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Friday, September 30, 2011

IlluminEssensce Cosmetics

My makeup order came yesterday.  I didn't have a lot of time to play with it this a.m.  I'm wearing the paler lipstick.  I will try the darker one tomorrow.  I never wear blusher and really like it.  I think it highlights my cheekbones, which I guess is what it's supposed to do.  I really like the eyebrow highlighter, and the eyeliner.  I am happy with all the products.  It's good to have a nice brown mascara too.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Closet Redo

Luckily I was already dressing without black, so my transformation hasn't been as shocking as my friend who found out just days ago that she is a Tone III (not a Tone I).  I had such a wonderful experience at the Power to Be Yourself day.  Yesterday I spent the whole day going through my entire closet, down to undergarments, socks, pj's, nail polish, everything, removing all the remaining black, and then I began the process of dyeing my white.  I need to order some more dye.  Then I started experimenting with spray painting shoes.

I found a product that creates a hammered effect and was quite pleased with the trainsformation of two pairs of black shoes.

I'm going to need to find another blue, but it worked.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

IlluminEssensce: Power To Be Yourself

Update: I am very close to Tone II but now living as Type 4 (Tone IV).

I am feeling so excited and calmly happy this morning.  I'm getting ready for the Power to Be Yourself workshop today with Taylore B. Sinclaire.  I'm so happy that I already got to see her and got toned.  I feel so secure and validated.  I'm sure 4 is my secondary, but I don't really care.  If I try to dress 4, it takes energy.  Dressing II is like wearing my true skin.  My outfit today is a cowl neck, which she says is made for Tone IIs.  It accentuates my waist, while also highlighting the girls.  I'm wearing the same grey in my pants and shoes so that it all flows together.  I feel truly beautiful.
My experience with vacillating between 2 and 4 is about the vulnerability of 2. I believe I accentuate my 4 secondary at times to protect myself in a male world. I also have a lot of logical, male qualities. But I have subconsciously women's softness as a target for violence, etc. Also, 4s set boundaries, while 2s blur them in their gift of seeking connectedness (in Taylore's book for Tone II). I have a logical, awareness of boundaries as a concept, but I am more a relativist and seek connections between all my details of knowledge I collect. We will all react to the shadow of our Type or Tone, it's part of the journey. It doesn't mean we intend to judge it, we are just revealing the socialization that represses our truth.

Friday, September 16, 2011

IlluminEssensce Results!

I can stop worrying about the 2/4 dilemma.  IlluminEssensce has a definitive system.  I was toned yesterday by Taylore B. Sinclaire and am officially a Tone II.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling Free!

Feeling Free by Anthony Caruso
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Facebook Groups

Expressing Your Truth Facebook Group

"This is a group where we discuss self-actualization, personality typing systems like MBTI, astrology, Human Design, seasonal color analysis, a critical eye on DYT (you can ask to join if you're not sure of your type!), IlluminEssensce, energy healing (Tapping, EFT) and fashion as means of expressing your truth as you find it. The history of this group began when many of us left as the DYT groups closed. Warning: this group will cause procrastination. Disclaimer: remove email notification unless you want your inbox to blow up. Launch page:

This blog is no longer associated with Dressing Your Truth as of 9/15/11.

If you're interested in Dressing Your Truth, you must first buy their system and then you can request to join their exclusive DYT Facebook groups.  They may or may not let you in, and may later kick you out.

Type 1: Dressing Your Truth - Type 1
             or Type 1 Dressing Your Truth
Type 2: Dressing Your Truth - Type 2s!
Type 3: Dressing Your Truth Type 3
Type 4: Dressing Your Truth - Type 4s! (removed?)
            or Type 4 Dressing Your Truth

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I won't be posting while I'm in AZ 9/8-14 and then on 9/17 I have my IlluminEssensce Power to be Yourself workshop. I will be getting my Tone tomorrow from Taylore personally.

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Sedona Insights

Michael Mirdad
Tues. (from Phoenix)

This has been an intense past few days.  On Sunday, we went to the Unity Church in Sedona.  The sermon was given by Dr. Michael Mirdad, who has a doctorate in metaphysics.  I want one of those.  I want to live the way he outlines.  I want to see heaven here on earth. 

