Monday, March 11, 2013

Kibbe Heights

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Gamine (average 5'2")
Pat Benatar 5'

Soft Gamine (average 5'3")
Bette Davis 5'3"

Flamboyant Gamine (average 5'4")
Tina Turner 5'4"

Romantic (average 5'4")
Marilyn Monroe 5'5"

Soft Classic (average 5'4")
Meryl Streep 5'6"

Theatrical Romantic (average 5'4")
Ann Margaret 5'5"

Soft Natural (average height 5'5")
Goldie Hawn 5'6"

Dramatic Classic (average height 5'6")
Jackie Onassis 5'7"

Dramatic (average height 5'7")
Lauren Bacall 5'8"

Flamboyant Natural (average height 5'8")
Princess Diana 5'10"

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