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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Which Goddesses (or Gods) Are You?

Correlation of Temperaments with Humors - three different correlations

  1. SP/Artemis Sanguine T1, NT/Athena Phlegmatic T2, NF/Persephone Choleric T3, SJ/Hestia Melancholic T4, (source
  2. SP/Artemis Sanguine T1, SJ/Hestia Phlegmatic T2, NT/Athena Choleric T3, NF/Persephone Melancholic T4 (source
  3. SP/Artemis Sanguine T1, NF/Persephone Phlegmatic T2, SJ/Hestia Choleric T3, NT/Athena Melancholic T4,  (source) THIS IS THE ONE I LIKE BEST

Which Goddesses (or Gods) Are You?

Rt. Rev. Michael A. Starsheen, GKC, ArchDr., H, SA

Gods Associated with Temperaments

The Dionysian Temperament (SP)
The God, Dionysus, who represents the Sensing-Perceiving (SP) group of MBTI types (ESTP, ESFP, ISTP, ISFP), characterizes this temperament. Using older models, such as that of Galen (200AD), this temperament is known as sanguine, and corresponds to Plato's (340BCE) artisan temperament. Keirsey and Bates later revised this temperament to be the Artisan, like Plato's characterization. Other models, such as the Personality Spectrum developed by Joyce Bishop (Carter, 2007), describe this temperament as the Adventurer.  People who exemplify this temperament are characterized by a drive for freedom and spontaneity...

The Epimethean Temperament (SJ)
The Titan, Epimetheus, who represents the Sensing-Judging (SJ) group of MBTI types (ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ, ISFJ), characterizes this temperament. This temperament is also Galen's phlegmatic or Plato's guardian temperament, and can be known as the Guardian (revised Keirsey type) or the Organizer (Carter).People who exemplify this temperament are characterized by a drive for duty and belonging. They can learn from the myths of Epimetheus traits to avoid: trusting too much, over-reliance on the status quo, and acting before thinking things through. Remember that "Epimetheus" means "afterthought." Living in the past is a key aspect for these folks; they want things to happen as they always have, and tradition tends to be venerated. Epimethean personalities tend to be quite conservative, feeling that if it happened that way yesterday then it should happen that way today and tomorrow...

The Promethean Temperament (NT)
The Titan, Prometheus, who represents the Intuitive-Thinking (NT) group of MBTI types (INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, ENTP), characterizes this temperament. This is Galen's choleric temperament, Plato's scientist, the Rationalist (revised Keirsey-Bates), and the Thinker (Carter).People who exemplify this temperament are characterized by a drive for power, knowledge, and competence, and a tendency to sacrifice personal needs for the greater good. People should study the myths of Prometheus to see where they can get themselves into trouble: going against the prevailing mores and rules may bring mankind the "gift of fire," but the personal consequences can be dire. Also, there is a tendency not to think about the consequences of the gift to the recipients, merely that the gift is possible - e.g., nuclear weapons.

Promethean personalities tend to need to "see the data" and derive logical, rational conclusions from the information. They need proof of everything, and will make decisions through logic without regard to the emotional (or other consequences)...."

The Apollonian Temperament (NF)
The God, Apollo, who represents the Intuitive-Feeling (NF) set of MBTI types (ENFJ, ENFP, INFJ, INFP), characterizes this temperament. This corresponds to Galen's melancholic temperament, Plato's philosopher type, the Idealist (revised Keirsey-Bates), or the Giver (Carter). People who exemplify this temperament are characterized by a drive for self-examination, self-development, and self-actualization. People should study the myths of Apollo to see how his characteristics can support their needs, especially in the areas of art, healing, and divination. Apollonians tend to care how their behavior affects others, and be very much aware of the need to help humanity better itself.

Apollonian types need to find out who they are in relation to others, and make decisions based on the impact on the lives and feelings of other people as much as their own...."

