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I'm going to create a face reading ebook, but first here's a summary of posts I've already done on the subject:  Face Shape.  I did create that ebook, and check out my other ones: http://expressingyourtruth.blogspot.com/p/ebook.html

Astro-Type Face Reading Review

Four Type Fashion Systems have been categorizing women by their face shape and features since Caygill, but the origins are ancient. This Astro-Type eBook is based on finding elemental and astrological correlations to the types.

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Astrological References in The Science of Face Reading

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Face Shapes

Correlating face shape to personality is not new!  Not only were the Chinese and Greeks doing it, but Caygill incorporated it into her color system (1980), and her students followed.

Paulos Recognition and Four Type Systems

Here Paulos introduces the idea that face shape can be yin or yang, and facial features can also be yin or yang.

Yin and Yang
by Bernice Kentner
 It actually has quite a bit of Chinese Face Reading in it, combined with Seasons and facial features.

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Here I am incorporating the original
 Greek association with the temperaments and the various sources of Typing Systems regarding facial shape.  The point is that typing cannot be made on face shape alone:

 Maybe each type has more than one typical look?

    Greek Facial Diagnosis

    On the four humors related to facial shape by the Greeks

    The Four Temperaments or Humors

    Rising Sign Appearance

    4 Basic Face Shapes

    Round: A person with a round face is considered to have a more emotional personality and may be sensitive and caring. Apparently, you have very strong sexual fantasies and enjoy being in stable, long-term relationships.

    Oblong: Oblong types are considered to be very practical, methodical and with a tendency to overwork. You are most likely to have a muscular or athletic physique, which some equate to narcissism and may lead to problems in relationships.

    Square: A square face is linked to fire and you may appear as aggressive, ambitious or domineering. You have a sharp, analytical mind and are decisive.

    Triangular: These face shapes are traditionally associated with a thin body and an intellectual persuasion. Chinese face readers associate this face with creativity and sensitivity, as well as a fiery temperament.
    source http://www.askmen.com/money/how_to_150/159_how_to.html

    Astrology Face Shapes

    Face Talk

    "There are 4 basic face shapes, each with its own distinct characteristics. Very few people fall into "pure" type categories, but more often than not, the predominant shape will be recognizable."

    Square=Fire/Physical (seen as Earth in eastern)
    Triangular=Air/Mental (seen as Fire in eastern)

    In Astrology eBook, I reference this article:
    • the mental or inverted triangular shaped face is ruled by Mercury, (Mental Air Type - often an ectomorph)
    • the circular or vital type by the Moon or Jupiter, (Emotional Water Type - often short and stocky also)
    • the oblong or osseous (boney) type by Saturn  (Earth Types)
    • and the muscular or square type by Mars (Physical and Muscular Fire Types - often Mesomorphs). 

    Round faces belong to the Element of Water of the planet Moon. I am sure you have heard these types of faces being referred to as Moon Face.

    The Square Face belongs to the element of Earth or the planet Mars.

    The Pyramid Face of the Fire or Sun type is broad at the base and narrow at the forehead

    The Pakua Face is what I call the Earth or Saturn Face. 

    The Top Face or Mercury or Air Face is the opposite of the Pyramid face and indicates a person who is more cerebral than physical. Like the top, Mercury or Air, this person is easily stressed, highly strung and sensitive.

    The Rectangular Face or Jupiter Face which belongs to the Wood Element.

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