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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Essential Colors 5 Elements System

"My Essential Colors personal color system was designed to work in tandem with FFS and to correct what I see as a flaw in all 12 type color systems. These systems offer 3 types for each of the basicseasonal harmonies. By doing so they ignore the 4th blend in each group. For example: there is no blend of Winter and Summer or Spring and Autumn. To those who believe “there can’t be”…..I respectfully disagree.

In my system, I do not use seasonal terminology, harmonies express the energy of the 5 elements and are named for them. But color is color and color relationships are fact. In each of the basic four (“seasonal”) harmonies there is one true harmony and then 3 more that result when the basic harmony has a secondary blend with one of the other 3 harmonies. Total……16. I believe that 12 type systems ignore 4 harmonies and I have seen it in my 25+ years as a professional color consultant and trainer.

While I have not written a book on my color theory, I invite you to consider my perspective and to recognize that various color harmonies have different energies that are very compatible with the principles of FFS."

Palettes:  Wood,  Wood/Metal, Wood/Earth, Wood/Water/Fire,
Metal/Wood, Metal, Metal/Earth, Metal/Water,
Earth/Wood, Earth/Metal, Earth, Earth/Water,
Water/Wood/Fire, Water/Metal, Water/Earth, Water

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