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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cool Winter (4) or Soft Summer (2) - or Cool Summer

Maybe some people don't fit in the 4 DYT Types?  I'm looking at the 12 Seasonal Palette's because I still can't decide if I'm a 2 or 4.

cool winter

soft summer

cool summer

Expanding on my truth

So I am still planning on buying a few items in the T4 colors, but initially do not feel the attraction to them that some T4s are describing on the fb groups.  So I'm going to look at the 12 Seasonal palettes Cool Winter choices as expressions I'm more comfortable with (in addition to the Soft Summer colors from that system).


cool winter
soft summer

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On color

Miss Cranky-Pants here.  Gotta say that while I can wear the T4 colors and often do, some of them are fugly.  I will try them out, but I'm also going to try the electric and ice versions.

Now I found another system that is an off shoot of the 4 Seasons, in which I am supposedly a Winter.  But in this new system there are 12 types.  Three versions of each Season.

But in this system I may be a Soft Summer (according to my eyes and hair):

my eyes are technically blue, but have orange flecks


I'm definitely cool, thinking I was Winter, and the other cool season is Summer.

Soft Summer
Dominant Characteristic is SOFT
Neutral look—not noticeably warm or cool
Hair is often ‘mousy’ with no natural highlights
Can have a heavy velvety look to them, which often
Gets mistaken for a winter.

here are Soft Summer colors:

summer colors

here are all 12:

Here is the breakdown of color analysis correlations:

1/3 Warm Spring
1/2 Light Spring
1/4 Clear Spring

2/4 Cool Summer
2/1 Light Summer
2/3 Soft Summer

3/1 Warm Autumn
3/4 Deep Autumn
3/2 Soft Autumn

4/2 Cool Winter
4/3 Deep Winter
4/1 Clear Winter

Monday, June 27, 2011

Evening Update

Major health news today.  This all seems silly at the moment.  Husband and I went and bought me Type 4 jewelry to get my mind off it and I will probably keep trying to dress Type 4 for awhile, but I may or may not blog about it.


My grandma was probably a 1/2
look at the round face, yet some soft downward movement
I definitely take after the 2 facial features she has
No I see my 4/2, my mother's hard to type maybe she's the 2/4,
grandma's secondary 2 showing more

here's grandpa and he looks like a 4
grandma's 1 showing more

Grandpa has lots of parallel lines, so he's a 4
I get my 4 personality traits from him
that's mom as a pretty young girl

not sure of his secondary

Preliminary Weeding

Well, that actually helped a lot!  I just went through one section of my closet and sorted everything into Type 2 or Type 4 and hung them back up.  Everything else that was another type will either get dyed or replaced.  That's one step forward.
Type 2 items on the left, Type 4 items on the right

the rest of these clothes need to be dyed or replaced
So initially I thought I was a 4 and realized the logic of DYT is to have congruence with my authority and boldness and not hide it in my clothing.  But then the facial profiling was overwhelming Type 2, so for a period of time I really relaxed into the part of me that is ultra sensitive and compassionate.  Then I got confronted on my Type 4 I guess.  Now I'm lost. Not ready to get off the fence either direction, which I hate.

P.S. We are going into PDX tonight.  Maybe I will go to Good Will again.  I need some more true color items and some silver that is shiny and some that is brushed.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Update

Well, I expected to spend this past weekend going through my closet and reorienting to a Type 2 life.  I was going to start dyeing everything grey.  Well, now I'm still trying to decide if I'm a 2 or a 4, so I can't really do that project yet.  But I guess the next step would be to pull out things that are actually type 1.  From the seasons approach I'm supposed to be able to wear ice pastels, but I really actually hate them.  So I guess I could dye them... question is still whether to dye them grey or true colors....

Another thing would be to get some shiny silver jewelry to try... I have always preferred silver, so at least I'm either wearing it shiny or brushed.

My Ex-Husband

Brian was definitely a 2, not sure of his secondary

Greg's family

Greg's father John, maybe a 3/4?

Greg's mother ?

Greg's first wife: 4/1?

Greg's brothers


I think I fixed the settings so that anyone can comment.  Just choose the name/url profile option.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My husband Greg

My husband, Greg

Type 3:
Textured and angled, more depth in linesChiseled features
Ruddy skin, hyper pigmentation
Triangles in cheeks, V shapes
Angular or beak like nose, lump of clay,

Eyebrows come to a peak, off centered
Eyes have exotic look
Mouth has boomerang shape
Multiple smile lines

Hands have most texture, roughness

Type 3:
You are too demanding.
You are too pushy.
You are so tough.
You need to be more like a gentleman.
You are too rough.
Calm down, relax.
On the positive side:
You get things done so quickly.
You’re a natural leader.
What a great athlete!
You always know just what you want and go for it!