I am currently sitting in Phoenix in a resort of the kind I have never experienced before, due to growing up poor.  This doesn’t interest me.  It gives me a bit of a feeling of being a princess, but that fades and I realize I am more grateful for the suffering I have experienced in my life as it has motivated me to grow more than this kind of indulgence ever would have.

rainy day in Phoenix

In Hood River, where we live, Greg and I have not been able to find a church that suited us both.  We have now found it, but it’s in Sedona.  We are both drawn to move t/here.  What was amazing to me was it was a new thought, forward thinking, new age church, WITH Christ Consciousness.  It’s called Unity church because they believe there is no separation between us and God, between us and one another.  We are all one. 

I was afraid that would mean they wouldn’t speak of Jesus, but it didn’t.  He was God walking among us.  He was also a man realizing he was not separate from God and living his life in accordance.  He modeled heaven on earth.  We have all forgotten.

I could tell right away that Michael was influenced by A Course in Miracles.  ACIM is what I call Buddhism for Christians, or Christianity for Buddhists.  It’s about realizing that this plane of existence is like a bad dream, once from which we can awaken.

I could be so happy here (Sedona, not Phoenix).  But if that’s true, I can be happy anywhere, and I must not forget that.  I cried in church because I felt so welcomed, but also because I felt home in my soul.

The next day, while killing time before we went to get new tattoos, we went to a trail to do a little walking.  I headed back to a bench near the car to read before Greg was ready to.  Later, a couple ran past me and then Greg said “look.”  It was Michael (the pastor) and his partner.  Greg had a chance to thank him for his sermon.  It was another example of the synchronicity of Sedona and our life we are opening up to.

Earlier we also went to a 7:30 a.m. A.A. meeting.  The topic was acceptance of others and loving others.  A woman talked about reconciling with her brother.  I had been dreaming the prior few days of my brother, mother and grandmother, with lots of unresolved anger I didn’t realize was still there.  But at the meeting, I only felt a wistful sadness.
Greg's chef knife and sharpening iron

We got tattoos from SIVA of Sacred Fire tattoos in Sedona.  Greg got an image of a chef’s knife and sharpening blade in front of flames and I got a dragonfly.  Over the experience of our trip, the meaning of theses images deepened for us.

my dragonfly
will heal to a grey
Interruption:  I was just written by someone that has used DYT that I wrote about earlier on my blog.  I was asked to remove a post about them, which I have done.  It’s just one more thing that makes me wonder about so much.  Wonder is not the right word, but I’m waiting to calm down.  For some reason, I’m not popular with other DYT fans.  Well, that’s obvious: the reason is I’m critical.  Ironically, ultimately I support the system and defend it at times.  I honestly don’t know why I don’t just walk away. 

Today I lost my phone.  Monday I realized I left my phone charger behind at the former hotel we were at.  The internet is down today at the resort.  Something is telling me to stay off the grid.  I’m actually writing this in Word right now.

Where was I?  Back to the tattoos, because they are awesome and meaningful, and everything since has been a negative distraction:  Greg’s is not only about his career as a chef, but I told him that with the fire in the design, it is somehow alchemical.  Also, Michael Mirdad talked about how the symbol for earth in astrology is an x over a circle, and that x also represents the four elements of life in the material world which we have to overcome in our human lives.  The knife and the sharpening wand form an x in Greg’s tattoo, and therefore could also represent the obstacles in his own life he has overcome and transmuting, as one also does in the act of cooking; And my tattoo, is a dragonfly, which is a symbol of wind and water, the flight up from the subconscious, the symbol of dreams, which relates to my recent interest in learning about hypnotherapy.


Day 2 of Greg’s conference and we go home tonight, but I’m ready now.  I don’t like that feeling, so I’m trying to sit on the balcony and settle a little more into this moment.  This resort has 580 rooms.  Mostly I notice how many people service the complex.  A man is currently working on the pool below me.  It looks like a boring and thankless job.  As it’s still morning, it’s still cool.  It didn’t get as hot I expected it might yesterday and it even rained.  Apparently Arizona has a monsoon season.

This resort is so big, there is a shuttle to take you from one end to the other, or down to the lobby, etc.  I really don’t like the classist nature of that or this place all that much. 

