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Monday, October 31, 2011

Facebook Group

This is a "think tank" where we discuss self-actualization, personality typing systems like MBTI, astrology, Human Design, seasonal color analysis, DYT (you can ask to join if you're not sure of your type!), IlluminEssensce, energy healing (Tapping, EFT) and fashion as means of expressing your truth as you find it. The history of this group began when many of us left as the DYT groups closed. Warning: this group will cause procrastination. Disclaimer: remove email notification unless you want your inbox to blow up. Launch page:

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Planetary Influence on Appearance & Personality


"Each of the planets have a specific influence on the appearance and demeanor if within 10 degrees of the rising degree. Sometimes there's a combination of factors at work if multiple planets are positioned there.

With the Sun rising, the first impression is of a commanding presence. The eyes are most striking, with a forceful, direct look. This position tends to a well-proportioned stature; clear complexion and light hair with a tendency toward pre-mature balding. The jaw line and chin are definite; the mouth wide and firm. These individuals exude a presence of leadership. Nicholas Cage has the Sun rising.

A rising Moon inclines to a round face, snub nose and cheeks that are fairly flat. Natural worriers, these people often have frown lines and a mouth that turns down at the corners. Sympathetic, the feelings usually show in the expression like a beacon, as they are super sensitive to subtle messages around them. Of small stature and "chunky" hands and feet, there’s a tendency toward plumpness in later years. With a rapidly flowing variability of mood, these people are prone to phases and often quite “personable”. See the chart of Madonna who has a rising Moon. James Van Praagh also has his Moon rising.

Mercury rising inclines to an oval face, high cheekbones, pointed chin, a thin nose and slender features overall. The eyebrows are arched over intelligent eyes and the mouth, though wide may lack decisiveness. There are signs of much mental agility and sometimes, restlessness. The hands are also slender and add an expressive dimension to the demeanor. A forever-youthful appearance goes along with Mercury in this position. George W. Bush and Madonna and Nicolas Cage and Ted Turner have Mercury rising.

When Venus is rising, the personality is pleasing and the voice gentle. The nose is slightly pointed, eyes calm; often blue or brown and the hair soft. These individuals incline to a short and well-proportioned stature. With elegance, grace, poise, beauty and a vivacious manner, these are the socialites and mediators of the zodiac and generally welcomed in any circle. Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Bill Clinton are examples of Venus rising.

Mars rising inclines to heavy eyebrows over direct or piercing eyes and the overall demeanor is of decisiveness and forceful energy. With high forehead and cheekbones, the nose is long, the mouth chin firm. Mars gives a strong and stocky body and a ruddy complexion from excess iron in the system. The hair may also be red and is usually curly or wiry. There could be a mole or mark on the face and the temper often shows livid. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have Mars rising. So does Neil Armstrong.

Jupiter rising gives an oval, aristocratic face; quite refined with a long straight nose and pointed chin. The hair is wavy and the kindly, expressive eyes are wide set and almond shaped under arched eyebrows. The manner is paternal and the stature is well formed, with a tendency to portliness in later years. Jane Fonda and Clark Gable are examples of Jupiter rising.

Saturn rising inclines to a serious expression that may best be described as grim. Deep furrow lines on the forehead and shrewd eyes accompany a reserved set to the mouth and jaw to show ambition and perseverance. The bones are large and the body slender and there may be signs of stooping with age. With curly hair, the skin is often darker than ordinary from excess sulfur in the system or else it is more pale than ordinary. Sean Connery and Clark Gable are examples of Saturn rising.

Uranus rising tends to light and lively eyes that are brilliant and keen. With a strong nose and wide mouth there’s an air of nobility and an aloof glamour. The jaw line tends to be fleshy. These individuals are original if somewhat abrupt in manner and there’s a somewhat spasmodic nature about them. These individuals show length of limb and a tendency to the slender side. Often there’s at least one effeminate feature no matter the gender. John Travolta has Uranus rising and could this be the dimple in his chin?

Neptune rising tends toward finely organized features and oval face, with a small nose and pointed chin. The eyebrows are arched over large round, hypnotic eyes. The hair naturally retreats from the temples. With a somewhat ethereal look, there’s a mystical quality of charm and the mouth may be sensual. Due to a tendency toward the loss of vital fluids, the face may wrinkle prematurely. Marilyn Monroe showed the alluring appeal of Neptune rising.

