Friday, February 22, 2013

Velvet: Between Soft and Deep

Russian site Color Harmony

"If you can not determine what kind of response you lead, soft or dark, if extremely difficult to even identify the type you warm or cold, if you have a relatively high contrast of light and dark in appearance, not characteristic of the soft typecasting, you know, about what will be discussed. Is Valais, located on the border of soft and dark color - sometimes called "velvet" - velvet . We can say that these types of the dark and soft, but that's what the leading characteristic is not always obvious. Temperature characteristic at all three, so the debate about whether cold or warm you type - not less. drapinge If it turns out that this character types are soft colors, but not very soft, and dark colors are too, but not the dark. And some relatively warm colors go, and some relatively cool colors go. How did this happen? On the temperature - everything is clear, this feature is not leading, not expressed clearly, so dark soft neutral type of temperature, with a small predominance of heat or cold. And with softness and darkness is so: the soft palette of colors add to their gray and dark - black. We just velvety, with a touch of the color you want dark gray. We, therefore, velvety character types, and find ourselves between palettes. Color, softened with a light gray too indistinct for us, and the colors are clearly close to the back - too heavy.However, one in 12 color palette of four (mild summers and dark winters, mild autumn, dark autumn) is still the most suitable for us."  source

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