiful. Could suffer from fluid retention. A “chameleon” type of person.
Neptune in the 1st house

Pluto – Intensifies and accentuates everything. Eyes are green or some other improbable color. Flowing hair or beard of mustache. Likes to wear dark "             Pluto in the First House 
       A pinterest of Pluto in the 1st House celebs

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