A man just walked by in a business suit and a conference badge.  He might be a presenter.  My DH is not outfitted for business.  He’s dressed a little nicer than usual, but clearly from Oregon (now at least).  He’s the only R&D chef at Turtle Island Foods, but there are companies here that have 1000s of them in their departments.  I often wonder what his career future might hold.

Yesterday I went to the mall over lunch time with another wife here with her husband for the conference.  At first I was really afraid there would be a class divide, but there really wasn’t.  It turned out she was interested in the same metaphysical concepts that I am, and she said she didn’t know what she was going to do that day but asked the universe to manifest someone to spend time with.  She lamented that she was near 70, but didn’t seem it at all.

Now a man, in a suit and bow tie, just walked by.  Makes me think of a Joni Mitchell song (And a bar maid came by in fishnet stockings and a bow tie ...).  There’s still no wireless in the room, so I will have to go down to the lobby to post this.  I also don’t know what I’m going to do for my lunch today. 

There’s a pigeon cooing in mild distress on the next balcony.  I should look up the significance of that.

I should go do something.  Maybe get a manicure.  I find those kind of odd.  I only started ever getting them, off an on, since I got married.  Well, I got acrylics done before that a few times, but could never keep up the maintenance.  Again, it seems like a class issue. But is that all there is to it?  Do I not feel worthy?  When does frugal become cheap, or worse, self-neglect?

Being here in Phoenix and doing nothing but sitting at this resort reminds me of when I went to Amsterdam and only later realized I missed the Van Gogh museum.  Or when I was on layover in Barcelona but didn’t leave the airport to see the architecture because  I was too shy to get a taxi.

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Edgar Cayce Past Life Report

The Astors
Ordered from

My Highlights:

You have probably experienced past life patterns of involvement with trading or banking families like the Astors in early New York, or as a lender-treasurer in ancient Persia, or as the quartermaster during even earlier rebellions in prehistoric Egypt.

In addition, you are one who enables others to see themselves in a light that they have not yet seen.
Upon entering the earth plane this lifetime, you came under the positive influence of Jupiter, from your experience in that ennobling realm between lifetimes.
You also love learning and knowledge for their use in bettering conditions for yourself as well as others. The strongest force for good will come, however, through keeping yourself attuned to the divine within through meditation, prayer and other experiences of spirituality which will be yours. Yet in service for others will the greatest blessings come.
Your mental tendencies can be used beneficially toward your greater soul development. For instance, obeying the rule of converting stumbling blocks to stepping stones -- that is, all challenges are opportunities in disguise -- this pattern helps you in your career, especially in the competition encountered in the business world.

However, from past lives as well as your afterlife soul journey in the Martian dimension of anger and wrath, your will must be exercised to avoid outbreaks of emotion and to control your temper. Take care that your temperamental nature and tendencies toward suppression of your more aggressive emotions does not affect your health. Be specifically on the lookout for disorders physically with your throat, head and digestive organs.


Because of karmic emotions and subconscious urges from your experience as a soul between lives in the energetic consciousness dimension of Mars, you may also tend to act impulsively without enough forethought. If you are female this aspect may bring challenges through the male side of your subconscious.
This means that until you exercise your will to resolve this conflict you are likely to find it difficult to relate to men in the outer world. Frequently being too aggressive, and at times even opinionated and confrontational in your attitude, you may even dislike those of your own sex because of this lack of femininity.

You are an artistic and romantic type of person, a natural quality you probably inherited from past lives where you were socially active and involved with the arts in some way. Venus is the realm of afterlife awareness which is most similar to the earth, especially as regards material desires and emotions. Therefore with your Venusian background from past lives as well as between lives, you are likely to have an intense, earthy yet subconscious sensuality.

You chose a birth time when your afterlife soul experiences in the Moon and Uranus dimensions were in
conflict through the difficult aspect pattern between them. This challenging aspect calls forth from your akashic chronicle challenges to face in your emotional life. The most likely original roots of this emotional karma lies in a long-ago lifetime in Atlantis.