Goddesses Associated with the Temperaments
Many women find these male God associations difficult to relate to in their own lives. They don't tend to act in a wildly Promethean or Dionysian way, and they evolve in ways that are not as obvious as the male archetypes do. So I constructed a set of temperament descriptions based on female Greek archetypes to help women better relate to their temperaments.

The Artemis Temperament (SP - Sanguine) [T1]
The feminine archetype most representative of the Dionysian or SP temperament is the Greek Goddess Artemis. As Goddess of the Hunt, the new Moon, and the Eternal Virgin (complete in herself), she well epitomizes the SP woman's need to follow her own course through life. Artemis ran only to the hunt and to adventure, surrounded by close companions and avoiding contact with those who would try to control her (mostly men)..."

The Hestia Temperament (SJ) [T3, but ould be T2 or T4]
The Goddess most clearly associated with the Epimethean or SJ temperament is Hestia, who was known as Vesta to the Romans. She is the goddess of home and hearth, the center and linchpin of family life, sustainer of traditions-Keeper of the Flame. Hestia is also virginal, not through lack of wanting anything different, but because it is inappropriate to change that state without the formalities of marriage.

We can consider her as a woman of faith and belief, many nuns and other religious types are Hestian.In the course of most women's lives, the person of Hestian temperament will tend to grow into the Hera archetype, that of the wife and preserver of family, community, and tradition...

The Athena Temperament (NT) [T4, but could be T2 or T3]
The Goddess most strongly associated with the Promethean or NT temperament is Pallas Athena. Athena is her father's daughter, and competent and at ease surviving and competing in a man's world. She teaches humanity the crafts of agriculture, weaving, and other cultural enhancements, sustains them in logic and in war, and provides a resource of wisdom. Athenians do not depend on the good graces of anyone outside themselves-they know and provide information as needed.

Despite the sense in our society that women should be and are essentially emotional creatures, the Athena archetype in her best manifestation is revered as the competent businesswoman, the scientist, and legalist..."

The Persephone Temperament (NF) [T2, but could be T3 or T4]
Lastly, the Goddess most strongly associated with the Apollonian or NF temperament is Persephone. As Demeter's daughter, she is somewhat smothered under her mother's expectations of her, indeed, in many myths, she doesn't even have a name of her own-she is known as the KorŽ or Girl. Her inability to stay grounded in her Self and lack of boundaries leads to her capture by Hades while she's out picking flowers, rather than attending to a task assigned by her mother. Hades then attempts to impose his own perspective on Persephone by making her the "Queen of the Underworld", and attempting to bind her to his reality by tricking her into eating the pomegranate seeds..."

Read More: 

See also Jean Shinoda Bolen's Gods in Every Man and Goddesses in Every Woman.  Goddesses Questionnaire

OK Cupid Greek Goddess Archetype Quiz  Tip: Login first! or choose "no thanks, just the results"

What am I on this quiz?

You are Hestia!

The Goddess of Home and Hearth
Hestia's desire is to feel happy and peaceful at home, especially in solitude. She is very introspective, spiritual, and thrives in religious activities or meditation. Although she tends to fade into the background in social situations, she is a great hostess and would be described as very welcoming and warm. Her biggest challenges are in communication with the outer world and expressing herself to other people.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Color Meaning

A very long list of the symbolism of each color (related to chakras):

Color Therapy
Yelena's Visual representations:

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Correlation of the Four Temperaments and Depression

Every type gets depressed, just for different reasons.  I think I mainly have Melancholic oversensitivity.... with some Phlegmatic lethargy.

Schizothymic Cyclothymic
Plato -340
Aristotle -325
Galen 200
Adickes 1907
Spr�nger 1914
Kretschmer 1921
Fromm 1947
Keirsey 1978
Keirsey 1987
PTypes 2001
PTypes 2004
(Schizothymia is a temperament related to schizophrenia in a way analogous to Cyclothymia's relationship with bipolar disorder, both being the very minimal forms.)