Pluto rising tends toward a dark and swarthy appearance with penetrating eyes under heavy eyebrows. The cheekbones are flat and somewhat fleshy, with a firm mouth and determined chin. The build is rugged and sturdy with physical strength that is greater than the body size suggests. The skin is delicate and except for fine hair on the head there’s little on the rest of the body. Michael Moore and Leonardo DiCaprio shows traits of a rising Pluto. JFK Jr. also had this Pluto position and with the North Node attending, his height was increased beyond the average.

See more celebrity charts in Fame or Chart Pattern Types."

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion and Mental Health

"Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant piece by Tanya Gold in the Guardian on Friday. It's called Why I Hate Fashion and it describes how she was able to break the vicious circle thought patterns that fashion and most female-focused media encourage and perpetuate inside the head of most women"

and states
"26% of women are likely to suffer from major depression in their lifetime. Only 12% of men are. Call me a feminist, but I don't think that's a coincidence."

"Fashion is an industry based on judgment, approval and the pursuit of the new and it's no surprise that these individuals have infamous reputations surrounding them. The pressures of designing at this level are too much for most people to endure; they continually and relentlessly offer up something deep from within themselves, while their public achievements and failures are ultimately judged by the bottom line."

"Women should be strong enough and proud enough of their bodies to look past the shallow part of fashion, but this is not always the case. Every day, more and more girls and women, develop some sort of disorder because they are so afraid of not being fashionable and fitting in. Love yourself and the world of women’s fashion may not affect you so much."

"Heldman states that self-objectification can lead to all or some of the following in women: depression, low self-esteem, less faith in their own capabilities, which leads to diminished success in life, low political efficacy, disgust and shame about their bodies... the list goes on."

On the other hand....

The importance of feeling comfortable with your appearence, by Liz Lockhart for Mentally Healthy UK.  "The effect of caring for ourselves can be quite significant."

"This just in from The Daily Mail: Splurging on something can have "a lasting positive impact on mood" and "few if any emotional side-effects." The authors of a study called "Retail therapy: A strategic effort to improve mood", published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, conducted hundreds of interviews with shoppers about their buying habits, moods and regrettable purchases, and found that 62% said they had bought something to cheer themselves up while 28% said they had indulged as a form of celebration--with no negative consequences (except, of course, for the obvious and unmentioned financial damage!)."

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Masculinity & Feminity in the Media

Jean Kilbourne's pioneering work helped develop and popularize the study of gender representation in advertising. Her award-winning Killing us Softly films have influenced millions of college and high school students across two generations and on an international scale. In this important new film, Kilbourne reviews if and how the image of women in advertising has changed over the last 20 years.With wit and warmth, Kilbourne uses over 160 ads and TV commercials to critique advertising's imae of women. By fostering creative and productive dialogue, she invites viewers to look at familiar image in a new way, that moves and empowers them to take action.

While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video geared toward college and high school students to systematically examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.

In this innovative and wide-ranging analysis, Jackson Katz argues that widespread violence in American society, including the tragic school shootings in Littleton, Colorado, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and elsewhere, needs to be understood as part of an ongoing crisis in masculinity.

This exciting new media literacy tool-- utilizing racially diverse subject matter and examples-- will enlighten and provoke students (both males and females) to evaluate their own participation in the culture of contemporary masculinity.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I haven't been here the past few days due to a suicide in my family. As filler, I give you:


HIGH SCHOOL (1979-1983): Guess what I mainly remember about starting high school? I started my period. My memory has it that I started it on my first day of high school, although somehow I think that is unlikely. Do you ever wonder about how many of your memories are actually accurate?

I do.

I also remember that my mom would drop me off at school at about 7:00 a.m., because she had to get to work early. I think she was working at the hospital? or the college? She's always worked as a secretary, or administrative assistant or medical transcriptionist.

Anyway, I would get to school early and sit by my locker.

I was lonely in high school. I was a geek. I was a loner. I was a loser. I had very few friends. I helped others with their homework and wondered how it was that they could be so... well... stupid. It honestly puzzled me. Although I believe I was compassionate about it.

In fact, I was too compassionate. I was a total bleeding heart.

I never went to a single dance or on a single date during high school.

Oh god, what a frosh geek, circa 1980.
that's the longest I've ever had my hair - the barrettes ruin it

Sophmoric, 1981.
Junior, bit more like it, 1982.
pic a bit damaged

Senior stuck up loner, 1983.

