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Light Spring vs. Light Summer: how do you tell the difference?

If your dominant quality is LIGHT, how do you know if you are Spring or Summer?  and actually Light means you are either Spring/Summer or Summer/Spring, so which comes first?

Remember two thirds of women are neutral, which these seasons are.

Disclaimer: ideally you should be draped in person

The PASTEL SPRING (Spring-Summer) looks somewhat like a Summer and compares a little to a Golden Autumn.  They may be Classic, Natural or Romantic.  Because they are not the life of the party, they may not identify as much with the Spring characteristics.  They may identify as a Summer because they have shut some of their energy down.  These are the least extroverted springs. [spring-summer personality description]

Amanda's eye

PASTEL SPRING — (Spring mixed with Summer, aka Light Spring) Hair coloring: light brown or ash blonde hair, platinum, honey blonde or taupe, or salt and pepper grey.   Not all Pastel Springs stay blond. Eyes are blue, green or hazel, grey or brown with a wide band around rim of iris, but also some yellow in the eye.  Skin tone is often light pink peach, or may have a slight green cast.  (These are CMAS descriptions).

So a Light Spring's hair can be ash, thus seeming closer to a Summer.  They may have a wide band around the iris, which is a trait of their secondary Summer.

The SUNSHINE SUMMER (Summer-Spring) looks somewhat like Spring.  They can be Natural, Romantic or Classic  She compares somewhat to Gentle Autumn. These are a bit more extroverted summer, but not as much as the light spring.  (Some women will misclassify themselves as Summers, because the feminine nature is so associated with females in our culture).  [summer-spring personality description]
Cate's eye

SUNSHINE SUMMER — (Summer – Spring) golden blonde highlights in light ash brown hair, dun color, or slight tinge of red.  It is possible that their hair will darken to medium brown.  They are the most believable blond, even dyed.  A touch of yellow may be in the eye pattern, but generally more blue than green (will not look turquoise like spring).  Eyes will most often be blue (maybe green), possibly have transparency of summer, with Spring’s twinkle (and possibly a touch of yellow).  Skin tone has blue undertone, may also have Spring’s yellow overtone, creating a light green cast. (These are CMAS descriptions).

Very unlikely to have the hazel, grey or brown of the Light Spring eye.

Light Spring personality

Light Spring personality by expressingyourtruth on Polyvore
CMAS PASTEL SPRING —  [spring-summer personality description]

Light Summer personality

CMAS SUNSHINE SUMMER — [summer-spring personality description]
How do Amanda Seyfried and Cate Blanchett compare in light tints and tones?

A Light Spring should be best in tints, but second best in tones.
A Light Summer should be best in tones, but second best in tints.


Spring tomato red is probably harsh for a Light Spring even, but a bit better on Amanda because she has a bit more yellow in your skin.

Ah relief for Cate, this Summer wine is so much better, but for Amanda it's not bad but makes her look a bit too pink.


Now, this is tricky because some say that pinky coral is good for both Light Spring and Light Summer.  It's even one of the dealbreakers at Truth-is-Beauty.

The pinky coral does work on both.  It might be just a bit rich on Cate.
Note, some people say both can wear pinky coral.

This pinky salmon is more of a divide, because again it makes Amanda look too pink.


As predicted, Amanda is more in harmony with this Spring apple green tint.

They can both do this Summer green tone, though it's certainly better for Cate than the tint.


They can both do the Spring tan tint, though it's better for Amanda.

But this Summer rose brown tone is so much better for Cate, and again makes Amanda look a bit pink.

I will throw this in here too.  Truth-is-Beauty deal breakers suggest Light Spring should wear khaki.

They can both probably do this.  The Light Spring would try for a khaki tint that reflected light, and a Light Summer would try to find a khaki tone that is a bit grayed so it absorbs light.

 CONTRAST: Light Spring and Light Summer have the same contrast level in their coloring and should repeat that in their outfits.


Light Springs, like all springs, do not wear stark white.  They could wear "winter white" with a little yellow added.  They also do not wear black (see Springs wearing black).  They wear blue charcoal, warm light grey, light taupe and cream TINTS.  

Keeping in mind these are slightly warmer tints, they look better on Amanda.

Springs need very clean browns, tans and sands,
made with high chroma pigments that reflect light.

Light Summers, like all summers, do not wear stark white.  Instead they can wear a shell pink or light gray.  They also do not wear black (see Summers wearing black).  Instead they wear navy.  They wear TONES.  

Keeping in mind that these are cooler tones, they look better on Cate.

Summers need dull browns that are dusty, rosy tones.
Pastel Spring

Sunshine Summer

Stay tuned for: DARK, SOFT, CLEAR, COOL, WARM


Unknown said...

Thank Goodness, I have finally found my season. I am a "Light Spring" I have been working very hard at this for a week. Trying to match "neutrals" to the correct tone or tint in clothing is difficult. I thought I was correct on the Light Spring, but t

Thank goodness... I have finally found my correct season. I am a Light Spring. Trying to match the correct tints is quite difficult when you are starting from "Page #1. It took me a week, but I am happy. I thought I might be a Light Summer, but I found another sight that explained the process more clearly. All I can say is to keep trying and all of a sudden it makes sense.

Thank you for letting me share!!


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