Type 4? Melancholic & Idealist: The Hyperesthetic Personality (overly sensitive) results from desiring, needing, and delighting in superiority; and from fearing, and being distressed by, inferiority. Melancholics are prone to nervousness, depression, anxiety, mood swings  

Type 3?  Choleric & Rational: The Anesthetic Personality (insensitive) results from desiring, needing, and delighting in power; and from fearing, and being distressed by, weakness.  Cholerics can fall into deep depression or moodiness when failures or setback befall them.

Type 2? Phlegmatic & Guardian: The Depressive Personality (prone to depression) results from desiring, needing, and delighting in belonging; and from fearing, and being distressed by, not belonging. Because Phlegmatics are prone to excessive sluggishness, torpor can lead to depression.

Type 1? Sanguine & Artisan: The Hypomanic Personality (anxious or mildly manic) results from desiring, needing, and delighting in pleasure; and from fearing, and being distressed by, pain. Sanguine are prone to seasonal depression and mood swings because they are highly influenced by such outside stimuli as weather, other people’s moods, even food etc.

Adapted and modified from table in David Keirsey. (1995). Portraits of Temperament. 3rd. ed. Del Mar, CA: Prometheus Nemesis. pp. 6,12; and David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates. (1978). Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types. Del Mar, CA: Prometheus Nemesis, pp. 3-4, 29-30. and David Keirsey. (1998) Please Understand Me II . Del Mar, CA: Prometheus Nemesis, pg. 26.

See also Personality Types under Stress

Correlation of Temperaments with Humors - three different correlations
  1. SP/Artisan/Artemis Sanguine T1, NT/Rational/Athena Phlegmatic T2, NF/Idealist/Persephone Choleric T3, SJ/Guardian/Hestia Melancholic T4, (source
  2. SP/Artisan/Artemis Sanguine T1, SJ/Guardian/Hestia Phlegmatic T2, NT/Rational/Athena Choleric T3, NF/Idealist/Persephone Melancholic T4 (source) THE ABOVE MATERIAL USES THIS CORRELATION
  3. SP/Artisan/Artemis Sanguine T1, NF/Idealist/Persephone Phlegmatic T2, SJ/Guardian/Hestia Choleric T3, NT/Rational/Athena Melancholic T4,  (sourceTHIS IS THE ONE I LIKE BEST
SP=Artisan, SJ=Guardian, NF=Idealist, NT=Rational

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Tie Dye for the Types

Type 1

Tie Dye seems made for Type 1s, with it's animation, esp. in lighter tints.

Type 2

Try Soft Tie Dye
web page source (sorry no tutorial)

Type 3

Try Reverse Dye (using bleach)

Type 4

Try bold contrast that is more linear.
available at amazon (no tutorial)

Visit my new blog as I teach myself to tie dye:

and my pinterest tie dye board

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

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Friday, May 17, 2013

All Lineal Bands

Van Halen
Alex VanHalen: Kinesthesian
Wolfgang VanHalen: Dreamer
David Lee Roth: Action
Eddie VanHalen: Kinesthesian

and Metallica
Kirk Hammett: Dreamer
Lars Uhlrich: Dreamer

James Hetfield: Kinesthesian

Robert Trujillo: Kinesthesian

The Eagles
Joe Walsh: Brain
Don Henley: Finisher
Timothy Smith: Dreamer

Glen Frey: Action

"Lineal music (made by linear-thinking brains) is typically simple and straightforward.  This is why top-country music, rap and hip-hop music artists are linear-thinking types. Conversely, Curviplex music (made by layered non-linear thinkers) tends to be layered and often ambiguous.  Because of this fact, the top artists in classical, indie and alternative music genres are those who are born with the Curviplex trait."

Pinterest Board with more individual pics of all these band members:Curviplex Musicians (and the Lineal Musicians too)

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Psychopathy is associated with Dishinibited Box Wave types, esp. when Introverted, according to  Paulos Recognition, which seeks to find MBTI-like aspects in faces.  "A lack of empathy is common in Disinhibited Box types, and social norm violators tend to be Wave types."