I remember when John Lennon died. I could NOT believe anyone who didn't care. I also played his song "Imagine" in my speech class during one speech to all the conservative classmates whose speeches were on anti-abortion and such.

I NEVER dated or went to a dance in high school. I often wore my mother's clothes. And they smelled of her cigarettes and cat piss.

I gained weight. I was depressed. I hated myself.

So high school was pretty normal.


Top Songs of 1983: the year I graduated from high school.
Every Breath You Take, by the Police
Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson
What a Feeling, by Irene Cara
Down Under, by Men at Work
Beat It, by Michael Jackson

Graduating: What I remember about graduating from high school was already being very counterculture and political, in an immature shy way. I had a friend who was going through the graduation line with me and we decided to take colored electrical tape and write things like "ERA NOW" and "NO NUKES" all over our gowns. It was something I would repeat in future graduations. When I graduated from Reed, I wore a green silk suit and elected not to wear the gown.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secondary Energies

Within all the systems I've been exploring here, there is a message that you have a dominant energy, tone or essence.  If you dress to express that internal aspect of yourself, your inner and outer expression will be in harmony.  What happens fairly quickly though is people have resistance to being in just one box and notice how they don't quite fit into it and this brings up the idea that we vary more than 4 seasons, types, tones, or 4 or 5 elements, etc.  So in color analysis, this led from 4 seasons to 12, where within each primary season, you had a blend with each of the others.  So within being a summer, I have winter qualities, equaling "cool summer."  Or as a Tone II, I wonder if I'm a II/IV.  You don't find out your secondary in IlluminEssensce unless you take a 4 Day Intensive.  I've had two profressionals other than Taylore think I was a 4, so I'm suspecting it's my secondary.  I also had a psychic feel I was a 2/3 or 3/2, but I really doubt that I have much 3 aspects, other than the ability to get a lot done, which could also be 2.

The thing is I did not feel I found my radiance when I was trying to dress cool summer.  Taylore suggests that you dress in your primary purely in order to express it clearly and thus get the benefits cellularly.  I think one thing I realized also is that you might be able to bring in some of your secondary, but it would be a mistake to make it 50%, or equal to your primary, as you will wash out both energies.  I don't know.  I'm torn.  I want to dress fully Tone II and it has been good for me when I have relaxed into it, and I still find a tendency to let  a little more 4 structure come in recently.  In one way this has been through my hair.  I went to get it dyed professionally and they matched to my roots and now it appears black, despite using color oops and twice dyeing brown over the top.  The thing is as I get more length, I'm sort of getting more used to it.

The other piece we've learned as a group over at EYT is that we often hide out in our secondaries.  If we were already dressing in our primary energy, we would already be naturally radiant and wouldn't be pursuing any of these systems.  So, by that logic when we try to figure out our inner essence on our own, if we haven't been professionally toned, we are going to have to correct for subconcious biases in favor of the safety of our seconaries.  We are going to have resistance to our primary energy because of how we have been socialized to repress it.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

4 Basic Face Shapes

Round: A person with a round face is considered to have a more emotional personality and may be sensitive and caring. Apparently, you have very strong sexual fantasies and enjoy being in stable, long-term relationships.

Oblong: Oblong types are considered to be very practical, methodical and with a tendency to overwork. You are most likely to have a muscular or athletic physique, which some equate to narcissism and may lead to problems in relationships.

Square: A square face is linked to fire and you may appear as aggressive, ambitious or domineering. You have a sharp, analytical mind and are decisive.

Triangular: These face shapes are traditionally associated with a thin body and an intellectual persuasion. Chinese face readers associate this face with creativity and sensitivity, as well as a fiery temperament.

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Astrology Face Shapes

Face Talk

"There are 4 basic face shapes, each with its own distinct characteristics. Very few people fall into "pure" type categories, but more often than not, the predominant shape will be recognizable."

Square=Fire/Physical (seen as Earth in eastern)
Triangular=Air/Mental (seen as Fire in eastern)

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Chinese Elements and Chinese Face Reading

Note: the element Air does not appear in Chinese Face Reading or Feng Shui
Western face reading might consider air heart shaped or round.

Water "The Entrepreneur"

"Water personalities can be recognised by their round, chubby, soft faces and sometimes, rotund bodies. Large soft eyes are a water feature as is dark hair and colouring. Water people are quiet and gentle, much ruled by sensation and susceptible to any appeal to the emotions. They are good communicators and storytellers and are sensitive, and aware of trends either at work or society. They can be psychic and make good listeners, carers and counsellors. There is an aliveness and vitality about clear water which can attract what it needs like a magnet, unlike wood types, for example, who decide what they want and then make a plan about how to get it.  Like pure fire faces, the classic water face is quite rare. "

Western face reading might consider water to be oval shaped.

