Wednesday, February 13, 2013

16 Season Color Analysis

A reader commented on

The 16 Season Color Analysis System:

Lisa said...

What would these new sub-seasons look like? I've never fit into one of the 12 so I'm wondering if I might be one of the new shades.

(Dark caramel blonde hair with golden highlights, dark eyes of the green/brown hazel, and super light ivory skin)

I used to think soft summer, but my eyes are not right, and I am definitely not an autumn because yellow and olive suck the life out of me, and winter there are no blondes.

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  • Have you considered Soft Summer Deep?  I am wondering if you look like Rachel McAdams:

    The other question about these new palettes is how much they actually change the colors you wear.  Take a look at this study I did, for example:

Also a note on eyes.  It has been said that your eye color doesn't have to fit your type, but could indicate your secondary.

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