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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Battle of Star Wars and Star Trek p.s.

first posted 7/14/13

Sometimes I think that the Four Type Systems* and Seasonal Color Analysis are like Star Wars and Star Trek.

(And please don't get upset as to which I associate with which, I'm going to try to go with historical longevity).

So why am I saying this?  Well, I woke to a reader's email that struck a cord of one of the most irritating dilemma's behind this blog, right after secondaries.  What is that you ask? Ok, the question is whether the 12 seasons match up with the Four Types at all.  Believe me, I come down on both sides of this argument in my head all the time, flip flopping like I'm an insomniac.

Remember one thing. I am not an expert.  I am not trained.  I am just obsessed, likely as you are, or you wouldn't be reading this.  I am merely writing what many of you might be struggling to work out.  Maybe some of you are past this.  Maybe some of you haven't hit it yet.  But many of you know how irritating this is.  But I will also say, that this question must be asked and attempted to be answered or none of us will really sleep well.  Wait, not that.  I should be able to be answered without being trained.  It should be an answer available to the masses!  Let them eat cake.  Wait, I should be on a diet, let the Emperor have some clothes!

Oh, this blog post is already a headache.

Seasonal Color Analysis
If you're anywhere near my generation, you too grew up in the 60s watching Star Trek - and in the 80s you got your Season done.

I still have my gold and silver lame' tester cloths.

I can remember the small boutique where I got my colors done.  What I can't remember accurately is whether I was told I was a Winter or Summer. I also don't remember it changing how I dressed, certainly not to the point of neurosis that this current journey has put me through!

So, fast forward to finding Seasonal Color Analysis now that it has 12 (or more) seasons, and for me it has always been about trying to answer the question of why I don't fit neatly into Type 2 or Type 4.  Sorry, hardly fair.  Almost feels like cheating.

The Four(ce) Type Systems
If you're like me, you came to the Four Type Systems accidentally.  And then later (after becoming obsessed researching online and participating in FB groups), you discovered that the Four Seasons had blossomed into 12 while you were doing other things.

To be quite honest, there are times I'm still mad at the person who brought this tangent into my awareness).

But anyway, again, if you're like me, you stood in one of those lines that wrapped around the block to watch the original Star Wars when it came out in the theatre.  (I've heard parents nowdays are agonizing about which order to show the films to their kids!)

And I was certainly an avid devotee of the first of the Four Type Systems that I found.  Addicted!

Notice the one fan who hasn't drank the koolaid yet... but is still watching the movie.

But back to the original question: can you be a fan of both?  (I'm not talking Star Wars or Trek, I'm not quite nerdy enough to know whether their fans commingle at conventions or have turf wars.)  Wait, that's not the original question!  Can you be analyzed in one system with a completely unrelated outcome to how you are Typed in the other?  That is the question.

Here's another person I'm still occasionally mad at, the person who said the two MUST correlate.  I have it totally memorized how it is SUPPOSED to go.  If you're a Cool Summer, you're supposed to be a 2/4, and that is all there is to it!!!!!!!!!!!! (See the Evil Chart below)   Let's call this supposition A.

Or is it?  The reader said she is a Warm Spring and a Type 2.  She referred to the 12 Blueprints author, Christine Scaman's work and polyvores combining any Season with any Type.  Let's call this supposition B.

To be direct, my first reaction to Scaman's polyvores was to want to faint like a Baptist if someone used profanity in church.  So what does tha say?  First, she is brazen and brilliant, she can't be all wrong.  Second, either I know the four type systems better, possibly true, or I'm full on brain washed, also possibly true.  You be the judge.  Just don't tell me, or I will write another tirade.

Supposition A

Sorry, coloring does matter.  If you are a Summer of any variety you must be a Type 2 with any secondary.  And no other Seasons can join in the calm peace of it all.

But it's more than that, this supposition is based on believing a few specific tenants.  Ironically, these are tenants that I thought Scaman agreed with herself, unless I'm hopelessly wrong.

