Friday, February 15, 2013

Zyla Colors

1. Essence
2. Romantic

"Zyla uses the romantic colour to determine season. Zyla does it more by the properties of the colour than its temperature, so you need to keep that in mind. So his Spring is Crisp and Clear (Barbie doll pink, cool dusty pink, carnation, peach coral, light orange, clear red and he has more....), his Summer is Cool and Relaxed (rose pink, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, burgundy, cranberry, and more...), his Autumn is Warm and Mellow (salmon, deep apricot, burnt peach, Christmas red, cayenne, cinnamon, rust, and more...), his Winter is Rich and Contrasted (ballet pink, shocking pink, poppy, fire engine red, cranberry, rusty brick, port, cherry). Notice that cranberry shows up in Summer and Winter. He's also got Tangerine under Autumn, when most people would consider it a Spring colour. And he's got Brick tones in Autumn and Winter. So I think the key for Zyla's system is to notice the properties of the colour. Only for Summer and Autumn is he particularly concerned about temperature"

3. Dramatic

Your Season:

4. Energy Color

5. Tranquil Color

6. First Base

7. Second Base
8. Third Base


Color Your Style: How to Wear Your True Col... 
by David Zyla 

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Ladee Lyon said...

I absolutely LOVE this post!

Shelley said...

Hi Jane, Do you know the names of the colors used in this post for the Zyla eye energy, tranquil and 1st base? My eye is almost identical to the 2nd blue example on the left. Would you consider this a winter eye?

Hobbit Wife said...

hi, jane. i realize this blogpost is several years old, but i am curious to know if you think one's energy color (taken from the darkest part of the iris) and one's first-base color (taken from the ring around the iris) can be the same color. i am a grey-eyed summer with little to no distinction between what i perceive to be my personal energy grey and my much more formal first-base grey. as a result, i'm not sure how to go about making either of these colors work best for me. i work with small children and would love to feel invigorated by my energy grey, but it really does just look like i'm wearing a lot of my "black" and feels formal and distant.

i noticed that your zyla energy and first-base colors are also very, very similar to each other. have you found them to feel at all confusing or counter-intuitive when you wear them in different settings?

maybe i'm just over-thinking this. :)

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Hello Hobbit Wife,
I think there are many people with fairly homogenous eye colors and I think you have room to choose nearby colors. It's kind of arbitrary that both energy and tranquil colors come from the eyes, and it's not categories used by Caygill or Butler, etc.

Here's another post you might visit:

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