Shout out to outlyers!

So as you know, the 4 seasons became 12, which greatly helped people match colors better to their own coloring, but in the four type systems, generally you are meant to express your dominant, particularly staying with the colors, only changing other design elements for your secondary. Here are my thoughts about how that works for the types, and doesn't.

If you are warm spring in coloring, you are probably the happiest with Type 1.
I suppose light spring are able to make it work as well. (let me know?)
What I notice about clear spring, esp. blondes like Jennifer McCarthy,
they might account for some of the blondes typed as T4s.
Remember, Clear Springs are the only ones that can wear black outside of winters.

Ok, here's my category, as source of my personal dilemmas behind this blog.
If you are Soft Summer, you are going to be delighted with Type 2 (it seems).
I'm not sure how light summers feel about it?  ok?
But if you are Cool Summer, you simply have more contrast than this blended look supports.
And wearing girly, flouncy is out.

If you Warm Autumn, then Type 3 is for you.
But if you are Soft Autumn, it's going to overpower you,
and if you are Deep Autumn, hey you can wear black!

Now here's where I get on my soap box about bold.
If you are Clear Winter, baby Type 4 is you!
But if you are Deep Winter, you will pull it off, but it might be a bit high pitched for you.
And if you are Cool Winter, you are the most introverted and will be uncomforatble with bold,
so since it's only in one of the half dozen four type systems, leave it out.
Stay classic, but don't shout with your colors.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
EXPRESSING YOUR TRUTH: Informed by Astrology


Unknown said…
This is a great post! Very interesting how you did this.
SWriter said…
Thank you. I think with my gray hair and the ability to wear gray I'm an outlier. All this time I thought 1 was my secondary...I'll read up on type 2( a new chapter begins)