Fire "The Entertainer"

"The fire type also has a long face with narrow, prominent cheekbones, pointed chin and a more pointed forehead than the wood type. They may have freckles, red, curly or wiry hair, rapid speech and quick body movements. The fire element brings warmth and enthusiasm to the personality with a capacity to inspire and get people "fired up". They are active and outdoorsy, goal centred, fast paced and adventurous. They can sometimes take crazy risks, and constantly seek stimulation and excitement.  If the fire goes out, the fire type becomes a rather withdrawn and timid character, lacking in joy and motivation. The challenges of the fire element are to find that warmth and positive joy inside."

Earth "Mr./Mrs. Practical"

"Earth personalities are characterised by short square faces with distinct jawlines, sallow complexions, thickset bodies and deep voices. The features can be large, especially the mouth which relates to the stomach and intestines. Earth has the ability to be still and to build a solid base in life. Earth types are practical, persevering, reliable, stoical and careful with money and make good treasurers. They are not so dreamy or idealistic as wood types and not as swayed by emotion as water types. They tend towards the traditional ways of doing things and can have problems with worry, food issues, stomach and spleen disorders, and assimilating food (and life) and transforming these into Qi energy. "

Wood "The Thinker"

 "The wood type has a long face and long nose, a broad and high forehead and narrow cheeks. The eyes should have a kindly look, and the hair and eyebrows should not be thick or wiry. The forehead should be high and wide in wood as mental dire...ction is important for this elemental type. Wood has the energy of growth, seeing the overall picture and a vision of the future, planning and seeing through projects. Wood types with balanced faces are leaders, administrators and organisers with strong ideals. The emotion that relates to wood is anger which is also the energy used for growth, development and reaching maturity. It is the desire to assert who we are and to fulfil our vision."

Metal "The Officer"

"The metal face is oval with widely set, chevron cheekbones and a pale complexion. Usually good looking, they have clear, shining eyes with a lot of energy coming out of them. The eyebrows are pale, the speech is clipped and the hair is usually straight. They are good advisers, lawyers and counsellors. Metal is the element of the mind and so they are strong willed and solve their own problems. A good sense of humour, lively outlook and hardworking attitudes are all facets of metal at its best. At its worst, it can become toxic with negative thoughts, cut off and caustic, with a "why is this happening to me?" mentality. Metal types also make good teachers and healers. When depressed, they suffer with diseases of the respiratory system and lower intestines. It is important for them to breathe deeply to let in the heavenly Qi and to make sure that they eat good quality food with lots of minerals, and stay away from junk food which can be difficult for them to eliminate. They tend to respond well to psychotherapy, homoeopathy, Bach flower remedies and treatment protocols which are rational and well thought out. To feel happy, they need to express their creativity or the bright shining metal gets dull and rusty."  source

Learn More

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How do you find your self?

There are lots of roads to self-actualization.  There are probably more effective sources in the major spiritual traditions.  But this blog is about dressing.  Who really cares about fashion at a deep level?  Why has this become my obssession du jour? Actually a client told me that the 80s Color Me Beautiful system had a modern version.  So I sought out all the books and videos online about a promise that if you matched your outsides to your insides you'd find some version of happiness. (I'm not naming the system because we have had disagreements).  The problem was how to accurately determine your insides.... So the way suggested was facial analysis based.  But unfortunately, that was too easily misinterpreted.  I could not find closure about myself for 5+ months. I documented my struggle between 2 and 4 earlier in this blog.
 I tried to blend the two by following 12 season color analysis, cool/summer and briefly considered soft summer.  I found this to be fascinating and ultimately a rabbit hole distraction. 

Eventually, I discovered IlluminEssensce, which is NOT based on facial analysis.   I got confirmation of being a Tone II from Taylore at a Power to Be Yourself workshop.  You can get toned by mail through them.  The rest is unfolding for me.

I'm choosing to not even worry about my secondary.  Right now I'm living my pure primary.  I think somedays I probably lean over into 4 a bit.  I'm not even sure that's my secondary.  A psychic thinks I'm a 3/2 or 2/3 and the group sees 3 in there.  I don't really care though because for radiance, I'm now seeing that you are communicating something by focusing on the primary Tone.  That's what I mean by the 12 seasonal approach being a distraction, when you attempt to blend the primary and secondary, you mute the primary. 