I'm not sure I can fully articulate all of what I sense is connected, but the main thing that comes to mind is that if you read Scaman's book she does a beautiful and amazing job of indicating personality features associated with each of the 12 season.  In fact, accidentally this correlation gets overlooked or even forgotten in the fast food deliver and consumption of Seasons online.

So Supp. A says that the personality of a Soft Autumn will best fit in the Type 3 category... especially if you allow for secondaries, come on!

Ready for another mind pretzel?  The Four Type systems generally say that other factors than color draping determine your type.  Most describe personality factors (though IE only brings that up after to confirm), or facial features (not all of them include that, I'll give you that).  But then they give you a color palette (not what they call it) that is supposed to express you!!!!!!!!!!   If it somehow clashes, what are you supposed to do then?  But even still, you can directly see how the four types came from the four seasons.  Girrl, pleeze!
Supposition B

Here's where I paraphrase the comment from the email.  She essentially shared her own experience being one Season and another Type.  But then she said that trying to correlate the types and seasons is "play" and "simplifying" and ultimately doesn't work.

Ouch, is there a slight slam in there? :) (She didn't mean it). Or is it too early in the morning and I am obsessively writing this before I've even eaten...? yes.

Ok, here's what happened also to me recently, I was talking to someone who really and truly felt that they were a Season that didn't match up with their type (sorry, wish I could remember more of the details).  And I support that person and any person who wants to bend the rules.  Hell, the rules of the evil chart may be complete hogwash anyway.

Tangent on Secondaries:  from what I've gathered, when incorporating secondary energy in the Types world, you stick to your original palette or chroma, and incorporate a few of the other factors, such as design lines, fabrication, print types, jewelry shapes, etc.  So technically you don't ever get to wear any of the blends of color palettes that the 12 Seasons has given us.  I'd like to find out if this is actually how all the authors of the Four Type systems feel, but I probably won't get that chance.  Recently in my FB group, we've been exploring breaking these two rules. Shhhhhhhhhhh... don't tell.

So are you a Trekkie or -- what do they call Star Wars fans? -- or both?  Are you a Catholic or a Protestant I might as well be saying.  Metaphorically, people!  Are you a fundamentalist or a mystic?  Oops, no offense!!!!!!!!!  Is there a rigid document that will eventually force us all to dress logically? or shall we search within our own hearts and intuitively wear what expresses us? Is there some truth on each side?  Yes.  Stop it.  

Anybody who gets through this post and comments (or uses email form) can have a free Astro Twins done.  

*BTW, I will be saying FTS or Four Type Systems instead of DYT from here on out, since there are so many of them.

Types/Tones & 12 Seasonal Paletttes, 
aka "The Evil Chart"

‎1/3 Warm Spring
warm spring 

1/2 Light Spring 
light spring 

1/4 Clear Spring
clear spring 

2/4 Cool Summer
cool summer 

2/1 Light Summer
light summer 

2/3 Soft Summer 
soft summer 

3/4 Deep Autumn
deep autumn

3/2 Soft Autumn 
soft autumn 

4/2 Cool Winter
cool winter

4/3 Deep Winter
deep winter

4/1 Clear Winter
clear winter

This correlation of Four Type Systems and the 12 Seasonal Palettes is purely hypothetical and not endorsed by either system.  

We wouldn't have the "evil" chart if it didn't work some of the time... how about it with use it as descriptive rather than proscriptive?

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
EXPRESSING YOUR TRUTH: Informed by Astrology

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

10 New Year's Resolutions - Seasonal and Type Style

Here are my 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2016, or really any year, based on seasonal color analysis or type and style.

#1 get thrifty: try out color, style and new ideas at the thrift store or consignment store first.  Take a friend with you, and you can drape for color and try on different design lines (granted they may be limited in some modern lines, but you can still find some variety).

#2 declutter: by sorting through your closet with a simple system [boxes marked keep, store, donate, sell] that will help you cull what is no longer working for you. 

#3 wear what you love: the keep pile should only be items that you love, and that love you (because they're in your palette and style design lines). 

#4 get organized: follows from above, find a simple system to organize your closet.  I find that this process gets repeated over time.
#5 intentional color:  Each of your body/palette colors communicates different energy, for different effect.

