Monday, February 11, 2013

Color Me A Season 16 Types

The Color Me A Season system has 16 types, but it is because they consider each type to have an absolute version with no cross over to other seasons.  I like the names for the subtypes.

True/Absolute Spring
Glorious Spring - Spring/Autumn 1/3 (or Warm Spring)
     (the redder the hair, the more neutral colors needed)
Pastel Spring - Spring/Summer 1/2 (or Light Spring)
    (best neutrals are navy and yellow browns, warm pinks and corals good)
Striking Spring - Spring/Winter 1/4 (or Clear Spring)
  (use warm black instead of brown)

True/Absolute Summer
Sunshine Summer - Summer/Spring 2/1 (or Light Summer)
  (does not look good in black)
Indian Summer - Summer Autumn 2/3 (or Soft Summer)
  (a lot of these people have red or warm brown hair)
Moonlight Summer - Summer/Winter 2/4 (or Cool Summer)

True/Absolute Autumn
Gentle Autumn - Autumn/Summer 3/2 (or Soft Autumn)
   (light earth tone pastels look best)
Striking Autumn - Autumn/Winter 3/4 (or Deep Autumn)
Golden Autumn - Autumn/Spring 3/1 (or Warm Autumn)

True/Absolute Winter
Sunset Winter - Winter/Autumn 4/3 (or Deep Winter)
Firelight Winter - Winter/Spring 4/1 (or Clear Winter)
Snowfrost Winter - Winter/Summer 4/2 (or Cool Winter)
   (black and white prints are excellent) lists what modifications to make for each season subset.

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