Sunday, March 17, 2013

Do You Use a Closet App?

Closet (2.99)
Take shots of all the items in your closet, and store them by category.  Backup to itunes.  You can email outfits to yourself (where you can see the colors of the photos better).

"Love the App! Totally recommend it. Fun to figure out new outfits you never thought about before. Took me about five hours to put in my entire wardrobe, including purses and scarves. "

Stylebook (3.99)
there is also a version for men
iPhone app

5 star review
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Categorize all the items in your closet and then combine them into outfits.  You can also create wish lists for shopping and packing lists for trips.  You can backup your closet to icloud.  It also takes the background off the items, which you can then combine together.  You can import inspiration looks as well!

"This app is great! I've been waiting for something like this ever since I saw the movie clueless!! It's so helpful when shopping and planning an outfit! Love it!"

Cloth (free)
iphone app
5 star reviews

This app is for taking pictures of entire outfits. You can upload them and share them with others.  You can categorize your outfits as well.

"So easy to use, everything you need in a clothing app!"
"This app is a great way to see what you've got hiding in your closet! It's fun and helpful. Love it!"
Android App
the "Instagram of fasion"
5 star review
"I love, love, LOVE THIS APP! It's great for someone like me who is a tad bit fashionably challenged.... oh, but there is hope for me: ) "

The My Fashion Assistant app (available for Android + iPhone users) lets you catalog, track and pair items from your wardrobe. You can also create shopping lists for key pieces you might be missing. 

I had shared another list before.

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