Also, IE is about matching your non-verbal communication through dress (your outer) with your tone (your inner).  So that may very well mean not worrying about your eye color, skin color, hair color, etc.  The only thing that may fit is the Tones I and III wear the gold range of metals and Tones II and IV wear the silver range, but even this is checked.

go to the update: Jane's Type

Friday, October 7, 2011

Aura Reading for Jane

Aura Reading for Jane
    Before each reading, I like to give a little background on how this reading is done. First, I only read auras and pick up on the energy of the person. At the moment I am not a Reiki Healer. Although this is something I will be pursuing in the near future. In this reading, I will describe the where the energy around your body is located, the colors and what this means for you. If I pick up on anything significant, such as an illness, I will let you know in the reading. As always, if I should spot something health wise, I always suggest seeking a professional and getting their expert advice. Please enjoy your reading. I hope it is as enjoyable for you as it was for me doing the reading J Many Blessings!
    In the first paragraph here, I am going to start with your actual aura color. In the following paragraphs, I will describe other energy colors that are influencing you at the moment. The aura color which you were born with is Blue which is outlining your entire body. You are a very spiritual person and will continue throughout your entire life developing skills surrounding your spirituality and beliefs. Because your energy is also calming, people in your life will turn to you for advice and a shoulder to cry on. Even when you do not speak, you still calm those in your presence. Serenity is what comes to mind with your energy. In addition, you are very creative and inspiring to others. Typically Blue’s tend to have a lot of friends and acquaintances. You make an excellent partner in relationships and friend in friendships because of your loyalty, compassion and willingness to listen to others.
    The next energy color appearing around you is a color influencing you at the current moment is a Caramel color which is appearing to the left side of your body and partially above your head. I found this one to be interesting because it indicates a career change coming that will allow you to utilize previous skills and yet it has some new things involved that will be exciting for you to learn and put to use. I still see you working around healing but instead of Reiki, it is something a little different. When I do the intuitive reading I will see what other information comes up. This change coming is something that will create prosperity for you because it will be something you enjoy a great deal and I see you meeting new people with whom you build good client relations with. Very positive and exciting. Also, this new career will involve your spiritual beliefs with working on the emotional aspects of others along with the physical.
    The energy influencing you next is the color is a Crimson shade of Red. You must have several things going on in your life that require major decisions. There is a lot of change going on around you. There is only a small amount of this color appearing in front of your face and chest area. This color helps in decision-making. Therefore, as it grows, the ability to make decisions more clearly will become easier. Right now it seems like the universe gave you all these decisions to make on different aspects of your life and in order to know which ones to make, you will need to step back from the situation and think about it when you are at ease. Maybe go for a walk in nature to clear your mind and allow yourself to relax. The answers will come to you. Crimson is known to offer spiritual guidance and protection.
    Lastly, the color Green, more of an Emerald Green, is appearing around the bottom half of your body. I am not sure if you were recently married or if your husband and you had a romantic getaway but this color tends to mean strong love, attraction and affection. You have so many positive energies around you that your love life and career are very well balanced here. Emerald Green also indicates there is prosperity and wealth in your future. I feel as though this will be coming through your new career choice that will affect you in the very near future, I would say early December.
    Overall, you have a few energies that are playing a part in your life at the moment but these energy colors will go in and out of your aura from time to time. Most of them are showing you as going through a change in your career which will affect your financial status. You are also radiating a very loving energy that is causing you to “shine” more than usual. Sort of like the glow a woman would get in early pregnancy. It is a glow of innocence, love and just a well-being. Enjoy, your life is about to take on a very positive and happy direction J

Follow-Up Question for Jane
Follow-Up: My husband has not been typed DYT or toned IE, and I think he's a 1/3 or a 3/1. Which do you see?

In figuring out your husbands DYT/Tones I had to get an idea on his energy, so I will tell you a little bit of what I saw. Most of his aura is a more vibrant red color; I would compare it to the shade of red you would find in many designs from India. Very vibrant and alive. Meaning he is a natural leader but has a tendency from time to time to be more quiet. Sometimes he can become intimidated by others but he would never want to show that. In his career he is going to advance rapidly next year, 2012, and part of this advancement will have to do with his confidence building and that shy part of him will step back a little more than usual. So, for his DYT/Tone I am getting that he is a 3/1. Just for the fun of it, some other colors influencing him right now are yellow (high intelligence), Light Orange (slight shyness) and Mint Green (Financial Gain).

