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I found this graphic in some article on socionix, and offshoot of MBTI.  It depicts some aspects of noses, as a part of the profiles, of the four humors.

As you can see, the Sanguine is upturned and sort of round, the Phlegmatic has a slight downturn, the Choleric has a hook and the Melancholic is quite straight (it can go up straight or down, we'll get to that).

You also really can't evaluate noses properly, unless you look at them in the context of the whole profile.  Read what I've posted before on convex and concave profiles.  Also, I write about the elements and astrological aspects of face reading in my latest eBook: ASTRO-TYPE FACE READING eBOOK

Here's the same yin nose on three different photoshopped profiles. This could only not be a T3 nose.

a. concave (type 2), b. straight (type 4), c. convex (type 1)

First a little aside about the anatomy of the nose.  I'm sure I'll be investigating this aspect more later.

Yin Noses


The Celestial (turned up): Carey Mulligan’s turned-up shape is a beauty (could be a Sanguine nose or possibly Phlegmatic according to Greeks) 

You can see that overall, Carey's faces is more convex (maybe straight), like Type 1 
(even though she might be a 1/2).

Is Marilyn a T1 or T2?  She has created a T1 image and her nose is upturned, 
so overall that fits, though she maybe have a slightly stronger chin.

Turned up Description: Lightly convex side profile, with tip turned up. Example: Marilyn Monroe Supposed personality: Supposed personality: Nurturing, loving and supportive. Enjoys new experiences.


A short nose
"....idealistic, extremely kind and highly sensitive. Your emotional sensitivity and child-like sweetness endear you to're often on the defensive, you're not easy to get to know well. You have a dislike of anything that's different... (

Yang Noses

The hawk (or aquiline or Roman): Barbra Streisand's sharp profile is unattractive to some.
 (Apollonic Choleric or possibly Saturnine Sanguine) 

Hawk Description: Strongly convex profile. Thin and sharp. 
Example: John Lennon Supposed personality: Individual, perhaps rebellious.

This nose has some qualities of the T3 hawk, but has no bump, making it more T4.

Long and Slim nose: active, decisive, interested in many things, dynamic, freedom loving, chasing unattainable ideals, often dissatisfied, slightly bossy, you like things done your way  (

(This would be a Wood nose in Chinese Face Reading).


The Roman: With a sloping tip, Tom Cruise’s shows ambition (less straight than a Grecian nose) (Apollonic Choleric or Saturnine Sanguine), note that the Hawk of Barbara Streisand could also be called Roman

Roman Description: Convex in profile, like a hook. Also known as 'aquiline' (eagle-like). Example: Abraham Lincoln Supposed personality: Measured, thoughtful. Influencing. Organizers.

Aquiline: a small prominent bridge that makes it look curved
No half measures, enthusiastic, charismatic 
(Could be considered Roman or Grecian, sometimes the terms are mixed up)

Uma is said to be an Iridescent Summer

Greek Description: Straight profile. Example: Admiral Lord Nelson 
Supposed personality: Logical, cool, rational. Matter-of-fact and straightforward.

Grecian Nose--the straight nose bridge of the Melancholic or T4.

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