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Thoughts on yin yang, DYT and Kibbe (draft)

Update 8/7/15: I now focus more on McJimsey than Kibbe and believe in a lot more fluidity of style than this tight of correlations.

Extreme Yin=correlates to Romantic
Does this fit with T2?
Fits with SPD circle for summer face
Romantic "Dreamspinner"
(Extreme Soft Yin) 
Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Lang, Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Simmons, Emma Samms, Arlene Dahl, Madonna,
Bernadette Peters, Susan Saradon, Dolly Parton, Gina Lollobrigida
Theatrical Romantic "Femme Fatal Chic"
(Soft Yin w/Slight Yang/Dramatic Undercurrent) 
Vivien Leigh, Hedy Lamarr, Rita Hayworth, Jean Harlow, Jan Seymour, Joan Collins, Donna Mills,
Ann-Margaret, Jaclyn Smith

Yin edge of Yin/Yang=Pure balance correlates to Classic
Does this relate to T4/Winter? oval faces

Classic "Sophisticated Lady"
(Balanced Yin/Yang) 
Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve, Lee Remick, Diane Sawyer, Cybill Shepherd, Ginger Rogers, Isabelle Hupert
Dramatic Classic "Tailored Chic"
(Balance w/Yang Influence, more angular) 
Jacqueline Onassis, Polly Bergen, Suzanne Pleshette, Linda Gray, Jane Wyman, Maria Shriver, Tracy Scoggins,
Katharine Ross, Gena Rowlands, Phylicia Rashad, Diana Rigg
Kibbe Soft Classic "Graceful Lady"
 (balanced yin/yang, with undercurrent of Romantic)
  • Dramatic Classic "Tailored Chic" (more angular) 4/3?
  • Classic "Sophisticated Lady" (perfect symmetry and yin) 4/1?
  • Soft Classic "Graceful Lady" (has an undercurrent of romantic) 4/2?

Yang edge of Yin/Yang=
Yin face, Yang body correlates to Gamine
these seem to be T1's
Gamine "Piquant Chic"
(Combination of Opposties)
Leslie Caron, Mia Farrow, Edith Piaf, Coco Chanel, Geraldine Chaplin, Jean Seberg, Paulette Goddard, Rosanna Arquette, Pat Benatar, Heather Locklear

Soft Gamine "Spitfire Chic"
(Combination of Opposites, Extra Yin)
Bette Davis, Claudett Colbert, Judy Garland, Clara Bow, Susan Hayward, Debbie Reynolds, Betty White,  Mary Martin, Victoria Principal, Linda Ronstadt
Flamboyant Gamine "Sassy Chic"
(undercurrent of Dramatic, dominant yang body, yin bones/size) 

  • Gamine "Piquant Chic" (petite yin bone structure, angular body) 1/4?
  • Soft Gamine "Spitfire Chic" (undercurrent of Romantic, yin size and fleshy body, angular face) 1/2?
  • Flamboyant Gamine (undercurrent of Dramatic, dominant yang body, yin bones/size) 1/3?

Moderate Yang correlates to Natural
Look like 3/2's
Soft Natural"Fresh & Sensual Lady" 
 (undercurrent of Romantic) 
(angular bone structure, fleshy body)

Natural "Girl Next Door Chic" 
(soft yang)
Flamboyant Natural "Free Spitfire Chic" 
(undercurrent of Dramatic, yang with blunt edges) 

  • Natural "Girl Next Door Chic" (soft yang)
  • Soft Natural (undercurrent of Romantic) "Fresh & Sensual Lady" (angular bone structure, fleshy body)
  • Flamboyant Natural (undercurrent of Dramatic, yang with blunt edges) "Free Spitfire Chic" 

Extreme Yang=correlates to Dramatic
does this relate to T3?
Dramatic "Regal Lady" 
(chiseled features)

Soft Dramatic "Diva Chic" 
(more angular)

  • Dramatic "Regal Lady" (chiseled features) 3/1
  • Soft Dramatic "Diva Chic" (more angular) 3/2
  • Dramatic Classic 3/4 (also 4/3 above)?

Here's how the Yin/Yang scale works:

 The extreme Yang edge of the Yin/Yang scale is the Dramatic (extreme, sharp Yang), characterized by a straight body type; extremely sharp bone structure; and very straight, narrow, facial features (small eyes, narrow lips, sharp nose and jawline, and prominent cheekbones with taut flesh).

The extreme Yin edge of the Yin/Yang scale is the Romantic (extreme, soft Yin), characterized by a very soft and curvy body type, with a more rounded bone structure (which tends to be slightly wide or full) and very rounded. Lush facial features (large eyes; luscious lips; a soft, slightly full nose and jawline; and fleshy cheeks.

The pure balance between the Yin and Yang extremes is the Classic, characterized by a symmetrical body type, with a tapered, even bone structure (neither overly sharp nor overly full), and very regular evenly spaced, facial features (symmetrical eyes, straight lips, a finely chiseled nose and jawline--but not sharply--and moderate cheekbones.)

The more moderate Yang side of the Yin/Yang scale, falling between the extreme, sharp Yang of the Dramatic and the balance of the Classic, is the Natural, characterized by straight and slightly muscular body type; and angular, but slightly broad bone structure; and angular, slightly wide facial features that tend to be blunt-edged (wide-spaced eyes; strong, straight lips; a blunt or slightly wide nose and jawline; and moderately angular cheekbones that then toward width.)

 The final major spot on the Yin/Yang scale is the combination of opposites that represents the Gamine. Yin in size (petite), Yin in facial features (full and rounded), but Yang in body type (straight and narrow) and in bone structure (sharp and narrow). The Gamine is equal parts Yin and Yang, always maintaining a natural contradiction that is the basis for her physical makeup.

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