You might use self-suggestion via auto-hypnosis and guided imagery. This may help you to be more centered and spiritually attuned. Try to combine these exercises with prayer and affirmations which assist you in turning within for guidance, rather than relying entirely on your own independence and willfulness. Above all, pray for the resolve to be consistent in applying your ideals as set in the Christ. Prayerful study and contemplation of Jesus' promises in chapters 14-17 of Saint John's Gospel would be a priceless resource. [1175-1]

Neptune is the dream dimension which enhances your intuition and urges toward spirituality and mysticism. As Mercury is the mental realm of thought and communication, the merging of your experiences in these two realms of awareness gives you a very intuitive mode of thinking and communicating. You are naturally able to communicate --with your inner self and with others -- in terms of dream symbols, for instance, and are far more receptive than average to communications and contacts involving the spiritual world.  From Neptune, itself a higher octave of ever-creative Venus, you have natural abilities in music, drama and poetry, especially as applied to mystical, mysterious and romantic themes. You could also do well in writing and lecturing about dreams, mysticism, prayer and spiritual healing.

As the love in Venus and the rashness in Mars are quite different, there is likely to be a conflict in your experience concerning your inner temperance and your outer boldness. That is, your individualism and self-assertion as manifested at times in daring activities in association with others, especially the opposite sex, clash with and hide your sympathetic, loving nature.

You are an Atlantean as well as a Uranian. This means that subject to latent urges from your experience between lives in the psychic realm of Uranus and from your past life in Atlantis, you are far more sensitive than the average individual.

Making your soul flight from your experience in the Uranus dimension before beginning another earth life, you made a consciousness visit to the Mars realm. Some of your Uranian lessons in how to deal with extremes -- for instance through your urges for independence, originality, and even clairvoyance on the higher mental level -- were over energized in the Martian dimension. As a result, you chose to carry into your present life certain challenges to be met. In other words, this is an adverse influence, giving you a quick-tempered nature, as well as extremes at times when you become moody, apparently without cause.

Now, by choosing a birthday when Uranus and Mars were in an adverse aspect at your birth you called up from your akashic ledger a pattern of attracting people from past lives into situations which will test you, especially by challenging your need for freedom and independence. One of these prior lifetimes was likely to have been during the height of the Roman Empire. Whether as a Roman or as one closely involved with the ancient Roman culture, say during the early Christian church period, you often faced conflict and confrontation.

Having reincarnated to continue your pursuit and application of your intuitive spirituality, you are quite capable of grasping spiritual truths firsthand, beyond such sources as books and the experiences of others. Unorthodox in your philosophy of life, you have strong leanings toward the esoteric and mystical.

Long ago you may have been part of the once mighty Mongolian people of the ancient Gobi desert, or among the culturally advanced Chinese. From such lifetimes as these, you have the ability to perform what is expected of you and to do what is necessary without being held back by your feelings or by considerations of a personal nature. This is a strength you inherited from one or more past lives in these remote Asian cultures, whose people shared this self-denying trait.
Perhaps you were once a young Chinese woman who gave birth to many children, ran a large household and pleased the master of the house. You may have done all this while quietly enduring the agony of brutally bound feet which was once a rather cultural requirement of the true ladies of ancient China.
Bear in mind that Mars is the planet of energy, power and war which rules or best symbolizes the essence of Scorpio. It may not be surprising then, that you may have been a Mongolian warrior who fought to the death for your tribal leader without hesitation or concern for your own injury or pain.
A more recent incarnation among Native Americans like the plains Indians is also likely. Yet whether your life was among Orientals or American Indians, your characteristic past life suppression of individual feelings in sacrifice for the larger interests of your family, group or tribe may in the present make you appear cold, insensitive or uncaring, when you are actually very caring and compassionate.

For example, traveling long ago as a Spanish, English or even Japanese settler, pioneer or explorer, you may have crossed the oceans in search of a better world. You were then part of a strong sea-faring culture which frequently set out --over a period of many centuries -- to explore, invade and often defeat enemies and cultures usually much greater in strength and size.

Jupiter is the planet which rules or symbolizes the heart of Sagittarian energies, supplying you with a broadly courageous -- though at times daredevil -- quality. Yet underneath this often exciting exterior lies a calm but calculating mind. Another characteristic experience is one or more past lives involving a lot of movement, change and separation from your family and your cultural roots.

In your deeper meditations you might recall urges and impressions of migrating at the time of the Deluge of Atlantis (commonly called the Great Flood), to other, safer lands to begin a new life and a new age of history.

