What Type are the Olsen Twins?

Mary Kate's face is the longer one, I think they have them backwards...

Spoiler Alert! The video shows Carol typing Mary Kate as a Type 4 and Ashley as a Type 2.They do acknowledge they probably have a secondary 1... They also miscategorize them as identical.

Another twin makeover: Identical twins that are not identical.  Another set they rate as a 2 and a 4.

"Despite being very similar in appearance, they [Mary Kate and Ashley] are not identical, but fraternal twins."[2][3] wikipedia

Ashley says in video on Ellen (below) that they are mirror twins.

Here are a few still of the twins to compare:

Mary Kate
She did  a role on her own on Weeds.


Mary Kate


"Mary-Kate has darker hair, used to have an eating disorder, and has more ... her hair brown (mary kate) and one wears her hair blonde Ashley." "2006 when Mary-Kate opted for a darker hair color while Ashley remained blonde."  "Ashley has the blonder hair and Mary-Kate is the one with the darker hair." "Mary Kate Olsen has the darker hair then Ashley Olsen"  "Mary-Kate wore a slinky, silky purple dress and had darker hair"

But I also read "Ashley is 2 inches taller, right handed, darker hair, and loves to dance."  

Mary Kate has gone bleach blonde and Ashley has had brown.  Mary Kate has changed her hair color the most.

Sources are contradictory about which twin is taller:
Ashley is Taller than Marykate, Ashley is 5ft 1, and Marykate is 5foot 0
Ashley Olsen is older than Mary-Kate by two minutes. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are not identical twins.   Ashley is an inch shorter than Mary-Kate, and has a freckle above her lip. She is also right-handed, while Mary-Kate is a lefty.

  • MK has a bigger forehead, and smaller eyes than Ashley.
  • Ashley’s face and lips are fuller (MK has a thinner upper lip)
  • Their chins and noses are slightly different shapes (Ashley’s face is rounder, whereas MK’s is longer)
  • Generally, Mk is the one who has experimented with different hair colours - although Ashley has had brown before.
  • Mk has had completely bleach blonde hair before.
  • MK’s style is much more ‘boho chic’ compared to Ashley, although they both enjoy the same designers.
  • Ashley is 1” taller than MK.

- MK’s chin resembles a square, whereas Ashley’s face is much more round.
- Due to her smoking, MK’s face is also a lot more ‘aged’ than Ashley’s.
- MK experiments alot more with her style, and usually wears more ‘edgy’ clothes.
- If you look at older photos, Ashley has always had blonde hair (apart from briefly, she had brunette) whereas MK has had a variety of different colours.

  • Ashley’s eyes are closer, bigger and rounder, perhaps, that’s the most noticeable difference between them.  
  • Mary-Kate chin as a form of a square while Ashley’s it’s rounder
  • Ashley’s lips are more voluptuous
  • MK’s forehead it’s ‘higher’/’bigger’ and Ash’s face it’s rounder   
  • Mary-Kate is left handed, Ashley is right.
  • Nearly since 2005 MK’s teeth’s are different, she uses porcelain veneers (I don’t know how to say this).
  • In some photos from the past you can tell them apart from, e.g., their hair: Ashley was always blonde except ones and for little time (there are almost no pictures of that), so everytime you see one of them brunette or red head that’s MK.
  • Now that’s not true but since the very end of So Little Time, MK’s hair it’s longer than Ashley’s.
  • Ashley only uses light nail polishes in her hands, Mary-Kate use to use red or black.

If I had not heard the DYT assessment of their type, I would have said that Mary Kate is a T1/3 (warm spring or maybe clear spring 1/4) and ashely is a T1/2 (light spring).  They both have a heart shape chin of the T1, Ashley's face is also round like T1.  Mary Kate's face is actually more angular than Ashley's, so I don't see T4 in it.

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Read seasonal color analysis and the twins, you generally see them analyzed as soft autumn (3/2).

Olsenboye at Penney's
P.S. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen walked the red carpet last night for the Dolce & Gabbana charity event hosted by Penelope Cruz, and we couldn’t help but notice how drastically opposite these two are becoming and this time, it’s not just the hair. Mary-Kate kept up her rock and roll vibe with heavy black ankle boots, but went for more of an undone sexy look a la Kate Moss. Ashley opted for a more polished look, with a buttoned-up frock and super high Balenciaga platform pumps.

In This Photo: Ashley OlsenMary-Kate Olsen

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