Intuitive Reading for Jane

Intuitive: I'm a therapist and I worked in agencies for 20 years. I am now in private practice... Now I'm doing Reiki at times, astrology at times, more groups, learning Hypnosis. My question is about career possibilities for my future...
    Well, I am seeing a few different things here. At first, I had a vision of a tree and then the tree branching out. To me, that means you are going to start with one career path but then that career is going to branch out into other possibilities for income. Now, as far as the actual career, I see you working for someone else first but then you are going to go off on your own completely. It looks like it is going to start with the Reiki and then you are going to add Hypnosis to your list of services. The next service I see you learning/adding sort of caught me off guard but has been ringing in my ears since I meditated on your questions. Have you considered Acupuncture? There is someone you will meet and may have already met who does this and is going to help you to get started in it. The reason it kept ringing in my head was that it is being shown to me as a major source of income. This service is going to really take off and send you in a different direction career wise. You are a natural healer, your hands and your energy altogether is very healing. I do see you eventually doing astrology charts but this is not going to be a large source of income for you. The main thing is going to be the healing services you will offer. I keep hearing you were meant to heal, this is YOUR thing. It’s your path in life. The more you develop your natural skills, the more the doors will open to manifest the type of income you deserve. I feel as though you had been cheated out of quite a bit in the past. Everything that you were cheated out of and lost in the past is going to start coming back to you over the next year, and it will grow from there. I am seeing a good deal of wealth in your future. I do not know if you are aware of this. I see it coming in through you but also through a man around you. Husband?
    As far as the IlluminEssensce/DYT goes, I am getting that your primary tone is 3 and your secondary is 2. It is so close to each other that it is possible that it is 2/3 instead of 3/2. I really had to concentrate to get the order on that but really feel that it is 3/2.
    Some other things that came up in the reading. There is a new beginning showing for you in about a month’s time. This new beginning or new idea came from you deciding to make a change in your life in a more positive direction. With this, you are also going to be meeting new people that will help you to achieve your goals and these new people are going to be a support for you, your strength in developing and balancing all aspects of your life. When you look back on your life 2 years from now, this old life is going to seem like a completely different lifetime. So many changes, I feel good about them. It looks as though the energy in the core areas of your body is circulating very well, too. Meaning your mental and physical health is going to improve dramatically as well. When I see what is coming, I feel energized and happy. The love, career, money, all relationships, and health will all line up over the next year. I am also seeing a new young person around you. I do not know if this is a child through marriage or if you are planning to have children but this is a new young soul entering your life within the next 2 years. It might possibly be a child of a friend or family member but they are showing as if they are going to play a significant part of your life. Someone you will be close with.
    Lastly, anytime there are so many changes in our life, there also will be many decisions we have to make. This will be a major part of your near and distant future. I am not sure if you are currently working for someone or if you already started this business of yours but there is going to be a difficult decision to make in the future, around January, where you are going to break away from either an employer, business partner or client. The breakup of this relationship is related to business. This is someone you feel a little sad leaving behind but you also know that you need to in order to flourish in your own career. They might be a negative energy that never has anything good to say or just someone that drains you of your energy, but your life will become much healthier mentally and physically once you make the break. With that said, I want to encourage you to use your intuition. It will be very high around early April and continue through July. You have good intuition but it will be heightened during those months, which will help in all the decision-making. You have so many skills that you will finally be able to maximize and earn what you deserve from it. As you begin using the skills you already have and developing new ones, you will see the transformation in your income happening rapidly.
    As with any reading, nothing is set in stone. You can speed things up, slow things down and even alter the outcome based on your decisions. Whatever path you choose to follow, I wish you the best of luck and many blessings!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become." Steve Jobs

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Shoe Spray Painting for Leather

cobalt blue favorites - too T4

they photograph almost black, but they are T2 navy
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spray Paint for Leather

navy is Tone II's black

Meltonian Nu-Life Color Spray Paint for Leather and Vinyl

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Hair Color Oops

I've decided my hair is all wrong.  I told my hairdresser that I wanted violet based cool to take all the red out.  She said in order to do that I had to match my roots at a level 3.  She held the color she was going to do up to my roots, so supposedly it's the color that my hair is naturally now.  It's a rather dark brown, but it reads black, which seems all wrong for Tone II.

I'll be back! IT WORKED!
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