You may remember, in your deeper meditations and dreams, experiences from long ago when you were among great artists, sculptors, poets, and craftsmen of ancient India as well as the more recent leaders of prosperous, classical Greece.


You may also have been among many who reincarnated in the American South just before the Civil War. In the present you may have to learn the lesson of providing for your own needs, luxury and comfort rather than having others do provide these things for you. In fact, one of the challenges of Libra lies in being too liberal or indulgent with oneself. With prayerful application of your will, this too can be overcome. [303-31]

Especially indicated are lives in the early Jewish-Christian Church and later as an artist-musician in modern times, whether in the West (Europe and/or America), or in modern or colonial Asia.


Your experiences then may have brought you prominence or notoriety in spiritual causes ranging from the Essenes and Gnostics around the time of Christ to Eastern temples and ashrams and later, medieval or modern monastic life.  Of likely special interest to you in your present life are mysticism, spirituality and most movements toward Oneness and the mysteries of Life and Nature, including dreams and mystical kinds of music and art.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

tick, tick, tick

I have been feeling very strongly that I'm a Type 4 now, but I get Toned in IlluminEssensce sometime next weekend, so I can't really proceed yet.

Plan A:  If I get Toned as a IV, then I'm going to get my black clothes back out, and buy some T4 clothes, and immediately get a hair cut, like this and grow it to the second haircut.

Plan B:  If I get Tone as a II, then I'm really not sure what I'm going to do.  I guess I will consider IV to be my secondary.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reader Comment

I love this comment, thank you!

On Faces of Jane

Jenny said...
"I just came across this working through my own 4/2 conundrum, and, we could be sisters. In my opinion, you look GREAT with the type 4 clothes and hair. Vibrant, alive, powerful, like the real you is coming through. With the 2's, you look (to me) washed out and like you're 'trying' to be softer and compassionate-looking. As if you can't be bold and compassionate at the same time...which isn't true. Maybe that's it: be boldly compassionate! (Thanks for helping me think this through as well by being bold enough to post your pics on the web) "

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Fashion Feng Shui

This is a useful little booklet.  Since I'm Water and Metal here are the suggestions for me to incorporate them both:

For METAL to express more WATER: add an elegant silk chiffon wrap to a designer suit, wear precious gem jewelry that have a reflective quality, abstract pattern couture dresses, matching skirt and blouse in a drapey design, fluid silk-velvet, a pendant with curved lines holding a rare diamond.
11 minutes ago ·

For WATER to expess more METAL: find some very fluid fabric and deep tones in elegant lame or crepe, use elongated style lines, look for artistic jewelry with round or oval shapes, find ethnic motifs in very formal fabrics.

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Three T4 Daughters

I was asked to remove this post. 

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Personal Energetics, Soul Tone?

I downloaded this book on my kindle, by Dr. Craig Martin.  It reminds me of the 5 Love Languages, but with a spin of the 4 Elements.  Greg and I took the quiz and are scores were quite different:

Greg is more balanced: Fire 11, Air 12, Water 12, Earth 9
Mine were: Fire 3, Air 19, Water 18, Earth 6
Dr. Craig Martin gives you the tools to identify and work with your own unique relationship style and desires in Elemental Love Styles. Get more on Dr. Craig...
Some people can see the human aura. Some of us never have and some have on occasion but do not usually.
    • Jane Rekas
      ‎"All your feelings, thought, acts and the actions taken upon you do impact upon your aura. Not everything is preordained, the passions and fears and restrictions and freedoms your past and possible futures are all held with in these curren...ts. Generally many born at the same time may have the same basic tone on a soul level which is where expressions such as indigo children arise, but we are each separate beings so one of indigo soul tone for time may be pink or yellow or blue in personal colour brought into the incarnation yet have different colour visibly predominating from the experiences and action reaction of the life and life plan that they are moving through as well as showing the paths and flares of the colours of the momentary influences, both internal and external in the physical environment and from the spiritual creative plane being flow form and isness. Which is what is simply called God by many. and from all the emanations thereof.
Belief, Concentration, Focus and Desire Belief, concentration, focus and desire are the basics. Wrap them in any package you want. You get to choose based on...
    • Jane Rekas
      ‎"Being open to releasing the obstacles that block your ability to express your own clear strong soul tone – your true Self – is a major step forward. Use the tools we have presented in this series to do just that! Skipping over this step w...ill only impede progress toward the creation of the life you want to live. We must practice the techniques in order to embody our best selves/authentic selves/essential nature, not just absorb theory."
    • Golden Tone personal signature from your voice... hmmmm
      Curiosity and much research has lead me to this amazing healing venue. The voice reflects the state of health and balance within our body. In the revolutionary world of sound therapy and human bioacoustics, the body is understood to be an orchestration of vibratio...
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Do DYT and other systems match up?

