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Greek Facial Diagnosis

On the four humors related to facial shape by the Greeks:

Most Cholerics have a triangular face shape,
unless they are the Apollian subtype with oval.

Choleric (Fire) : triangular (narrow forehead, broad angular jaw), jutting chin, pointed prominent nose, high prominent cheekbones, arched eyebrows, ruddy or reddish complexion (associated with Mars). Apollonic subtype can have oval face, with long prominent aquiline nose, eyes are big an prominent, wavy brilliant lighter hair (associated with Leo). "The mixed type of iris, midway between the hematogenic and the lymphatic, is most closely associated with the Choleric temperament.  The texture is also mixed, with alternating dense and loose patches of fibers.  
     According to iridologists, there are only two basic kinds of iris colors - the brown - hazel hematogenic and the blue - gray lymphatic.  Those of a Choleric temperament often have green eyes, but upon closer examination, this is shown to be nothing more than blue or gray mixed with yellow discolorations. "

Venusian Sanguines have oval faces, unless they are 
the Jovial subtype with acorn face shape (or heart).

Sanguine (Air): balanced, aesthetic, pleasing, oval or egg shaped face, tapering delicate chin mouth and lips, eyes tend to be brown, almond shaped, hair is usually or chestnut brown, Venusian facial type (associated with Libra).  Jovial (Jupiter) subtype can be acorn shaped face, with large forehead and upper face, but small tapering cheeks, chin, mouth and lower face, short and compressed nose, but can also be angular and prominent, like a bird's beak, eyebrows are full and hair is curly or wavy.  "The Sanguine iris type is called hematogenic by iridologists.  The iris color is usually brown or hazel, and its fibers tightly or densely woven; as the Sanguine is considered to be the most balanced and equable of temperaments in Greek Medicine, so the densely woven hematogenic type is considered to be the most desirable by iridologists.  "

Melancholics have square or rectangular faces.
Mercurial subtypes have elongated ovals and long thin noses.
Saturnine subtypes have a more prominent aquiline nose
and the back of their head may be flat.

Melancholic (Earth): square or rectangular face shape, well developed bone structure, well nourished appearance (associated with Taurus).  Mercurial subtype has nervous temperament, elongated oval face shape, perenially youthful appearance, nose is long and thin, eyes are large sparkling and dark, hair is wiry or wavy (associated with Gemini, and Virgo). Saturnine subtype may look pasty or sallow, prominent aquiline nose, prominent chin, back of the head may be flat, chin may be tucked down (associated with Capricorn).  "In my opinion, the Melancholic temperament also usually corresponds to the mixed iris type.  Dark black or brown spots or discolorations indicate deposits of black bile or charred, oxidized forms of black or yellow bile.  Nervous stress rings, mentioned earlier under the Sanguine iris type, are another Melancholic sign."

Phlegmatics have round faces (in this system).

Joni Mitchell, Liza Minelli, Sybil Leek

Phlegmatic (Water): round face, large watery eyes, often blue or gray, thick luxuriant lashes, cheeks are full and may be dimpled, small pug nose or button shaped nose, chin is round and possibly receding or double, facial hair and eyebrows are usually light/sparse, hairline is often high and forehead prominent (associated with Cancer, to a lesser extent Pisces). "The lymphatic iris type is characterized by light, airy, loosely woven iris fibers, reflecting the generally loose, lax tone of the muscles, organs and tissues in those of a Phlegmatic temperament.  The color of the lymphatic iris is usually blue or gray. "

*Scorpio due to its classical Mars rulership is a mixture of Phlegmatic and Choleric in facial type.



mixed or biliary

mixed or biliary

Greek Medicine Facial Diagnosis

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