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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I bought a few more camisoles yesterday to soften a few of my shirts.

And here are few other items I bought:

Also went to Maurice's and got a maxi dress to wear in New Orleans.

Monday, May 30, 2011

My current shirts and jackets

I have since weeded through some of these and dyed a few items also.

camel colored overshirt, slate gray button down

two lavendar shirts
cream shirt, white shirt?
two white tuxedo shirts

two green shirts that need softening

I love this half jacket and would like more, light beige and pink jacket

for fall

various blue and green
various orange and pink
various red

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget

Budget-Saving Tips
(1) Obviously, you will first want to explore your own closet for anything that fits your energy type and begin building your capsule wardrobe with whatever you find that you love that loves you back.

(2) And you also can shop low-budget stores such as thrift stores and consignment shops.

(3) Choose one or two colors and build on them to create a wardrobe a few pieces at a time.

Starting Over
But if you know you are going to need to start over, here is a slightly-pared down list adapted from recommendations from StyleYOUniversity.
"With as few as 9 pieces in your wardrobe you can create 20 outfits. The most versatile core wardrobe begins with the following items…" ~~StyleYOUniversity

(1) Two suits (or combination of cardigan and pants if your lifestyle is more casual) in your best neutral shade (solid) (4 pieces)

(2) Two matching blouses (patterned or solid) (2 pieces)

(3) A jacket or cardigan in one of two accent colors you have chosen for your core wardrobe (1 piece)

(4) A skirt or pair of pants in that same color (1 piece)

(5) Blouse in your version of white (your best color) or the other accent color (1 piece)

She suggest that you can get 20 outfits out of the different combinations you can put together. I tried it and I think she is right, thought there may be some combinations you are more fond of than others and thus, are likely to wear more often.

Need to pare down even more than that in your planning? Choose a cardigan, shirt and bottom (skirt or pants) in one color and the same in another color that matches.

Six pieces ~ ten outfits!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Facial Profiling

"What does your face say about who you are? Tune in and find out. Profiling expert, Carol Tuttle will teach you and show you what your physical characteristics say about what Type of person you are..." ~Carol Tuttle

In this recorded blogtalkradio program, Carol helps you identify what your energy and beauty profile type is by examining your facial features. This is an hour-long presentation during which she answers call-in audience questions, so it is rich with info.

Listen in here.

My Face

My dominant Type 2 Features:
drooping eye lids
downward motion in face, cheeks and mouth
blended eyebrows into skintone
people say I have a calming effect
I sit with an S curve
I make lots of piles
soft, graceful long fingers
Type 2s age gracefully

Secondary Type 4 Features:
critical, analytical
loyal, not overly social
porcelain skin (maybe it's more milky?)
straight nose bridge
I get compliments if I wear bold colors

My Smile

I'm a 2 with secondary 4 because I smile the most with my mouth closed, there isn't a lot of upward movement, but there is a bit of an S curve on top.  My mother's is more of a 4 in her smile with parallel lines (thought I think she's a Type 3).  My husband is a 3 in his smile with the multiple smile lines.

What your smile says about your type