We spent a lot of time trying to line up DYT with 12 Seasonal Palettes, by incorporating secondaries in DYT.  In theory, it should work.  But what if the theory is off?  Or I should say, it depends on your goal.

If you'd like to match your aesthetics, that is harmonize with your outsides, then it will and should work.

But DYT and IlluminEssensce are supposed to be about your insides.

In other words, anybody can dress as a T4, even if it looks ridiculous, if that's their inner truth.  And ultimately it won't look ridiculous, if it's your truth.

Watch this video about a Tone II that was typed a Spring, for example:

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Question from reader

"I love this blog! I am writing to ask your opinion since you seem to be struggling with DYT. DYT does not take color into account, so a person's 12 season type (I have been professionally draped as light summer) can be at total odds with DYT type (I have even, symmetrical type 4 features, thus very different colors recommended). Could this be part of the problem? Which system trumps the other? "  Anonymous

Thank you!  This blog has chronicled my progress with all this, and it is likely to continue to develop.  All of the members of my EYT FB group dove into the 12 Seasonal Palette system for quite awhile.  I now understand by Carol Tuttle says DYT is not about color, and why Taylore B. Sinclaire says IlluminEssensce is also not a color typing system.  Both are meant to transcend the particulars of our coloring.

I rejected that for quite awhile.  I was trying to make my own category, a blend of Type 2 and 4, equaling Cool Summer.  I achieved some success in coordinating colors that blend with my appearance.  I eventually was dissatisfied. Then I sort of realized that maybe I'm a Soft Summer, 2/3.  But by this point, I felt that the steam of the whole reason I first got into DYT was lost.

It was IlluminEssensce that has helped me to realize that we have an inner truth that we are trying to harmonize with.  And that won't necessarily be in line with what we think we like, or what we look like externally.  Rather, we are trying to express something about our internal nature.  There are a couple IlluminEssensce videos that express what I'm trying to say here:

IlluminEssensce Transformations
Taylore B. Sinclaire videos and articles

My problem with DYT is not that it isn't brilliant; as I mentioned in my earlier post, my problem is with the assessment process.  (Also, honestly it's not original, not only being drawn from IlluminEssensce, but also basic understandings of energy and the elements).  It's too easy for women to either mistype themselves or chase their tales about what type they are, due to heavy, neurotic, painful resistance.  Ultimately, there are truths about our internal nature that we may not like, and we can't fix that by trying to be something else.  We need self-acceptance.

Carol's videos on thought styles matching energy movement styles of the types

I wish these videos were about the strengths instead of the sources of disharmony.

In this video on Type 2, it is hard to watch Carol talk over Anne (as per usual) an instruct T2s in how to be T3s. 

This video actually does clinch it for me that my mental process is T4. This is me and I'm proud of it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Conflicted Again

Wow.  What is going on?  There is something wrong with the karma attached to DYT or something.  Maybe it just too good at uncovering neurosis?  The problem is that the assessment portion of the system does not work.  At least in the small group of women in EYT FB group.  How can we all go round and round and not have clarity about many of our types? 

In two weeks, I will get toned through the IlluminEssensce system and quit worrying about all this.

Type 1 Women Online

The Bright Animated Person – Has an upward, light energy that is visible in the eyes, cheeks, and overall body and facial shape. They are naturally inspiring, fun loving and hopeful.

B. Way to Be!


Dragonflii Daydreams: Amii of Wisconsin

What DYT Has Done For Me, Part 1 - The Journey

Cindy, in the present
open to invited readers only now, I never felt she was T1 fully




Type 2 Women Online

The Subtle Soft Person – Has a calm expressiveness about themselves. People like being around them because s/he helps them slow down and experience calmness in life.




Heather: My Quest for Healing

lost her link