Saturday, February 9, 2013

Life in Color

Life in Color: Sun

Life in Color: Sun by expressingyourtruth featuring coral jewelry

SUN: If you’re sun, your eyes are likely a light color (blue, light brown, green, gray, or hazel), and your skin is creamy or tawny with a peachy or rosy undertone. Your hair is a warm shade of mahogany, brown, blonde, or red. Your best colors are yellows, corals, and dusty roses while your worst colors are bright pinks and blue-reds.

Life in Color: Moon

Life in Color: Moon by expressingyourtruth featuring kooba handbags

MOON: Moons have blue-gray eyes without any gold, brown, or green flecks, or dark gray, brown, taupe with a black line around the iris. Your skin is pale and translucent with blue and pink undertones. You usually burn first when you tan, and your skin turns red, not bronze. Moons hair color ranges from dark ash brown to ash blonde, or an almost pinkish red. Your best colors are royal blue, ripe strawberry, and your worst colors are mustard yellow and bright orange.

Life in Color: Earth

Life in Color: Earth by expressingyourtruth featuring splendid tops

EARTH: Your palette is inspired by the Earth’s richness (deep greens and warm browns). Your eyes are usually darker colors like brown, green, or hazel, and your skin is coppery with terra-cotta undertones. Earth’s hair is brassy and ranges from dark blonde to red to mahogany to near black with burgundy highlights. Your best colors are chocolate brown, deep teal, while your worst colors are cool fuchsia and pale violet.

Life in Color: Star

Life in Color: Star by expressingyourtruth featuring dangle earrings

STAR: Your palette is inspired by faraway supernovas bursting out of the night. Your eyes are either pale and icy, or super dark, while your skin is luminescent with a porcelain cast or olive undertones. Your hair is either very dark or very light–from black to platinum, dark brown to prematurely silver. Your best colors are black, white, ice blue, and true red. Your worst colors are dusty rose and terra-cotta orange.

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