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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rising Sign Appearance

These caricatures illustrate some features of each rising sign.

Aries Rising

Aries Rising: Physically the Aries is often medium height or even stocky and has quite an athletic build. They are much more graceful than they look. Their body is typically lean with a long or thin face and neck. They will usually have a ruddy complexion 

Taurus Rising 

Taurus Rising: Physically the Taurus tends to be petite and have delicate bone structure. They have excellent skin and great flexibility. They typically have strong bodies are may be rather stout or have a tendency to plumpness. Their shoulders may be stooped with a shorter, yet strong neck.

Gemini Rising 

Gemini Rising: Physically Geminis are tall and slender. They tend to be slightly pale and have a lot of nervous energy. They have fast and active body movements such as; walking fast, talking fast and eating fast. They have long arms, fingers and thin features.

Cancer Rising 

Cancer Rising: Physically Cancers are often medium height and curvy or muscular. They have lovely hands and beautiful skin. They may have an awkward gait reflecting in their crab-like nature.

Leo Rising

Leo Rising: Physically Leos are a little shorter than they'd like but they always seem to have a gorgeous mane of hair. For some reason it is most often red. They tend to have a strong muscular system, large bones and higher than normal upper body strength. Their upper body is usually bigger than their lower body, just like the lion.

Virgo Rising 

Virgo Rising: Physically Virgos are tall and thin with bright cheeks and dark hair. They tend to be moderately plump, although well figured.

Libra Rising

Libra Rising: Physically Libras are very good looking and are known for having great skin. Libra natives always look great. They have a well-formed body that is usually slender and most of the time they are tall individuals.

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising: Physically they are most often average build but very muscular. They are quick and light on their feet. They can vacillate between stout and full formed figures. Their face is often square. The hair is usually thick, dark, wavy or curly.

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius Rising: Physically the Sagittarius is most known for having a tremendous amount of energy and for having great teeth. But they can be just about any height or any type of other physical characteristics. You'll know that Sag because of their great energy level! Sagittarians tend to have a tall, slender and well formed figure. They stand high and walk high like the Centaur. They may have a tendency to stoop or slouch as if grazing for grass. Their face is typically long or oval with a more rounded forehead.

Capricorn Rising 

Capricorn Rising: Physically the Capricorn is known for having lovely bone structure. They simply look stunning, even the ones that aren't classically beautiful. There are many unique looking Capricorns out there that look just amazing. Their gait is somewhat "different." Because they rule bones and joints, they may have a liability to arthritis or scars and marks around the knees. Capricorn's have a tendency to be thin and sometimes downright bony.

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Rising: Physically Aquarians often have tall, thin and wiry physiques. They have lots of energy and often have sensitive systems that require very specific diets. You'll know the Aquarian in the restaurant ordering his hamburger medium well done with a well grain bun. They always have great passion in their eyes and are often musical. They are well-formed in their figure. In their middle age they will typically have a tendency toward being stout. Aquarian's will have a clear, Good and clear complexion with a long or oval fleshy face. Their hair will vary from flaxen or (straw-colored) to dark or dark brown.

Pisces Rising

Pisces Rising: Physically Pisces people are often muscular and slightly curvy. All Pisces people have beautiful eyes, most often deep set and looking slightly watery. They lean toward corpulence (obesity) in their later years. Their face is typically full or fleshy with a pale complexion. They also have a tendency to double-chin. Their eyes are full with a rather wide mouth (just like a fish).

Celebrity Rising Signs

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