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Eye Types & Iridology

Eyes & Iridology

"SPRING EYES Sanguine Air: The Sanguine iris type is called hematogenic by iridologists. The iris color is usually brown or hazel, and its fibers tightly or densely woven; as the Sanguine is considered to be the most balanced and equable of temperaments in Greek Medicine, so the densely woven hematogenic type is considered to be the most desirable by iridologists. However, this type is vulnerable to toxic and metabolic disorders of the blood. Red flecks or discolorations on the iris indicate congested or hot, toxic blood. The densely woven hematogenic iris is also most commonly affected by concentric circular waves or striations that resemble the growth marks on a tree; such striations are associated with deeply held nervous tension and spasmodic conditions by iridologists, as a sort of Nervous / Melancholic counterpoint or undercurrent to the Sanguine."
a Sanguine likes it "the fun way"

blue eyed sanguines
Rudolf Steiner refers to sanguines as having blue eyes
"The Four Temperaments" page 83
  • hemtogenic
  • yellow skintone
  • usually brown or hazel (though somewhere sanguine is said to be blue)?
  • dense fibers
  • starburst design with small flower shape near pupil
  • may have red flecks or dots
  • concentric circles are stress marks, which would indicate T1/4
  • pure brown eyes are associated with Chinese & Western fire and earth elements
  • brown, yellow or golden flecks or dots (in any season) are jewel types, observant visual learners, great verbal skills, collect beliefs and things, dislike being controlled or losing freedom..

"SUMMER EYES Phlegmatic Water: The lymphatic iris type is characterized by light, airy, loosely woven iris fibers, reflecting the generally loose, lax tone of the muscles, organs and tissues in those of a Phlegmatic temperament. The color of the lymphatic iris is usually blue or gray. This iris type is the most prone to white discolorations on its fibers, which show an accumulation or congestion of excess phlegm or stagnant lymph. A lymphatic rosary is when a necklace or garland of interconnected white, cloudy spots encircles the outer edge of the iris; it's associated with lymphatic congestion and obstruction. A scurf rim, or dark outer margin of the iris, also commonly seen in the lymphatic iris, indicates a tendency towards toxic congestion of the skin and poor elimination of toxins through perspiration, which throws an extra toxic load on the lungs, liver and kidneys."

a Phlegmatic likes it "thoughtful way"

brown eyed summers
Suzanne Caygill lists various brown eyed summers: Twilight and Dusky Summers
Color Alliance has various brown eyed summers as well

  • lymphatic
  • pink skintone
  • light, loose, wavy, airy fibers
  • often white fibers
  • crackled glass design with no other pattern
  • usually blue or gray
  • blue associated with Water element in Chinese and Western
  • when petals appear, also check skintone for winter.
  • petals/crypts indicate that the person is a tender feeling type, they may also be very auditory, creative, enthusiastic, organized, greatly fearing being alone
A brown eyed summer is rather rare, but will have the absence of other patterns.

"AUTUMN EYES Choleric Fire: The mixed type of iris, midway between the hematogenic and the lymphatic, is most closely associated with the Choleric temperament. The texture is also mixed, with alternating dense and loose patches of fibers.  According to iridologists, there are only two basic kinds of iris colors - the brown - hazel hematogenic and the blue - gray lymphatic. Those of a Choleric temperament often have green eyes, but upon closer examination, this is shown to be nothing more than blue or gray mixed with yellow discolorations. In any type of iris, yellowish discolorations indicate inflammatory conditions or bilious deposits."

 a Choleric likes it "my way"
  • mixed type
    orange skintone
  • dense and light
    the most textured
  • aztec sun design
  • green eyes which are yellow (bilious deposits) above blue color below are considered Choleric
  • Discolorations or psora (drug spots) on top of a blue background (fibre structure is visible through colour). Chinese wood, earth constitutions and the Western air
  • Shaker pattern occurs when there is both freckles/dots and petals, being full of energy, goal-oriented, like to get things done, great motivators

"WINTER EYES Melancholic Earth: In my opinion, the Melancholic temperament also usually corresponds to the mixed iris type. Dark black or brown spots or discolorations indicate deposits of black bile or charred, oxidized forms of black or yellow bile. Nervous stress rings, mentioned earlier under the Sanguine iris type, are another Melancholic sign. The key premise of iridology, and also its most controversial assertion, is that the iris can be mapped out into various reflex zones, corresponding to different organs, tissues and parts of the body. And so, a nebulous white cloud, or white patch, in the liver zone would indicate a Phlegmatic congestion of the liver; a yellowish discoloration in that same spot would indicate an inflammatory or bilious condition of the liver, and so on."

a Melancholy likes it "the right way"

  • mixed type
  • gray skintone
  • dark black or brown spots (bile)
  • nervous stress rings
  • can be dark brown or dark blue
  • pure brown eyes are associated with Chinese & Western fire and earth elements
  • wheel spoke design
  • also called “stream” (kinesthetic, communicates with gestures, very sensitive, compassionate, attractive)

Read more about health conditions indicated by each eye type:



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Here says flowers are type 1=sanguine.
and stream,lymphatic, type 2, summer.
and jewels type 4, winter
and jewel with flower, type 3, biliary, shakers.

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And here, flower is type 4 melancholic, jewel is type 3 choleric, stream is type 2 phlegmatic, and mixed (shaker) (sun rays, wheel spokes) is type 1 sanguine.

But... jewels are more type 1, spring, sanguine (not the stream).

Unknown said...

so, petals/crypts indicate that the person is a tender feeling type, they may also be very auditory, creative, enthusiastic, organized, greatly fearing being alone.
creative, enthusiastic, greatly fearing being alone... is spring.