Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seven Soul Type Faces

I stumbled across this system of seven soul types correlated with seven types of faces.

But it only matches up your personality, not necessarily your facial features.

The Sage soul

The King soul

The Priest soul

on the test I got Scholar, but relate to Artisan
I have the most education in my siblings,
but am a repressed artist
I could be part Server too

Vanessa is a Scholar. I do have a prominent brow.
Charlize is an Artisan

on the test mom got Artisan, but looks like a King?
Helena is an Artisan, Jackie O was a King, Dame Judy is a Warrior

Greg got Sage on the test, but I thought he looks like a Priest too
Clooney is a Sage and Steiner was a Priest

My late father definitely was an Artisan
He was an artist all his life
Paul is an Artisan

My late grandmother definitely was a Server
She was a librarian and activist

My late grandfather definitely was a Scholar
He was a PhD
Louis Pasteur was a Scholar

More later when I consider how these archeypal face categories match up with other systems.

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