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In the EYT Facebook Support Group, we've been playing with paperdolls!

Here's an example of how to do it:

I use photoshop elements, so the directions work for that.

Look for a picture on pinterest boards by type, or google a celebrity you know is the type you want to experiment with (add the word "outfit" or "street style", etc).

For example, here are some Type 2 celebs without faces that could be used as paperdolls.
click for larger
But be sure to also pic a celeb or model that has a similiar body type to yours, and hopefully hair that is in your shade range and length...

Let's say I want to try on Maggie G's outfit...

the first thing I'm going to do is widen the pic without changing the height,
that will make her a little thicker, sorry Maggie:

NOTE: do not save as a .jpg until the very end!
and actually .gif works better
keep all steps saved as .tiff or you will get blurry (lossy) outcomes

Next I have to find a pic of my face that is the same direction

Here's where it get's tricky. 

Photoshop Tip 1: change your marquee tool to elliptical to grab a face

Then use "Select" and "Inverse" and delete and you get this:

Then you can select all and the border will be transparent.
Then paste onto your paperdoll (and shrink usually).
Here's where you might want to flip your face.
Tip 2: use "Image", "Rotate", "Flip Layer Horizontal"

Tip 3: exactly match up the chin, very important
then delete to show the original hair or keep your hair, your choice

Tip 4: before you merge layers, change the brightness & contrast
("Enhance" then "Adjust Lighting")
so that your skin matches the paperdolls neck

Tip 5: the smudge tool is your friend

If you use Paint:

"You can open the paper dolls picture in paint.  Use the selector to pull edge of the paper/picture out so you have some white space to use for your head shot.  "Paste From" and select a picture with your face in it.  Shrink down the picture soyour head is the right size. Go to "Select" and select the "free form". Trace around your face or whatever part you are going to cut out.  Then click the face and drag over to where you want it.  You can adjust for size if you still need to, but it will warp if you do it too much at this point.  Then go to the selector again and pick "rectangular".  Pull a square over the main picture, leaving out the white space you gave yourself to cut out your head ;). Then hit crop."

Online Photo Manipulation Programs

Here are some Type 1 paperdolls:
click for larger

If you would like me to do your paperdolls:
Send me some pics to work with.
Pay what it's worth to you

 ... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
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