Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Different perspectives on skintone

Warm vs cool color

"The silver or gold test is one of the effective ways to uncover your undertone. If you're a cool, it eliminates the warm groups from the seasonal color analysis, or if you're warm you'll be able to cross off all of the cool groups. This leaves you with a few groups to work with."

The problem is there are 8 subseasons that might have neutral skin!

Irenee Riter's Science of Personal Dress

Riter says something very different about skintone and the seasons:

Spring: has the thinnest skin and flushes easily, "peaches & cream," freckles, if skin is thicker the interseason is Winter

Summer: light or porcelain, yellow undertone which needs blue/pink color palette for balance, skin looks light but is not pale, olive skin will be green (with little red)

Autumn: blue cool undertone lacking color, needs warmer colors to draw out the usual warm tones of the hair for balance with skin, if olive cast, indicates Summer interseason

Winter: warm based skin from dark to fair, yellow undertone, needs cooler blue colors, olive has even less red, sallow skin has even less red, no matter how fair, testing reveals warm undertone

Um, I don't get it.

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Rebecca said...

Thank you for admitting you don't get it, because I frankly don't get it either. Those descriptions are not excessively useful.

I am one of those people who can wear both gold and silver, and am fairly sure I'm a deep winter, but my light skin makes Summer seem just as likely as Winter from those descriptions. However I also have relatively thin skin and flush easily. It's like reading a horoscope; all of different options seem to apply.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

It can become horribly frustrating, can't it? You're right too that it's as complicated as a horoscope. In fact, thanks for that inspiration.

Cover Your Nuptials said...

I bought the book. The season is a bit of a challage ( understatement) . But there are some good points in it