A Box type face will have yang features, and a Wave type will have an oval or round face.

The following are Kinesthesians (in line box wave), and we can assume these criminals were Disinhibited:

  • David Koresh Branch Davidian religious sect leader

  • Marshall Applewhite A self-proclaimed prophet and messiah
  • Jesse James An outlaw, gang leader, bank & train robber, murderer

 (out curve box wave) 

  • Richard Nixon Politician, Former U.S. President, Disinhibited type

Paulos doesn't list any female psychopath himself, but here are some pics of some to consider:
Stacy Castor, the Black Widow
Is she a Box, with yang features, and Wave, with oval face, I'd say yes.

Also has yang features with an oval face, Box Wave.
Aileen Wuornos, subject of the movie Monster
also a Box Wave

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Curviplex Musicians

Curviplex is a feature of Paulos Recognition, which seeks to find MBTI-like aspects in faces.  Curviplex is roughly equivalent to abstract iNtuition, or the N in MBTI.  Apparently many musicians are Curves (short for Curviplex).  I'm trying to look at many Curves in order to better identify this feature, which relates to an intense gaze where the eyes are focusing on one point, rather than two parallel trajecories (the linear, or line).

"Lineal music (made by linear-thinking brains) is typically simple and straightforward.  This is why top-country music, rap and hip-hop music artists are linear-thinking types. Conversely, Curviplex music (made by layered non-linear thinkers) tends to be layered and often ambiguous.  Because of this fact, the top artists in classical, indie and alternative music genres are those who are born with the Curviplex trait."

Pinterest Board with more individual pics of all these band members: Curviplex Musicians (and the Lineal Musicians too)

Led Zepplin
drummer, John Bonham: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
singer, Robert Plant: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
guitarist, Jimmy Page: Expert in-curve-box-point (air)
guitar/bass, John Paul Jones: Catalyst out-curve-circle-point (water)

George Harrison: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
John Lennon: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
Ringo Starr: Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
Paul McCartnery: Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)

Pink Floyd
not in order, I can't identify them
David Gilmour: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
Roger Waters: Expert  in-curve-box-point (air)
Richard Wright: Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
Syd Barrett: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
(Nick Mason: Kinesthesian, drummer)

not in order, I can't identify them
Thom Yorke: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
Colin Greenwood: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
Johnny Greenwood: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
Ed O'Brien: Expert  in-curve-box-point (air)
(Phil Selway: Kinesthesian, drummer)
Freddie Mercury:  Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
Brian May: Expert  in-curve-box-point (air)
Roger Taylor: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water), drums/vocals
(John Deacon: Kinesthesian, bass)

Bono:  Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
Adam Clayton:  Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
(Larry Mullen Jr., Dreamer)
(The Edge: Kinesthesian)

Rolling Stones
Mick Jagger: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
Keith Richards: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
Ronnie Woods: Catalyst out-curve-circle-point (water)
Charlie Watts: Expert  in-curve-box-point (air), drums

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Feng Shui Facial Elements

Keep in mind, most people have a strong secondary element.

The Five Elements:

Water (fear) 
  • prominent feeling is fear
  • planet: mercury
  • mercury rising adds height and a pointed chin (not a feature of water)
  • mercury's rulership is Gemini and Virgo
  • chinese signs: rat or pig
  • season: winter
  • round or chubby face, or trapezhoid shaped face
  • full, prominent, blended lower cheeks
  • dark body coloring
  • black, charcoal or dark brown hair
  • dark brown, green, blue or gray eyes
  • deep toned skin
  • smaller top size than bottom, tear shaped body shape
  • unique or unusual fashions
  • high domed or rounded foreheads or prominent chins or determined jaws
  • open, dreamy looking or shadowed eyes
  • large soft, eyes

