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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Color Me A Season digital color fans app

Disclaimer: This is not my product.  I am certified in CMAS and will explain that they use 4 base seasons, where you are draped with a dominant and a secondary season.  Then you have selected numbers of the fan strips that are best for your subseason.  See my blog post here;

Only for iphone and ipads.

Visit your app store and search for "Color Me A Season"

The app is free.  If you choose to buy a season fan, each are $1.99.


(This is not my product). The test is based on choosing colors you like.  I would say that is really not going to determine your season! But most my reader's know that.  I skip the test and buy the fan for your season.

You need to be draped in person or virtually to determine your dominant season.  Then you have a secondary season and are given specific fan card strips that are best for each subseason.  See this post:

Example screen shots...

hire me

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