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Dark Autumn vs Dark Winter: how do you tell the difference?

If your dominant quality is DARK, how do you know if you are Autumn or Winter?  and actually Dark means you are either Autumn/Winter or Winter/Autumn, so which comes first?

Remember two thirds of women are neutral, which these seasons are.

Disclaimer: ideally you should be draped in person

(Keep in mind, not everyone agrees on these celebrities and their season).

STRIKING or BRONZE AUTUMN — (Autumn-Winter, aka Deep/Dark Autumn) Very dark hair  (usually brunette, possibly black with warm tones, possibly metallic looking) indicates a mixing with Winter Season. This Autumn type may look good in a warm black which is found on strip 40 in Autumn’s Color Fan®.  Eyes may be dark warm brown, rust, deep olive-green, or steel blue.   Skin will have warm dark red orange undertone.  May have oval face shape, with prominent cheek bones, or broad or angular face. (Skin around the eyes will be orange in Autumns).  [autumn-winter personality description]

Natalie's eye

The STRIKING AUTUMN (Autumn-Winter) may look somewhat like a Sunset Winter, and they may be misidentified as a Winter because they are not indicated to dress Natural, like other Autumns.  They may be Exotic Dramatic or Creative Classic.

    You are Dark Winter!
    SUNSET WINTER — (Winter mixed with Autumn) Hair color will be deep auburn or medium dramatic red.  Face may be squared at the jaw or prominent cheekbones.  Hair contrasts with very cool skin.  Light skin is milky white, with very little evidence of freckles.  Cool skin undertone will be mulberry.  (Skin around the eyes will be grey in Winters).  [winter-autumn personality description]

    Rose's eye

    The SUNSET WINTER (Winter-Autumn) looks somewhat like a Striking Autumn.  They may dress in Elegant Classic or Exotic Dramatic style.

    Deep Autumn personality

    Deep Autumn personality by expressingyourtruth on Polyvore
    CMAS STRIKING or BRONZE AUTUMN —  [autumn-winter personality description]

    Deep Winter personality

    How do Natalie Portman and Rose Byrne compare in deep shades and hues? 

    The reds, greens and browns are for the main seasons, not specific to the subseason.

    A Dark Autumn should be best in shades, but second best in hues. A Dark Winter should be best in hues, but second best in shades.


    This Autumn shade of rust is better with Natalie's skin.

    The pure Winter red hue is best on Rose, though this shows Natalie's secondary Winter.  

    Warm Violet is a Dark Autumn dealbreaker at Truth-is-Beauty.
    It looks much better on Natalie than Rose, whose skin becomes too red.


    The Autumn shade of olive green is better on Natalie.

    The darker Winter pure green hue is better on Rose, though it shows Natalie's secondary Winter.

    Goldenrod is a Dark Winter dealbreaker at Truth-is-Beauty.
    I'm not sure I agree with that, but I suppose it's better on Rose.


    The Autumn shaded brown is good on both.

    The darker Winter brown hue is also good on both, because Deeps are good in brown.

     CONTRAST: Dark Autumn and Dark Winter 


    Deep Autumns, unlike other Autumns, can wear black, though it should be a warm black. Like other Autumns, they do not wear white.  They wear cream instead.  They also wear medium taupe, beige and clear navy SHADES.

    Dark Autumn and Dark Winter neutrals are pretty close, but the Autumn ones should be shades.

    Autumns need dull browns with some low chroma pigment mixed in.

    Dark Winters, like all Winters, can wear black, though they might want to wear a brown black (see Winters wearing black). (Stark white is really best for Clear Winters.)  Instead they wear icy gray, hot pink, blue red, true red, bright navy and light yellow in pure HUES.

    Dark Autumn and Dark Winter neutrals are pretty close, but the Winter ones should be pure hues.


    Striking Autumn

    Sunset Winter

    ... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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