Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some percolating thoughts...

Part One:
So recently, someone led me to go back to Riter's SPD and notice that the "neutral" seasons often are people with combinations of cool skin and either warm eyes or warm hair.   For some (ignorant) reason, I had it in my mind that the cool seasons were all cool features and the warm, were warm.  Well, actually what Riter says is that the skin of an overall cool person would have a yellow undertone.  Um what?  I like what Scaman says actually about Deep Winter, it's more of a yellow overlay, but the undertone is very cool.  So you musn't mess up and use a warm foundation.  Anyway, after I got over freaking out, I started having some more insights about my green eyes and relatively cool skin, also the fact that in the past my hair has had red highlights.  According to Riter's color test, I would be a Bright Winter (due to the count of the colors that work for me), partly because she views all green eyes as falling under Spring (ok?).  I never felt like that was quite right.

Part Two:
I was just about to start to accept a possible Soft Summer type for me, something about 2/3 began to sink in, esp. when reading about Phlegmatic/Cholerics like Simone De Beauvoir (they are excellent counselors, and active listeners, but prone to almost lethargy, and they are irritable).  But then I had a conversation with someone who works in this field, and looking at my picks she was trying to convince me of a possible 3 secondary, but then I asked her to go back because when she said what she thought my dominant energy was, she said it so quickly and matter of factly that I almost missed it. She said in her view I am definitely a 4.  She said that I am not soft because I am so serious, esp. in most of my pics (I rarely smile unless I am posing).  I also try to perfect things.  I like that rephrase of perfectionism.  So she thinks I'm a 4/3.  The 3 secondary comes from my green eyes again, and she pointed out some angularity in my face.

Part Three:
Looking at personality and humor tests, I score High C and High S on the DISC, and Melancholic/Phlegmatic, which equals 4/2 or Cool Winter.  What I relate to in the Cool Winter personality is the exterior facade of competence, over a very sensitive interior.  (I just do not relate to the Phlegmatic/Melancholy balance of Cool Summer, too nice!)  On the Enneagram, I am a 5, which is Moderate C, and Moderate D, with low S and very low I.  So 4/3/2, or what I would call Deep Winter Soft.  Deep Winter 4/3 would be Melancholic/Choleric.  I can identify with the negativity and critical nature they have, unfortunately.  Also, 4/3 would allow for Type 4 lines, but not full on blacks and whites, but softened dark neutrals.

I also read that though we cool as we age, if we want to look younger, we should dye our hair the color it was when we were younger.

I used to dye my hair auburn or red highlighted, but then I started cutting that out when I thought I was T2 (or T4), but I think it's wrong.

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rbuffington said...

Jane, I love your work. You have a lot of good content here and I will contribute financially to it in the future as I am able. I am also a therapist and I just started out in private self pay practice, so you can imagine funds are somewhat tight right now. I can relate to a lot of what you say because the journey is a tough one if you do not fit perfectly in a neat small category of one of the 4 types. I am hardly and expert but I am an enthusiast. I see all types in you. I don't see all 4 types in everyone, so it makes sense(to me at least) that landing in a suitable category neatly would be difficult. I mean, who wants to orphan parts of themselves to fit in somewhere? We do it all the time, but it doesn''t feel great.

So, if you don't mind - I will tell you what I see. I see the type 4 in your contrast, your overall coolness, the seriousness you bring, and in your analytical mind, I also hear a T2 softness and maybe some T1 lightness? in your voice in a video I saw. The T2 seemed to be there with some thoughtful hesitation in your speech as if you were trying to decide which way to flow and weighing all the data to make an informed decision. I see T2 in your data collection and openness to input. I see T3 in some angles in your face and a slight boomerang shaped lower lip. Since T3 corresponds with autumn coloring, you also mention that you have green eyes and had some warmth in your hair as a child. You also seem to be quite prolific and productive on this site, so that feels sort of T3. You have the T4 high cheekbones but also T1 in their apple shape and you also have an adorable nose (T1?). You also have some more T1 in your occasionally animated facial expressions (watch your eyebrows --they are very lively at times as your speak). There is also something of T1 in some of your still pictures. At times you can see that there is a youthful playful quality about you. I would agree with your assessment of predominantly T4, but with varying degrees of the other types. It also makes sense to me that you are a T4,T3,T2 mix with just a smattering of T1 for some fun and spark thrown in. I know I mentioned quite a few little T1 aspects in you that I see in multiple places but these are probably in the smallest doses of the 4 types.

Anyway, You look fantastic and you have a great mind and heart for sharing your journey and putting together this site. Rock on! And thank you.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Thank you so much!

As this is an old post, I will link to my other blog that shows where I've landed, which is Patrician Winter or Soft Winter.

rbuffington said...

I had decided I was a soft summer deep before I had heard of DYT. I was fascinated with DYT and still enjoy reading about the types and continually learning about which type may be my best fit. I see myself as a blend of all 4. However, despite the fact that I believe I am a soft summer deep, which I think would correspond with T2/3/4 in that order. I relate less to the T3 part than any of the 4 types. I am definitely an introvert but can act for times as quite an extrovert if the situation calls for it or I feel others need that from me. I have half oval eyebrows, heavy lids, and droopy cheeks and blended chin. I cry easily and overthink everything. I've never been swift moving and pushing, although I do love checking things off of a list and will sometimes write a list with things I've already accomplished just to tick them off, which Carol Tuttle mentions is a T3 trait. I can at times be light and animated, but cannot live there consistently. I have a little more T4 in me than I first recognized. Just last night my mother reminded me that I was always annoyed by being told what to do or when receiving unsolicited advice. I was ash blond as a child but by my mid-20s it had darkened and I began highlighting and coloring it. Today the roots appear to be quite ashy brown to me with lots of gray. My eyes are dark blue/gray. I am short (5'2") so dressing all T2 can seem a little too much. While I don't wear bright or light colors well, I look washed out in the lighter shades of T2. I don't believe the completely saturated cool colors and bold designs of T4 would exclusively fit me, but I often like the cut of the clothes and feel good in some of them. T1 elements are fun, but I could not live that way exclusively. As for T3, I will not wear animal print and the jewelry and shoes look too chunky for me.

Anyway, I like DYT and incorporate it but I won't abandon color analysis or disregard my preferences to live that way exclusively. I love soft summer deep colors and the way these colors are a blend of 3 energy types. Isn't "softening" the rules and "blending" approaches appropriate for a T2 woman? :-) Well, it works for me.

rbuffington said...

Oh, I did not see your earlier post about moving. I LOVE the Patrician Winter colors and they look great on you. I am glad you found your home.