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Monday, April 2, 2012

Romantic Red for Everyone

In the following video, which focuses on the 4 Tone System of IlluminEssensce, it is shown how red is a color for everyone, but the right tone of red will support you the best.  And when you wear your correct red, you emphasize romance in your day.  Our correct red actually has to do with our blood seen through our skin tone.


"Red -- This is the ideal color to draw attention to yourself. Wear red if you're going on an audition, showing off your creative work, or want to set yourself apart from the crowd. Avoid this color if you're suffering from nervousness."
"For money & Wealth: Red is the best color to attract the feng shui money and wealth. There are lot of shades in red and be careful in choosing the right shades. In order to attract the money and wealth you should wear pure red color dress. This will attract lot of wealth and wealth.  Do not wear shades of red or don't mix red with other colors like red with orange hues and red with purple hues. Only pure red can attract the money and wealth. "

"Wearing the color red, from a Feng Shui perspective, is fabulous for Luck, Protection and Power.  It also is super for amplifying your Fame and Recognition Chi as it makes you visible (fire element) and can lead to more sales and stronger marketing. "
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