Thursday, February 21, 2013

16 season swatches

As far as I know, Ferial will be coming out with swatches according to Pretty Your World.

"Why no full color palettes for the 16 seasons?
Because many of the colors are quite similar with very subtle differences (think gray, light gray, deep gray, charcoal for example), the differences may be hard to distinguish in a book. Simply put, it is much easier to just purchase a swatch for the exact physical representation of the colors if you are one of the new seasons. Besides, I did not want to include proprietary information of the new 4x4 Color System as it is so new and exclusive to Ferial’s launch. Visit for more information about these new seasons as well as wardrobe and celebrity examples."

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1 comment:

Elizabeth Sue said...

Thank you for elaborating on this. I have had quite a hard time figuring out my season. I have been draped a deep autumn. Online analyzed four years ago a deep winter. And told by Carol Tuttle I am a Type four.
None of those seasons colors or type do much for me after I try them on.
I am now exploring the possibility of being a deep soft summer or a deep soft winter.