Purposeful Color

#6 intentional energy: fashion feng shui, and other systems, suggest that we can choose the energy of our outfits by the purpose of the day as well.

#7 intentional style: you aren't limited to only one style facet.  You may want to learn the most important outer design lines for your body, but you can then vary a lot in accessorizing based on your facial features and your manner or temperament, and the purpose of the day.

#8 rule of three: when making a purchase, check if the item will go with 3 items in your closet.  Also, when wearing two items, adding a third, turns an outfit into an ensemble.

#9 timeless vs. trend: as you know, not all trends will be for you.  If a new trend does fit into your basic style type, go for it.  But if it does not, you're better off letting it pass.
#10 gratitude ootd: when taking outfit of the day pics, be sure you are celebrating successes and yourself with gratitude!

365 Grateful - spin on OOTD

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

FAQ: How did you figure out your secondary?

first posted 12/19/14

You wouldn't believe how many times I get asked how I figured out my secondary, or how to do so in general.  I have lots of posts on secondary energies that you should check out, but I can ramble about the subject a bit.  Labels: 

BTW, if you are approaching this from the Type  perspective you will hear to not even look for your secondary at the beginning.  I can see the pros and cons of that.  By expressing your dominant energy in a pure way, you are learning to communicate your nature clearly.  It can be confusing to others if you are also confused.  But I also think this is a bit of a marketing strategy.  For instance, in some systems like IlluminEssensce you have to attend a long, expensive seminar to "get" your secondary.  But I think the value of knowing your secondary is to understand how your dominant may not be true to the cookie cutter description of your main type or season.  It may be slightly different in a way that clears up a lot of confusion, once you get it.

I will say that my search for a secondary was not the problem --because I couldn't choose my dominant for so long between two seasons Summer and Winter -- so if I chose one as dominant, the other was secondary.  End of story.  The problem wasn't picking my secondary, but picking which if these two came second.  I was wrong for almost three years because I put my dominant second because I had trouble owning it.  But as you know, I'm now Winter- Summer or Patrician Winter.

The other way I picked my secondary was through various quizzes about temperament, but especially with the DISC.

 Jane's Type

BTW, so many women take a long, long time to figure this out.  When my Caygill analyst posted my results in the Caygill FB group, someone basically remarked on how long it took me.  But they also have taken the same amount of time and changed their season repeatedly, seeking out almost every source of palette and analysis. So we have to be patient with ourselves and not judge others.

Also, people can usually figure out which season or type they are the least! so that takes one out of the running.  My "inferior" is Spring.  I'm a 4/2/3/1.

The best answer is to get a professional draping, at whatever level you can afford.  Then you can reconcile how closely your season matches with your understanding of your personality.  That can take some creativity and depth of self-exploration.

Which system do I prefer?
Color Me A Season reports from me

Many people disagree, not only about whether your personality should match your season, but also about the controversy about whether the 12 seasons match up with the 4 types.

The Battle of Star Wars and Star Trek p.s.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

Thursday, December 10, 2015

365 Grateful - spin on OOTD

365 Grateful

This morning I saw a very cute post on a project on gratitude.  It's called 365 Grateful! #365grateful  I'd like to suggest that we find ways to bring gratitude into our OOTD posts!  When you take pictures of your outfit of the day, bring in a celebratory feeling, whether its for a piece of jewelry of clothing you're grateful you found at that funky thrift shop or were gifted, or more importantly you're grateful it brings out your beautiful eyes, or reflects your nature/God gifted true coloring, or makes you feel sassy, or your're grateful for your curves!!

Today I am grateful to be at peace with myself.

Start Your Own Project

1. "Grab your camera or phone and take a photo each day of something you’re grateful for
2. Load it to Facebook or Instagram tagging #365grateful to share with your friends and family
3. Do this for at least 30 days and you’re sure to notice a difference in your life!"

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Style Consults

$25.00 Style Consult Guide sample

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Blue Steel

I posted this selfie on Facebook and a friend commented "blue steel."  

so funny!

But seriously folks, it's great to finally be at peace with my "look."

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... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
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