Friday, July 12, 2013

How the signs and types may line up? Fire

I am using my Doubles celebrities again, because it's easier to be sure they'll fit to type. Most of us are combination of our Sun, Moon, Rising and other planets.

Jennifer Garner in Aries Red.

Jennifer Garner, Double Aries Fire
Gemini Moon Air

chiseled features, lump of clay nose
air moon adds star points

AriesCardinal Fire may be 3/4   dynamic + active

Rising: long or thin face and neck, they will usually have a ruddy complexion 

long face and neck, ruddy complexion, red or sandy hair, 
high wide brow, heavy eyebrows, pointed chin

Jennifer in Type 3.  

Emmanuelle Beart in Leo's Orange.

LeoFixed Fire may be 3/2  dynamic + stubborn

Rising: always seem to have a gorgeous mane of hair, for some reason it is most often red

hair is often shiny and thick like a mane, smile is broad, features are generous

Emmanuelle Beart, Double Leo Fire
Moon Gemini Air

chiseled features, exotic eyes
air  moon adds roundness
She has Venus rising which lends beauty


Emmanuelle dressing 3/2.

Scarlett Johansson in Sagittarius Purple.
Sagittarius:  Mutable Fire may be 3/1  dynamic + flexible
Rising: known for having great teeth. Their face is typically long or oval with a more rounded forehead.
distinguished looking, ruled by Jupiter lending towards round face and jovial, yet elongated, hair dark in youth but white later

Scarlett Johannson, Double Sagittarius Fire
Scorpio Moon Water

inverted triangle face, exotic eyes
water moon adds softness

Scarlett Johansson in Type 3....
She is usually analyzed as spring.

 but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
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Unknown said...

less lipstick
now, her eye... the colored part around the pupil isn`t circular.
and spring can be the secondary.