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Maybe each type has more than one typical look?

Here I am incorporating the original Greek association with the temperaments and the various sources of Typing Systems regarding facial shape.  The point is that typing cannot be made on face shape alone: 
  • since if your face is oval, you could possibly be any of the types; 
  • if your face is round that doesn't only mean you're Type 1 but Type 2 should also be ruled out or considered (this is the biggest difference between the Greek's and most modern Typing); 
  • the angular face shapes of triangular (wider at the chin, Type 3) and heart (wider at the forehead, usually Type 1) are probably the most singular.

Two Types of Sanguines, wait Three?
Venusian Sanguines have oval faces, unless they are 
the Jovial subtype with acorn face shape (or heart).
Caygill and other Typing systems on say Sanguines have round faces
(except Riter's Science of Personal Dress)


Click for these DYT T1 Examples:

Sanguine (Air): balanced, aesthetic, pleasing, oval or egg shaped face, tapering delicate chin mouth and lips, eyes tend to be brown, almond shaped, hair is usually or chestnut brown, Venusian facial type (associated with Libra).  Jovial (Jupiter) subtype can be acorn shaped face, with large forehead and upper face, but small tapering cheeks, chin, mouth and lower face, short and compressed nose, but can also be angular and prominent, like a bird's beak, eyebrows are full and hair is curly or wavy.  Eyes usually brown according to Greek's, but blue according to Steiner.  Lively and dancing eyes.
Build is slender, elegant, well balanced.  Walks on toes, dancing like a butterfly.  Mobile, expressive face.  New and colorful clothing.  (according to Steiner).

Two Types of Phlegmatics
Phlegmatics have round faces according to Greek's
(as well as Riter's Science of Personal Dress)
oval according to other Typing systems.

Joni Mitchell, Sybil Leek, round faced Phlegmatics
Laura Bush, oval faced Phlegmatic

Click for these DYT T2 Examples:   
  • Wait a minute, doesn't she have a round face? Type 2 Anne 
  • Here's actual a DYT T2 makeover of a woman with a round shaped face: Andrea 

Phlegmatic (Water): round face, large watery eyes, often blue or gray, thick luxuriant lashes, cheeks are full and may be dimpled, small pug nose or button shaped nose, chin is round and possibly receding or double, facial hair and eyebrows are usually light/sparse, hairline is often high and forehead prominent (associated with Cancer, to a lesser extent Pisces).  Eyes are usually blue, sleepy often closed.

Build is big, fleshy, rotund, static indifferent body. Timid manner.  Loose jointed
plodding, ambling like a steamroller, shambling.  Conservative clothing  (according to Steiner).

*Scorpio due to its classical Mars rulership is a mixture of Phlegmatic and Choleric in facial type.

Two Types of Cholerics
Most Cholerics have a triangular face shape,
unless they are the Apollian subtype with oval.

Click for these DYT T3 Examples:

Choleric (Fire) : triangular (narrow forehead, broad angular jaw), jutting chin, pointed prominent nose, high prominent cheekbones, arched eyebrows, ruddy or reddish complexion (associated with Mars). Apollonic subtype can have oval face, with long prominent aquiline nose, eyes are big an prominent, wavy brilliant lighter hair (associated with Leo).  Mixed eye colors, energetic and active.
Build is bullnecked, upright, short legs, husky.  Walk is firm, heels dig into ground with each step. Wears individual and outstanding clothes.  Chiseled facial features.
 (according to Steiner).

Two Types of Melancholics
Melancholics have square or rectangular faces (or elongated ovals).
Mercurial subtypes have elongated ovals and long thin noses.
Saturnine subtypes have a more prominent aquiline nose
and the back of their head may be flat.
Carrie Fisher and Jackie O. Melancholics
Is Demi a Melancholic since her face is square?
Is Gwyneth with her oblong face?

Simone Sigoret and Sigourney Weaver, Melancholics

Click for these DYT T4 Examples:   

Melancholic (Earth): square or rectangular face shape, well developed bone structure, well nourished appearance (associated with Taurus).  Mercurial subtype has nervous temperament, elongated oval face shape, perenially youthful appearance, nose is long and thin, eyes are large sparkling and dark, hair is wiry or wavy (associated with Gemini, and Virgo). Saturnine subtype may look pasty or sallow, prominent aquiline nose, prominent chin, back of the head may be flat, chin may be tucked down (associated with Capricorn).  Mixed Eye types, dull, tragic and mournful.

Build is tall, bow headed, bony.  Walk is slow with a drooping, sliding gait.  Wears dark, drab solid colors, difficult to please (according to Steiner).

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