Sunday, March 24, 2013

Temperaments and MBTI

Look what I found:

I/E (Interaction Styles) is "expressed Inclusion"
Informing/Directing (Interaction Styles; S + T/F, N + J/P) is "wanted Inclusion"
Cooperative/Pragmatic (Keirsey; pairs SP/NT and SJ/NF) is "expressed Control"
Structure/Motive (Berens addition to Keirsey; pairs SJ/NT and NF/SP) is "wanted Control".

Here are the "blended temperaments" that result. (The fifth temperament, Supine, is interchangeable with Phlegmatic).
ISTJ: pure MelancholyISFJ: SupineMelancholyINFJ: MelancholySupineINTJ: MelancholyCholeric
ISTP: MelancholySanguineISFP: SupineSanguineINFP: Phlegmatic and/or SupineINTP: PhlegmaticCholeric
ESTP: CholericSanguineESFP: pure SanguineENFP: SanguineSupineENTP: SanguineCholeric
ESTJ: CholericMelancholyESFJ: SanguineMelancholyENFJ: CholericSupineENTJ: pure Choleric

*Supine, meaning "lying on the back" or "with the face turned upward. Supines also tend to think of themselves as worthless, while others are worthy. Since they depend on acceptance by others, they have problems with guilt.
... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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