Wood (Anger)
  • prominent feeling is anger, or can overcompensate by being nice
  • planet: jupiter
  • jupiter's rulership is in Sagittarius and Pisces
  • jupiter rising adds height (and girth, not a feature of wood)
  • chinese signs: tiger, hare, dragon
  • season: spring, the time of planting seeds, growth, new beginnings
  • all wood people have tempers
  • long face and nose, broad and high forehead, narrow cheeks
  • strong brow bone
  • rectangle face shape with square shaped jaw or bottom wide trapezhoid face
  • longer face than it is wide
  • eyes have kindly look or intense gaze
  • eyebrows should not be thick or wiry, but will be prominent
  • cool, blue or green based body coloring
  • long, straight torso, elongated limbs
  • athletic or casual fashions
  • ash blonde or brown hair
  • blue, blue-green, or green eyes
  • focused piercing eyes, esp. when angry
  • olive skin
  • prominent brow or jaw
  • thick or heavy eye brows
  • wiry or willowy body
  • rectangle or columnar body shape

Fire (Joy)
  • prominent feeling is joy or happiness
  • planet: mars, the fiery planet
  • mars rising tends to be associated with red hair and redness in features
  • mars rulership in aries and scorpio
  • chinese signs: serpent, horse, sheep
  • season: summer, the time of heat, growth and most light
  • long face with narrow, prominent cheekbones
  • or oval or diamond or heart shaped face
  • pointed chin and more pointed forehead than wood type
  • pointed tips and points of all features, tip of nose, bow and ends of lips, outer eye corners and arc of eyebrows, tips of ears
  • freckles, red, curly or wiry hair, unruly
  • reddish body coloring
  • larger size top than bottom
  • triangular torso or body shape
  • elongated or slim body
  • long waist and narrow hips
  • very straight posture or slump, with weak chest
  • eye-catching, body conscious fashions
  • red, red/orange, or red/violet hair
  • red-brown or violet-blue eyes
  • ruddy, rosy, reddish skin
  • red blotches, pimples, veins or tips of features
  • sparkling eyes
  • bright smile or dimples, sign of fire charm
  • pointed features, such as pointed chin
  • cleft chin, mark of a performer
  • fires love attention

Earth (Worry)
  • prominent feeling is worry or sympathy
  • planet: saturn
  • saturn tends to be associated with shortness, thinness and boniness (not really earth)
  • saturn rulership in Capricorn and Aquarius
  • chinese signs: all 12 are earth, the earthy branches
  • season: the last 18 days of each of the four seasons, the times of transition
  • difficulty digesting not only food, but repercussions of upsetting situations
  • short square faces, with distinct jawlines
  • face is slightly wider than it is tall
  • or may be round or bottom wide trapezhoid faces
  • face has grounded feeling
  • may have double chin
  • sallow complexion
  • may have large mouth or other features
  • yellow or brown based coloring
  • full torso
  • classic or basic fashions
  • golden blonde or brown hair
  • topaz, hazel or brown eyes
  • golden beige or brown skin
  • sturdy or round body shape
  • rounded cheeks or full, generous mouth
  • full, fleshy chin, cheeks and earlobes
  • soft pads on chin, tip of nose, cheeks, upper eyelids
  • heavy upper arms

