Saturday, March 9, 2013

Zyla and Kibbe

Caty created a list, based on the style guidelines for the archetypes:

Vital Spring: Dramatics
Early Spring: Classics
Floral Spring: Romantics
Buoyant Spring: Gamines
Mischievous Spring: Gamines
Tawny Spring:: Naturals 

Classic Summer: Classics
Jeweltone Summer: Dramatics
Sunset Summer: Naturals
Dusky Summer: Naturals
Renaissance Summer: Dramatics
Iridescent Summer: Romantics

Spicy Autumn: Naturals
Mellow Autumn: Classics
Gamine Autumn: Gamines
Copper Autumn: Dramatics
Bronze Autumn: Dramatics
High Autumn: Dramatics

Classic Winter: Classics
Soft Winter: Romantics
Dynamic Winter: Dramatics
Vivid Winter: Dramatics
Antique Winter: Romantics
Playful Winter: Gamines

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Stefania said...

I don't see these kibbes in these sub-seasons. To me each of 6 Zyla's sub-seasons is a different kibbe. In every Zyla's season I see: a Dramatic, a Classic, a Romantic, a Natural, a Gamine, a Creative. All four seasons have a Romantic, including Autumn (the sensual Mellow Autumn, the sexy librarian) and no season have two Dramatics or two Naturals, or any other kibbe.

João Mendonça said...

Yes, i also believe that! I dont think that the types of Zyla can be used the same way that kibbe's. It's different. Kibbe's, for me, have to do with body type, Zyla's has to do with body coloration! Jeweltone Summer can also be classic, romantic, etc.