Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Color With Style: Hispanic Women

Color With Style

COLOR WITH STYLE page: Latino 
This Category shows all the color categories for Latinos and their palettes


Rose (light cool, high contrast)                  Onyx (cool and deep, dark hair)
cool dark brown to black hair                             black, blue black, dark brown, silver gray
Summer?                                                   Winter?
Topaz (warm overall, cool or warm skin)          Bronze (warm golden skin, low contrast) 
blonde, light brown, red or auburn hair                                                     almost any color hair
Spring?                                           Autumn?

Penelope Cruz is a Rose
(light/cool, high contrast)
categorized as a Deep Winter
Eva Longoria is an Onyx
(cool and deep)
Vital Spring by Zyla
Deep Winter elsewhere
Jennifer Lopez would be a Topaz
warm overall with lighter hair (often red highlights)
Warm Autumn
has been typed various

Eva Mendes would be a Bronze
Warm or Deep Autumn

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