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Updating on Personality with Subordinates

This is just one of many possible correlations, which is why I wrote a post on how this is a rabbit hole.

There's a very cool site on Angela Wright's Colour Psychology Types, called Divine Women.  They include some summaries of personality types of the subordinates.  I discovered that they are very close to MBTI summaries. I have a couple documents showing my research.  I also offer a slightly modified list.  It could still be worked on.  One thing that's odd, is not every system has a pure version of each Season.  Also, I looked up all these women and their MBTI types.

My comments on Divine Women's typings

MBTI summaries

Morninglight (Spring)

Type 1 Pure Morninglight
ENFP seems right like Ellen Degeneres & Jenna Elfman Warmly enthusiastic, high-spirited, ingenious and imaginative, you are able to do almost anything which interests you. You are quick with a solution for any difficulty and ready to help anyone with a problem. You tend to rely on your ability to improvise instead of preparing in advance. You can usually find compelling reasons for whatever you want.
Type 1/3 Firelight subordinate, Warm Spring
ESFP like Cameron Diaz Good at on-the-spot problem solving. Do not worry, enjoy whatever comes along. Tend to like mechanical things and sports, with friends on the side. Adaptable, tolerant, generally conservative in values. Dislike long explanations. Are best with real things that can be worked, handled, taken apart, or put together.
Type 1/2 Dreamlight subordinate, Light Spring
ESTP like Taylor Swift and Traci Lords You are practical and mechanically skilled. Activities absorb you deeply, so friends may take second place. You are good at problem solving and think well on your feet. You are adaptable and tolerant, but long explanations bore you. Your personal values are quite conservative.
Type 1/4 Starlight Subordinate, Clear Spring
ESFJ like Jenny McCarthy and Sally Fields (vital spring) Your prime interest is in things that tangibly affect other people’s lives. Your need for harmony means you like to improve the lot of others. Your popularity, kind heart and conscientiousness make you an active committee member. You are cooperative, but not good at keeping the peace, if an issue is important to you.

MBTI & Spring

Dreamlight (Summer)

Type 2Pure Dreamlight 
INFJ like Kristin Scott Thomas and Charlene McKennaYou are conscientious and put your best efforts into your work or goals and succeed through strong motivation, perseverance and originality. Your forcefulness is tempered by your concern for others. You are respected for your firm principles, clear convictions, and concern for the well-being of others.
Type 2/1Firelight subordinate, Light Summer

INFP like Gwyneth Paltrow, Chloe Sevigny, Princess Diana

or ISFP?
You are loyal, enthusiastic, but too absorbed in what you are doing to be sociable, and reserved until you know people well. You enjoy working on projects and tend to take on too much, but somehow get everything done. Often skilled at language, you love learning and new ideas. You are idealistic and not likely to be materialistic.
Type 2/3Dreamlight subordinate, Soft Summer
INTJ like Michelle Monaghan

is this right?
Usually have original minds and great drive for their own ideas and purposes. In fields that appeal to them, they have a fine power to organize a job and carry it through with or without help. Skeptical, critical, independent, determined, sometimes stubborn. Must learn to yield less important points in order to win the most important.
Type 2/4Starlight Subordinate, Cool Summer
ISFJ like Kate Middleton or Naomi WattsYou are painstakingly accurate and thorough. You work devotedly to fulfill your duties. Your patience with detail, your devotion, and sense of responsibility, combined with a genuine concern for other people gives stability to groups or projects. You are loyal, perceptive and considerate.

MBTI & Summer

Firelight (Autumn)

Type 3Pure Firelight

ENTJ like Cobie Smulders, Margaret Thatcher, Kate Hepburn You are usually good at anything that requires reasoning and intelligent talk, such as public speaking. You are well informed and enjoy adding to your fund of knowledge.  
Type 3/2Dreamlight subordinate, Soft Autumn

ISFP like Hilary Duff, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis Retiring, quietly friendly, sensitive and kind, you are modest about your abilities. You dislike disagreements and do not force your opinions on others. You are often relaxed about getting things done, because you enjoy the present moment and do not want to spoil it by undue haste or exertion.
Type 3/4Starlight subordinate, Deep Autumn

ESFJ like Michelle Obsama, Paula Abdul, Catherine Zeta Jones Your practical realism means that you have a natural flair for business or mechanics. Although you find it difficult to motivate yourself to undertake seemingly pointless tasks, you will apply yourself when necessary. You enjoy administration and organization, but in order to be successful, you must remember to be sensitive to other people’s opinions and feelings.
Type 3/1Morninlight Subordinate, Warm Autumn

ENTP like Gillian Anderson,
Julia Roberts
 You are good in a wide range of activities, super efficient and good at problem solving, but you will prefer to be involved in new and exciting tasks, often at the expense of routine ones. You easily grasp new ideas and concepts, with an innovative and ingenious intelligence. You are alert and outspoken and your ability to argue either side of an issue makes you stimulating company. You tend to move from one interest to another, but can always find good reasons to do what you want to!

MBTI & Autumn

Starlight (Winter)

Type 4Pure Starlight

ISTP like Jennifer ConnellyYou are deeply interested in how mechanical things work - cause, effect, and logic. You like to observe and analyze life quietly, with detached curiosity. Your occasional flashes of original humor can take others by surprise!
Type 4/3Firelight subordinate, Dark Winter
INTP like Tina FeyYou have strong theoretical tendencies and love to solve problems using logical analysis. Your interests tend to be clearly defined and you are more interested in ideas than in making small talk, which makes you seem extremely quiet and reserved. You need to feel useful.
Type 4/2Dreamlight subordinate, Cool Winter

ISTJ like Zooey DeschannelYou are serious, quiet, and earn success through concentration and thoroughness. You are practical, orderly, matter of fact, logical, realistic and dependable. You see to it that everything is well organized. You like to make up your own mind as to what should be accomplished and work towards it steadily, regardless of protests and distractions.
Type 4/1Starlight Subordinate, Clear Winter

ENFJ  like Courteney CoxYou are popular, sociable, sympathetic and respond strongly to criticism and praise. You care about other people’s feelings and needs, which makes you responsible and responsive. Your tact and excellent communication skills enable you to present a proposal or lead discussions comfortably.

MBTI & Winter


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rbuffington said...

Thank you for your posts on these correlations. I have tested as an INFJ since I was in my late teens. I think this is accurate. However, I think I am probably a soft summer deep (shaded summer). I have spent years pouring over this information, but am hardly an expert even still. I wonder if there really is a personality component to seasonal color analysis. If I follow DYT, I think I have traits of a 2 followed by a 4 and a 1 (the order of the secondaries is hard for me to determine). The T3 seems most underdeveloped in me, I could use more fire, which my astrological chart would confirm too. ��Your comment about these correlations being a bit of a rabbit hole seems a perfect description! Thanks for the posts as these are always thought provoking.