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Here's an old post I'm bringing forward:
Height is something for women that expresses  yin and yang .  According to Art and Fashion in Clothing Selection  by Harriet Tilden McJimsey , if you're 5'2" or shorter, that is yin, if you're 5'7" or taller, that's yang.

YIN 5'2” 5'3” 5'4” 5'5” 5'6” 5'7” YANG

Pflaumer reports the heights according to McJimsey/Northrup associated with style archetypes in Shopping for the Real You. Also used by Kitchener at PSC.

Under 5'3” Exuberant/ Lively
Under 5'4” Youthful/ Playful
Ethereal/ Angelic
5'4-7” Classic/ Traditional
Romantic/ Sensual
5'5-7” Natural/ Relaxed
Above 5'7” Dramatic/ Theatrical

Kibbe also acknowledges height:


Gamine Yin in height, facial feature, Yang in body type and bone structure
Soft Gamine
Yin/Yang with extra Yin

Flamboyant Gamine, Romantic,
Soft Classic,
Theatrical Romantic
Soft Natural
Soft Yang with Yin under current
Dramatic Classic
with Yang
under current
extreme sharp Yang, Natural

YANG 5'8"
Natural, strong yang blunt not sharp

full YIN=shortest (Summer, Type 2), YANG/yin (Type1)  and YIN/yang medium (Type 4), YANG=tallest (Autumn, Type 3)

According to Riter in The Science of Personal Dress, every type can be any size, but generally the Oval/Winter type is the tallest (at least 5'7"), and the Circle/Summer type is the shortest.  Her Oval type is masculine and feminine, and her Circle type is the most feminine.

full YIN=shortest (Summer, circle), YANG/yin (Spring, triangle)  and YANG medium (Autumn, square), YIN/yang=tallest (Winter, oval)

Personal note: I am 5'10" so it occurred to me that I can't be T2, which is fully YIN, if for nothing else due the yang of my height.

square=autumn  yang
square lines and shapes are masculine, boxy and grounded

circle=summer  yin
circle lines and shapes are feminine because they are soft and flowy

 triangle=spring   yang with yin
triangle lines and shapes are masculine with a feminine flair in angles

oval=winter   yin with yang
oval lines and shapes are androgynous, with feminine curves and masculine length

Jane Segerstrom's Look Like Yourself and Lo...  c) 1980
Segerstrom also addresses height.  For each type, she lines up from tallest to shortest.
(Segerstrom doesn't use the seasons, elements or yin & yang).

From largest and darkest to shortest and fairest.

 cheryl tiegs 5'10" (YANG)
(Libra Sun, Aquarius moon, double air)

 carol burnett 5'6", goldie hawn 5'6"
(double Taurus, ASC Aries), (scorpio, gemini, sag. w/ Mercury rising)

marie osmond 5'5", liza minnelli 5'4"
(sun Libra air), (pisces, cancer, taurus)

dolly parton 5'0" (YIN)
(cancer, double virgo, Moon rising)

Segerstrom Type 1


  • dark haired, dark eyed, with dramatic enthusiasm
  • square shouldered, straight forward, with a no-nonsense attitude
  • medium contrast, sports enthusiasts who adore the outdoors
  • classic, cool with a tinge of royalty in their outlook and bearing
  • small, fair, quiet, possible pixies or innocents

greta garbo 5'7", princess grace 5'7", lauren hutton 5'7",
(virgo, taurus, gemini Jupiter rising), (double scorpio water), (scorpio, leo, cancer, moon and pluto rising)

barbara hershey 5'5"
(aquarius, sagittarius, aries ASC)

queen elizabeth 5'4",  joanne woodward 5'4"
(taurus, leo, capricorn asc), (pisces, aries, capricorn asc)

Segerstrom Type 2

  • tall, slightly angular, dark haired and dark eyed with pale, elongated faces, with high contrast indicates a need for colors with depth and even a measure of brightness
  • more classic featured and average height, poised and gracious, almost regal... patricians, they choose highly refined, luxurious fabrics, graceful lines and colors which flow together, always a cultured look
  • sturdier somewhat athletic build, naturally casual, they wear less formal clothing, but their selections are simple, well-cut designs of genuine worth, brown suede instead of burgundy velvet
  • romantic epitomizes those with eyes which are large and warm, lips curving... the southern belle, willowy and graceful, red is often their favorite color and luxurious fabrics their clothing forte
  • smallest and fairest, with youthful faces, lighter skin and hair, more delicate bone structure and alice-in-wonderland eyes, humor and dash is check by gentleness, their wardrobes hold spirited touches, the new or quaintly picturesque
lena horne 6'2"?,  sophia loren 5'9", (YANG)
(cancer, scorpio, aries ASC), (virgo, aquarius, capricorn ASC)

charlotte rampling 5'7", raquel welch 5'6"
(double aquarius air), (virgo, scorpio, sag asc)

barbra streisand 5'5", cloris leachman 5'5",
(taurs, leo, aries asc) (double taurus earth)

Segerstrom Type 3

  • tall, dark and handsome, angular and fascinating
  • equally tall, but with finer skin and fewer angles, more polished regal appearance, their clothing selected from high fashion or classic lines, always exhibits and unusual touch (ornate medallion? turban?)
  • sturdy, broad shouldered, relaxed, with lighter complexions and more casual attitudes, either strong, bright colors or earthtones, well cut tweed suits, coats or jackets
  • highly decorative, long lashes, a straight nose and rich coloring, sensuous beauty, garment choices of slinky fabrics in low-cut styles
  • smallest, twinkly eyed and decidedly spicy manner and colors, what happy gypsies!

diahann caroll 5'11", (YANG)
(cancer, double aquarius, moon rising)
audrey hepburn 5'7", jackie onassis 5'7",
(taurus, pisces, aquarius, moon rising), (leo, aries, scorpio asc)
cher 5'6"
(taurus, capricorn, cancer asc)
peggy fleming 5'4", liz taylor 5'3"
(leo, aries, scorpio asc), (pisces, scorpio, sag asc)

  • tall and slender with aristocratic noses and some angularity of face, formal, sophisticated, aloof, don't need approval, high fashion is their forte as are extremes in line, contrast, silhouette and accessory, nothing soft or indecisive here
  • less dramatic and having a different beauty, apparent gradates of a finishing school, smoother skin, light eyes (perhaps blue) and oval faces, elegant, beautiful fabrics in well-designed styles, understated classics which appear expensive and can be worn for years
  • wider and squaqer, less delicate and refined, more approachable and natural, most comfortable in elegantly casual styles
  • soft, more rounded form, long lashed eyes, even features and graceful movements, faces, figures and coloring are highly decorative, so this type especially must keep clothing simple
  • smallest, like ballet dancers, small boned, trim and compact, as potential for drama lowers, costumes simplify and contrast lessons

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