How might the signs and types line up? Water

I am using my Doubles celebrities again, because it's easier to be sure they'll fit to type. Most of us are combination of our Sun, Moon, Rising and other planets.


Liv Tyler in Cancer's white, silver and blue.

CancerCardinal Water may be 2/3  intuitive + active
round moon face

Rising: luminous, beautiful skin

Liv is usually analyzed as a Winter,
but she does have a lot of soft qualities of Type 2 as well.

Liv Tyler, Double Cancer Water
Moon in Capricorn Earth

Her Capricorn Earth probably gives her the model good looks of T4.

Grace Kelly in Scorpio dark red.

ScorpioFixed Water may be 2/4  intuitive + stubborn

Rising: Their face is often square. The hair is usually thick, dark, wavy or curly.

large penetrating eyes, hair is often black thick 
coarse and curly, roman nose, may be sallow

Grace Kelly, Double Scorpio Water
Pisces Moon makes her Triple Water

oblong face, smooth, ages gracefully
doe eyes, s curve lip 


Grace Kelly in Type 2 clothing.
She is also a Kibbe Soft Classic.

Grace Kelly's granddaughter, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, in Pisces Lavender.

PiscesMutable Water may be 2/1  intuitive + flexible

Rising: Pisces people have beautiful eyes, most often deep set and looking slightly watery. 

 Their face is typically full or fleshy with a pale complexion. 

large, dreamy eyes, long thick lashes, soft and sensitive lips, small well formed nose, possible double chin 

Jazmin is a Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising.

Jazmin in Type 2.

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Grace, in coral
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