Type 1:
Animated, youthful, cute
Skin is clean, fresh youthful, random blotches
Apple cheeks with dimples
Round face, ears sticking out
Button nose, upward light movement
Or point of the star nose
Eye brows come to a point, eyes are round
Mouth heart shaped, or pouty, bottom lip fuller
Hands are small and youthful, cherub hands
circle shaped
Circular nail beds

Type 1:
Stop moving.
You’re such a busy little body.
You are too hyper.
You are too bouncy.
You live in a dream world. Settle down.
On the positive side:
You are so much fun to be around.
You make friends so easily.
You dance and sing so well.

Greg is definitely a 3:

I'm not so sure about his secondary, it might be 1:

My Relationship

Either I'm a Type 2 and my husband is a Type 3

Hmmm... I don't think I treat my husband as a 2 wife.

Or I'm a Type 4 and he's a Type 3

Uh oh, how do I belittle him and cut off his energy?




My best color is a cranberry, T4 red.
It's funny, when I first approached this system, I actually knew or thought I was a 4. As an INTJ, I have long known that as a female T I'm in a minority of rationality and occassional directness and even lack of tact at times. But I've also always known we all have it all and I have no lack of feeling. Far from it. So when I did the facial profiling, to me it screamed Type 2. It was then that I figured the 4 was a wall around my true core. Today I'm letting myself be both. More will be revealed.
This is the pic that made me sure I'm a Type 2. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

DYT Conflict

8:16 AM: I guess I have a love/hate relationship with conflict.  Today Carol Tuttle posted something in the Type 2 group on facebook.  I reacted very strongly to it and posted that.  In my response, I revealed my Type 4 nature, either secondary or primary (not sure).  I wasn't questioning her point or her passion, just defending my hurt sense from her delivery.  As a 2 or a 4, maybe I have difficulty with 3 energy.  It's so not me.  (And maybe more like my mom?).

I have felt a surge of hope by being in the Type 2 group on facebook - hope that I found somewhere I belong.  Carol even told me that maybe I'm a 4.  So the ultimate feeling that I don't belong anywhere I think I do was unfortunately a bit confirmed, alas.  Wow, I'm going to need to take the day away from this.

5:10 PM: Ok, I guess I'm over it.  But it sure does have me thinking.  This whole process has me in confusion.  I think I need to be careful to not take this so seriously.  There are many systems to look at your self with and this isjust one, a young one at that.  I even think it's a little dangerous that it's a fashion system trying to accomplish some therapy goals outside of that context.  I know it stirs up a lot of feelings.  And today they weren't safe ones.  But it's getting better.

As for whether I'm a 2 or a 4, it occurs to me that I don't have to quickly decide that.  I believe actually in many ways I'm both.  I'm not denying myself unless I force picking one.  I actually thought I was a 4 by my personality but was convinced I'm a 2 by my facial profiling.  And then Carol on very quick analysis said she saw mostly 4.  Exhale.

Type 2 or 4?

Type 2 Soft & Subtle (close to 100%)

  • Softened and blended features - yes
  • Elongated S curves and ovals -yes
  • Skin and texture, subdued, not a lot of contrast - yes
  • Smooth texture, ages gracefully - yes
  • Oval face shape, elongated cheek -yes
  • Tear drop nose -yes
  • Half oval eyebrowns - not really
  • Big almond shape eyes, doe eyes, heavy lidded - YES
  • Blended mouth, skin tone of lips and face are close, yes
  • Top lip has S curve - often
  • Smooth hands, young looking, long flowing fingers with oval nail beds - yes

Type 2 messages I got as a child: (2)
You are too sensitive.
You are shy.
Hurry up, you take too long.
You ask too many questions.
You may have been the Type of little girl who was uncomfortable your first day of school, did not like sleepovers and hated it when you were left with a baby-sitter you did not know.
On the positive side:
You are so nice and kind.
You are sweet.
You are so easy-going and easy to get along with.
How many collections did you say you have had?

Type 4 Bold & Striking (close to 50%)

  • Constant and still features - somewhat
  • Striking and porcelain - somewhat
  • sculptured look - not really
  • Parallel lines, perfect ovals - some
  • Elongated oval or rectangle shape face - no
  • High cheek bones - no
  • Very symmetrical - I guess
  • Most straight nose bridge - yes
  • Eyebrows are straight lines - in pictures sometimes
  • Eyes are oval - yes
  • Smiling keep lips together - often
  • Perfect straight line in lips - somewhat
  • Hands smooth, fingers and nails have parallel lines - yes

Type 4 messages I received: (6)
You are such a loner.
You need to be more social.
You are such a quiet little girl.
You need to make more friends and be more outgoing.
You are so picky.
You’re such a know-it-all.
You are too serious.
You need to smile more.
On the positive side:
You act so grown up.
Everybody knows where you stand on an issue.
You are so independent.
Your room is immaculate!
You are so neat!
You are very trustworthy.

Faces of Jane

A mix of Type 2 and Type 4

Type 3 look (not my type)    Type 4 nose bridge

Type 4 hair                             Type 2? My favorite portrait

Type 4 hair                     Type 2 hair

both Type 4

Type 4? My favorite hair                              Type 2

Type 4                              Undecided

Type 2                                  Type 4

both Type 2

Type 4