Friday, February 22, 2013

Soft Summer Deep

expressing your truth polyvore

Rachel McAdams is typed as Soft Summer Deep


Katie Holmes is typed as "velvety"
Soft Summer Deep

 "The DEEP SOFT SUMMER, though, is not the stereotype of the medium dark haired girl, with a winterish looks. No sir. THE SOFT SUMMER DEEP is the summer that CAN HANDLE MORE COLOR AND A LITTLE MORE INTENSE THAN THE REGULAR SOFT SUMMER."

 So a winter that also can't really wear black, but wears a muted black, maybe browned or greyed

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Mom of Many Blessings said...

Where's the line drawn between this one and Deep Winter Soft? It looks like it's blurred honestly. These colors look like grayed versions just like DWS colors to me. Am I wrong?

I would also love more discussions and colors palettes for these two as I think I'm more DWS, but I think those colors up there could look nice too! :-)

Jane Leu Rekas said...

That's a good question. I suppose the difference is in how you put the colors together and the design lines.

Unknown said...

To me it seams that deep winter soft has more of a olive skin tone and probably wouldn't look to good when shaded with makeup so much as Katie Holmes. She has blue eyes which probably also put her into summer palette. But the most important characteristic to me here is soft. It is an energy of the skin and also esoterically of the soul.It is easy to overpower these types with too much brightness in color as is in life, on crowded places and to loud and to fast parties.Ginnifer Goodwin as a soft winter has more olive green eyes and definitely deeper hair color ( it is not cocoa brown like Katie's),although I am not sure if it is dyed that color. Anyway to em she doesn't look quite good in plain black, she needs some softness. I've also seen (will try to find) somewhere on the internet pictures of her made up as soft summer with the cocoa brown hair color, and she doesn't look too bad, but somehow strange and disconnected( at least to me).