Saturday, February 16, 2013

Padma Lakshmi

Because my husband is a chef, we love to watch Top Chef.  The host is Padma Lakshmi, a beautiful actress and model.  But what season is she?

In a recent episode, she was wearing green and then navy.  I didn't feel like either of them did her justice, so let's analyze why.

Deep Winter

My first thought was to be puzzled that she didn't look good in these colors because she must be a Winter (although maybe these are not such winter colors?).  But she probably is not a Winter.  I don't think she is as cool as I thought and she also doesn't have a lot of contrast, so if she were a Winter she'd be a Deep Winter.
Padma looks good in low contrast, warm jewelry
Padma is low contrast

Color Analysis: Contrast
She glows in this low contrast outfit that shows her skin to be warm.
 What seasons could this outfit fit for?
And what about her facial features?
She is either a 4/3 or 3/4 because she has the T4 parallel lines in her eyebrows, eyes, smile, and the T3 boomerang angles around her smile.
But I think this pic proves she's not a straight Type 4.
White does nothing for her; she is too warm.
She can handle black due to her hair and her beauty...
but maybe that means she's a Deep Autumn?
Deep Autumn
Here she is in Grey, proving she is no Summer!
Another vote that she is not cool toned.
Another Summer color that makes her look drab.
A cool blue only works with her hair but washes out her face.
Much better in a warm blue.
 Here's a quirky idea:
Look how well she pulls of this orange.

And this orange is amazing on her.

 These final two looks make me wonder if she isn't a Spring, or a Sun in the Life in Color system.


What do you think?
Another idea is Bronze in the Color With Style system.
Of course, Lakshmi is East Indian not Hispanic.
Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi

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