More Points from Donner's Color For Body and Soul

Color for Body & Soul: Discover Yourself & Your Temperament Through Color

Color for Body & Soul: Discover Yourself and Your Temperament Through Color
by Naomi E. Donner
book available through author 
More points from Naomi Donner:

The favorite pets...

Sanguine/Enthusiast/T1: daisies, forget-me-knots, willow, hazel, linden and maple trees, and the squirrel, rabbit, weasel and fox
Phlegmatic/Compassionate/T2: linneas, blue-bells, yew, aspen, mountain-ash, weeping-willow, and birch trees, and ants, bees and hippopotamus.

Choleric/Dynamic/T3: poppies, tiger-lilies, lupines, oak, elm and pine trees, and the beaver, bear and rat.
Melancholy/Analytical/T4: lilies-of-the-valley, orchids, butterfly orchids, spruce, poplar, juniper and cypress trees, and the owl, peacock, mice and giraffe.

Suggested Color Test

Get four pieces of fabric, of different shades of red,

2 of which are yellow-based and 2 of which are blue-based:
  1. a clear, pure tangerine, strawberry or poppy
  2. a rich flame red or tomato red
  3. an azalea red
  4. a strong intensive, bluish peony red

Do the following test (preferably with a friend):

If you are undecided whether your basic temperament is Enthuisast T1 or Compassionate T2, drape numbers 1 and 3 alternatively against your face.  Between Compassionate T2 and Analytical T4, drape 3 and 4.  Compassionate T2 and Dynamic T3, drape 3 and 2.  Enthuisiast T1 and Dynamic T3, drape 1 and 2.  Dynamic and Analytic T4, drape 3 and 4.  Analytic T4 and Enthusiast T1, drape 4 and 1. (I am adding the Type numbers, she does not use them).

Short Quiz

  1. Do you consider yourself a doer or a listener?
  2. If you are a doer, are you a super salesman, or prefer to work behind the scenes? (the Salesman is the Enthusiast, while the Dynamic is happy pulling strings behind the scenes)
  3. If a listener (introvert), a) are you perfectionistic, prudent and very black and white in your opinions? (Analytical) or b) do you always want to help your friends and tend to worry? (Compassionate)
Appearance, Donner says cannot be completely divided by type, and overall is the combination of features.

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
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