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Your  e-book is really beautiful: I love the  graphics, images and layout. Most of all you over delivered with the content. I've paid at least four times more for some books which didn't provide the level of information  like yours.  This book is worth so much more than five dollars. 

Although it may sound cliche: Things do happen for a reason; I think your frustration with   DYT has  been my gain. It lead you to compile detailed information which can help those who are not quite satisfied with typing.

 I felt embarrassed,  at one time,  because I had tried so many systems and could not find "my truth." Your book validates that there are many factors involved,  so it makes sense to me ( as nothing is "pure" in the universe) to review the many dimensions of your being.  

I know I have changed over the years. (internally and externally). My  intention is to embrace  those changes( for example: gray hair and a  softer  appearance.) While I know I'm a Type 4, I want to express my evolving type 2 nature.  Initially I was typed  as a Type 4-1, but as I mature,  I'm seeking more comfort and peace.

This is not the place to bore you with details,  but  I now know that  type 2 works with my type 4 nature( Thanks to your materials.)  Your e-book helped me to figure out for myself  how the elements of these typing systems work(loved your presentation and clarity of presentation)

Your research, far beyond anecdotes,  gave me a feeling of confidence in my decision. Your materials are helping me to express my intention. One of the consultants listed in your book( Ms Donnelly) confirmed for me that expressing your "intentions" is valid.   

I think I'm getting to  a point in my life where  I want my style to not only support me and my lifestyle, but not be something that becomes a major preoccupation. Before reading your materials, I was trying so hard to focus on finding the "right type" with the limits of each typing system.  Now I feel more optimistic and  confident with my type. I'm also  having fun with the process. Your materials fill in the missing pieces. Before, I  felt typing was stilted, forced. (This left me feeling drained)  

 Thank you for helping me to move from  just  "dressing" to expressing my truth.  Your e-book has answered and continues to inspire me to relax, express, let go and live life with intention. 

Thank you, 

Expressing Your Truth eBook Vol I now Updated
Includes: Types and Tones, Elements, Humors, Temperaments, Fashion Feng Shui, Color Analysis, Healing, Books, Makeup and more.  Over 220 pages. Now $7.00

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SWriter said…
Looks exciting. Going to start reading tonight. I took a peek and I'm jazzed. Thank you.
Jane Leu Rekas said…
I'm inspired to get a Vol. II out, to sum up the second year of my blog, soon!
SWriter said…
I'm enjoying your ebook because it consolidates some of what you have on your blog and also it is easier to visually see everything in a meaningful way. I will definitely buy volume 2.

Had a thought about the black and type 4 (when combined with another type)

I'm thinking that if you have a partial typing of Type 4 combined with another type, that it maybe worth while to look at other factors such as the change in color of the hair, skin, aging and medical conditions.

I know that I can wear black better in certain "fabrications" and textures. It must be a "true black" and it also works better away from my face as I get older. I can wear a tone of black(icy silver and some grays) because of my gray hair mixed with olive skin.

I pondered the reason for this: my theory is it all depends on the percentage of the type 4 in your categorization.

When I was typed 20 years ago by PSC in California, they give percentage ratings: such as 85% striking 15% animated etc.
(and I noticed that the range of tones and shades of blacks chosen were from charcoal to light gray and included black in different textures)

So when you thought you were a type 4 did you try wearing shades of grays and different textures of black?

I know this sort of gets off into the theory of the importance of "color" over energetics.

But when I get physically and psychically still, I can feel the "energetic" in my body (I'm striking but not as much as I was many years ago)

Hope I was clear in explaining this.

Interested in your thoughts on this.

Jane Leu Rekas said…
Thanks for buying the eBook! I'm hoping Vol. II will be a great update.

You are definitely on to something, I do believe there is merit in looking at percentages of the types, and in individualizing based on this. I don't think color is outside of energetics, or should be. I like IE for use of the term, radiance.

When I was leaning T4, I definitely feel charcoal is my black. Even as a T2...