Thursday, July 11, 2013

How might the signs and types match up? Air

I am using my Doubles celebrities again, because it's easier to be sure they'll fit to type. Most of us are combination of our Sun, Moon, Rising and other planets.

Juliette in Gemini black and white and Yellow
Juliette Lewis is a double Gemini and has some Type 1 qualities.
GeminiMutable Air may be 1/3  animated + active

Rising: thin features

cleft in chin or tip of nose, slightly hood nose, hair dark brown

Juliette Lewis, Double Gemini Mutable Air
her moon is Pisces Water

could be a star point nose, apple cheeks
animated, youthful
fuller bottom lip

Here she is in some Type 1 outfits.  She often dresses more T3.

Kate in Libra's pink or light blue.

LibraCardinalAir may be 1/2  animated + flexible

Rising: Libras are very good looking and are known for having great skin. Libra natives always look great. 

beautiful as ruled by Venus, nicely shaped often round features, 
pearly teeth, generous chiseled lips, often curly hair
Kate Winslet, Double Libra Cardinal Air
with Libra Moon also - Triple Air

Kate in Type 1 outfits.  She often dresses more T2.

Charlotte Rampling in Aquarius blue.


AquariusFixed Air may be 1/4  animated + stubborn

Rising: clear complexion with a long or oval fleshy face. 

Their hair will vary from flaxen or (straw-colored) to dark or dark brown.

striking, facial features are even and handsome, fine profile

Charlotte Rampling, Double Aquarius Fixed Air
with Pisces Moon Water

Charlotte Rampling as Type 1.  You will also see her dress T4.

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