Metal (Grief)
  • prominent feeling is grief and insecurity, leading to empathy, compassion & gratitude
  • planet: venus
  • when venus is rising, one is more attractive, has a beautiful complexion and may have dimpled cheeks or a clef in chin
  • Venus rulership in taurus and libra
  • chinese signs: monkey, phoenix (rooster), dog
  • season: autumn, the time of harvest with a metal scythe, completion and beginning of rest
  • oval face with wide set, chiseled, chevron cheekbones
  • or may be round, triangle or diamond
  • pale coloring and complexion
  • sheen from face
  • clear, shining eyes
  • eyebrows are pale, hair usually straight
  • high eyebrows, somewhat aloof or shy
  • tight, delicate or curvy physique
  • even if overweight, small wrists and ankles
  • beautiful posture, elegance & poise
  • designer clothes
  • shapely or hourglass figure
  • white, gray or light blonde hair
  • pale gray, blue or green eyes
  • fair, ivory or porcelain skin
  • skin has a sheen or glow
  • thin, aquiline nose or high/prominent cheekbones
  • esp. attractive faces
  • long, slender nose
  • delicate bone structure
Zodiac signs (yang)MonkeyTigerRatHorseDragon/Dog
Zodiac signs (yin)RoosterRabbitPigSnakeOx/Sheep
Organs (Yin)LungLiverKidneyHeartSpleen
Organs (Yang)Large IntestineGall BladderUrinary BladderSmall IntestineStomach
Sensory OrgansNoseEyesEarsTongueMouth
Heavenly CreaturesWhite TigerGreen DragonBlack TortoiseVermilion BirdYellow Dragon
Heavenly StemsGeng XinJia YiRen GuiBing DingWu Ji
Year Ends with0, 14, 52, 36, 78, 9
It is also helpful to look at the planetary placement in terms of the astrological elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) in your Birth Chart.  Feng Shui Wood and Earth are equivalent to astrological Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn),  Feng Shui Fire is equivalent to astrological Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Feng Shui Water is equivalent to astrological Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), and Feng Shui Metal is equivalent to astrological Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).  The Yin planets are the Moon, Venus, and Neptune, and the Yang planets are the Sun, Mars, and Uranus.  

Yamaguchi Beauty: Take Our Beauty Quiz 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Paulos Recognition and Four Type Systems

Here's how I compare Paulos Recognition to DYT Types

Starting with the most YIN and moving to the most YANG, one goes from T2, T1, T4 to T3.

Type 2 Water (yin-yin):  First with T2, the most Yin, associated with Water in DYT.  Paulos associates Water with Curve-Circle types, which means intense gaze (abstract intuition) and yin features showing sensitivity, can be any face shape.  The most yin curve-circle is the Possibilitarian, which is in curve circle wave (all yin).  They are 1 in 80,000 women, relatively rare compared to some other types.  [Next is the Imaginarian, 1 in 90,000, which is the out curve circle wave.  The Out quality makes them more extroverted than the usual T2, so they may be 1/2 or 2/1 or even 3/2.  The Oracle is also water, but has some yang, particularly in the face shape, so might be 2/4.  The Catalyst is water, but so rare you are not likely to be one or meet one.]

Type 1 Air (yang-yin):  Type 1 is Yang followed by Yin, associated with Air in DYT.  Paulos associates Air with Curve-Box types, which means intense gaze (abstract intuition) and yang features showing objectivity.  DYT associates T1 generally with yin features when cute, small and upward, and yang with starpoint features.  This is the least possible to line up, as he seems to define this element very differently than DYT does.  The most Type 1 appearing type  is the Allure, followed by the Dreamer.  They are the Out and In line circle wave types.  There are 1 in 50 women that are Allures and 1 in 10 women that are Dreamers, so they are very common. [The one Air according to Paulos that could be a "starpoint" T1 is the Trailblazer, 1 in 190,000, so rare you are not likely to be one or meet one.]

missing one?

Type 4 Earth (yin-yang):  Type 4 is Yin followed by Yang, associated with Earth in DYT.  Paulos associates Earth with Line-Point types, which means diffuse gaze (concrete intuition) and yang face shapes, conscientious types.   The most Type 4 appearing type  is the Finisher, in line circle point, which is yin, yang, yin, yang.  There are 1 in 100 women that are Finishers.  Next is the Standard.  They are the out line circle point types, yang, yang, yin, yang, so they are likely to be seen as T3s possibly.  There are 1 in 500 women that are Standards. [The Brain and the Orator,  are both Paulos Air types that actually seem T4, but they so rare you are not likely to be one or meet one.]

Type 3 Fire (yang-yang):  Type 3 is Yang Yang, associated with Fire in DYT.  Paulos associates Fire with Line Wave types, which means diffuse gaze (concrete intuition) and yin face shapes, spontaneous types.  This is the least possible to line up, as he seems to define this element very differently than DYT does. Includes the Action, the Kinesthesian, the Legalist and the Professional.

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane