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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Various Labels for the Seasons

Color Analysis Comparison
Beauty for All Seasons

Color Me A Season

The sorting of these types is far from perfect.

Spring Early, Sunny Spring, Sun, Morninglight, Absolute, True Spring BFAS Color Alliance
Spring: Light, True, Vivid, Contrasting
Spring with Summer Buoyant, Miscievous, Tawny,Classic, Pastel, Golden, Light Spring Amber, Animated, Brilliant, Bronze, Celadon, Chestnut, Chromian, Coralline, Crimson, Exuberant, Genetian, Golden, Honey-toned, Jeweled, Jeweltone, Lazurli, Opaline, Perillian, Prismatic, Radiant, Sapphire, Sedona, Sienna, Spectral, Sunburst, Sunlit, Tellurian, Topaz, Ultramarine, Vibrant, Vital '
Spring with Autumn Glorious, Gentle, Floral, Warm Spring
Spring with Winter Striking, Vital, Floral Bouquet, Radiant, Bright, Clear Spring
Summer Dreamlight, Twilight, Moon, Absolute, True Summer Summer: Light, True, Vivid, Contrasting
Summer with Spring Renaissance, Iridescent, Rose Garden, Platinum, Light Summer Azure, Crystaline, Diamond, Emerald, Exquisite, Garnet, Iridescent, Luminant, Lustrous, Opalescent, Platinum, Porcelain, Quartz, Resplendent, Silver
Summer with Autumn Twilight, Dusky, Indian, Gentle, Floral, Ethereal, Heather, Sunset, Soft Summer
Summer with Winter Moonlight, Bright, Classic, Jeweltone, English, Serene, Elegant, Rose, Cool Summer
Autumn  Sunset, Earth, Firelight, Absolute, True,Autumn Autumn: Light, True, Vivid, Contrasting
Autumn with Spring Metallic, spice, tawny, bronze, bird of paradise, topaz, chestnut Golden, Classic, Copper, Warm Autumn Acriline, Ajanine, Azuline, Bordeaux, Candescent, Carmine, Castilian, Centrum, Chromalit, Cinnabar, Citron, Crescent, Cresset, Emeraude, Glassene, Golden Chrome, Indigo, Mellow, Mosaic, Opulaent, Panache, Persimmon, Radiant, Rich, Saffron, Sparkling, Spectralit, Spectrene, Tranque, Ultrian
Autumn with Summer Mellow, Gentle, Heather, Amber, Candlelight, Soft Autumn
Autumn with Winter firelight, forest, feline rembrandt, pewter, Bronze, Striking, Bright, Dark, Deep Autumn
Winter Classic, Glorious, Dramatic, Starlight, Star, Absolute, Cool Winter Winter: Light, True, Vivid, Contrasting
Winter with Spring Sparkling, Fireworks, Vivid, Champagne, Playful, Bright, Firelight Winter, Clear Winter Alizarin, Aurora, Baroness, Borealis, Dynamic, Exotic, Imperial, Majestic, Meridian, Nova, Polestar, Royale, Solar, Sparkling, Striking, Tiara
Winter with Summer soft morning mist, classic, regal, patrician, Exotic, True, Cool Winter
Winter with Autumn Dynamic, Sunset, Operatic, Exotic, Sophisticated, Snow Frost, Antique, Dark, Deep Winter

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Color Me A Season

  • PASTEL SPRING — (Spring mixed with Summer) Hair coloring: brunette or ash blonde hair
  • STRIKING SPRING — (Spring – Winter) black to dark brown. Skin tone is porcelain to dark olive but with yellow under base
  • GLORIOUS SPRING — (Spring – Autumn) red to light blonde red or blonde with freckled skin
  • ABSOLUTE SPRING — usually has blonde hair. When Absolute the Personality traits fit almost perfectly.
Common Spring Personality Traits
  • Positive
    • Friendly
    • Curious
    • Smiles often
    • Good humor
    • Witty
    • Good at conversation
    • Optimistic
    • Empathetic
  • Negative
    • Manipulative
    • Undecided
    • Speaks without thinking
    • Fails to plan ahead
    • Too talkative
    • Too many projects at once
    • Rarely finishes projects

  • MOONLIGHT SUMMER — (Summer mixed with Winter) Hair coloring: dark ash brown to brunette or silver gray.
  • SUNSHINE SUMMER — (Summer – Spring) golden blonde highlights in ash brown hair.
  • INDIAN SUMMER — (Summer – Autumn) light red or copper, ash blonde hair.
  • ABSOLUTE SUMMER usually has light brown hair, it could also be gray.
Common Summer
Personality Traits
  • Positive
    • Speaks Quietly
    • Listens Carefully
    • Gentleness
    • Understanding
    • Diplomatic
    • Dependable
    • Easy Going
    • Efficient
  • Negative
    • Slow to accept new ideas
    • Makes friends slowly
    • stubborn
    • slow worker
    • Withholds friendship
    • Gets tied up in the details

  • GENTLE AUTUMN — This Autumn type is mixed with Summer which adjusts their temperament reactions to frustrating things. The Gentle type has a light hair coloring. Mixed with Summer the personality will be quieter, but inwardly more stubborn.

  • GOLDEN AUTUMN — Blonde Autumns are mixed with Spring and they really love the more intense colors found in Autumn’s Color Fan. Golden Autumns love the pure orange, purple, gold, red orange, etc.
  • STRIKING AUTUMN — Very dark hair indicates a mixing with Winter Season. This Autumn type may look good in a warm black which is found on strip 40 in Autumn’s Color Fan®.
  • ABSOLUTE AUTUMN — Red hair does not always mean you are Autumn, but copper red hair does. We also find some Autumns who have a neutral beige hair coloring. Most Autumns share a very warm under toned complexion, especially when they get “worked up ” about something.
Common Autumn Personality Traits
  • Positive
    • Makes quick decisions
    • Dependable
    • Energetic
    • Willing to work
    • Loyal
    • True to a cause
    • Confident
    • Plans ahead

  • Negative
    • Disagreeable
    • Wants to do it their way
    • Stubborn
    • Easily irritated
    • Hurts other’s feelings
    • Takes over in group situations

  • SNOW FROST WINTER — (Winter mixed with Summer) Hair color will likely be light brown.
  • FIRELIGHT WINTER — (Winter with Spring blend ) Your hair color may be blonde, almost white blonde.
  • SUNSET WINTER — (Winter mixed with Autumn) Haircolor will be auburn or medium red.
  • ABSOLUTE WINTER — If you have dark hair and light skin , or if your hair is very dark and your skin is dark.
Common Winter Personality Traits
  • Positive
    • Loyal to friends and family
    • Natural poise
    • Good listener
    • Truthful
    • Sensitive
    • Creative
    • Perfectionist
    • Committed
  • Negative
    • Somewhat self-centered
    • Worries what others think of them
    • Worries about everything
    • Moody
    • Lacks confidence
    • Neglects friends
    • Pessimistic
    • Expects perfection from all

A quick look into your eyes:
Spring              Summer
Autumn               Winter

Other than skin tone, eyes show more about a person’s season than most physical traits. Each season has a dominant feature which is shown in the eye. The SUMMER eye appears as crackly glass, WINTER – spokes on a wheel, SPRING – Yellow sunburst around a gray doughnut shape, AUTUMN – Aztec sun directly around the pupil with specks and dots sometimes.

how systems differ - color analysis comparison

Color Analysis Comparison

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


There are 5 colors that express who you are:
Your Essence Color: Your vulnerable color; your version of white, a skin tone that harmonizes the colors in the palm of your hand 
Your Romantic Color: Your passion color, your version of red found by gently pinching a fingertip-or the color of when you blush 
Your Dramatic Color: Your "look at me" color, your version of blue, found in the color of the veins in your wrist 
Your Energy Color: The color that supports you when you need a pick me up, taken from the darkest part of your iris (but not the ring around the iris)
Your Tranquil Color: Your peaceful color, taken from the lightest part of your iris 

And 3 neutral colors that complete your wardrobe basics:
Your Version of Black: the most flattering dark color for you, taken from the ring around your iris 
Your Version of Brown: a more casual, medium-dark shade, taken from the darkest part of your hair
 * Your Version of Khaki: your best light color, taken from the lightest part of your hair 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zyla's Winter

Zyla's Classic Winter

The Queen
a cool or deep winter


Zyla's Soft Winter

The Romantic Poetess
a soft cool winter

William Merritt Chase

Zyla's Dynamic Winter

The Passionate Leader
a deep winter

Josiah Copley

Zyla's Vivid Winter

The Earthy Philosopher
a deep or bright winter


Zyla's Antique Winter

The Keeper of the Hearth
an even softer winter


Zyla's Playful Winter

The Ballerina
a bright/clear winter

Sir Joshua Reynolds

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Zyla's Autumn

Zyla's Spicy Autumn

The Sensuous Backpacker
a deep autumn


Zyla's Mellow Autumn

The Sexy Librarian
a soft autumn


Zyla's Gamine Autumn

The Stylish Beatnik
soft autumn


Zyla's Copper Autumn

The High Stakes Gambler
warm metal autumn


Zyla's Bronze Autumn

The Divine Diva
deep metal autumn


Zyla's High Autumn

The Passionate Impressario
lighter warm autumn


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