Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kibbe Facial Features


Straight, sleek lines. 
Sloe or almond eyes; narrow, thin or straight lips; taut skin, especially around the cheek and jaw areas. 

Soft Dramatic 
Full, lush, sensual, and exotic. 
Large eyes, full lips, fleshy cheeks. 

Lush; full, and sensual (rounded). 
Large, luminous eyes. 
Full lips. 
Fleshy cheeks. 

Theatrical Romantic 
Soft and lush. 
Large, luminous eyes (sometimes slightly upturned; sometimes slightly "bedroom"). 
Full, luscious lips. 
Soft cheeks. 

Chiseled, symmetrical and evenly spaced. 

Dramatic Classic 
Usually moderate to large eyes, moderate lips. 

Soft Classic 
Soft and full, slightly fleshy. 
Large eyes, soft cheeks, full lips. 
Symmetrical and evenly spaced. 

Slightly broad, blunt, or irregular. 
Moderate to small eyes. 
Taut cheeks. 
Slightly wide features (open). 
Straight, slightly thin lips. 

Flamboyant Natural 
Broad, blunt and open. 
Eyes may be very large and open or very straight and small. 
Lips will be straight and slightly thin. 
Cheeks will usually be taut, unless overweight. 

Soft Natural 
Full and rounded. 
Round eyes, full lips, soft cheeks. 
Nose tends to be small and wide, or slightly irregular (blunt or wide). 

Large eyes. 
Moderate to thin lips (narrow or straight, as opposed to full). 
Taut cheeks and flesh. 

Flamboyant Gamine 
Usually have extremely large eyes. 
Usually have a broad or long facial shape (may be very round or slightly oblong). 
Facial flesh tends to be taut, unless overweight. 
Lips are frequently moderate to full. 

Soft Gamine 
Doll-like facial features (saucer-eyes, round and fleshy cheeks, full lips) 
Facial shape may be very rounded, and it can have a slightly sharp or slightly strong jawline.

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