Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ok, here's my beef

me, today

I'm not saying I am a Type 4, but it really irritates me when people tell me I'm not, and then I see all these before and afters of Type 4s, which make me feel like I could make an argument if I wanted to.
She has lots of parallel lines in her face and a square jaw.
I know my face is not straight on, but it shows the squareness of my jaw.
And my smile looks so much like hers.
Plus she is quite pale before she puts on makeup.

She actually looks more type 4 in her still than the video. 6/16/10
I have a really hard time accepting her as T4, but she gets to be one.
My face has more softness, but the eyebrows and mouth look the same.
Also, her hair is saturated, but it's auburn!
This is Megan again in a later video, which says she is a 4/2.
Gone is any remnant of her real hair color.
It's now black with purple highlights.
Wow, no way I would have said she was type 4 with this before (so pale/soft),
but she looks really good in the video.

Apparently Type 4s can be pretty soft/pale before.
Also, no way I would have said Type 4 looking at her before, such a strong T2.
The makeover pretty much wipes out the secondary T2.
Is that what we want? anymore than the reverse?

Wow, I haven't watched a DYT video in soooooooooo long, but there is one for women who mistakenly mistype themselves as Type 2.  I really don't understand the difference between details and thoroughness, maybe because I do both?  Also, I am very sensitive to my environment!  Also, in a video about how you get upset, I don't worry like a Type 2, I do the Type 4 bluntness or retreat.

pretty close to even

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