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My first roommate in college was a rather cynical, but once she admitted to me that most cynics are just very disappointed idealists.  I do think I'm a closet idealist at heart.  I've commented before that I'm a relativist rather than a fundamentalist.  I don't mean anything religious about that really, it's more philosophical. My truth is mystical, I must experience it to be true; and therefore I believe you have the same right.  I cringe at the idea of anyone being forced to believe anything as fully absolute.  We are not God and therefore not able to see the entirety of anything, though we may try to conceive of it.  So while I love systems (as an INTJ), I also love many of them and how they may overlap, but don't need it to all be nailed down and picture perfect; there is always room for mystery.  Therefore, when I think about the systems that I've been exploring on this blog for nearly a year now (my blogoversary is next month!), I can contrast them by how their philosophies differ in the following manner. (Yikes, that is if I can, we'll see).

Seasonal Color Analysis

So to start, Seasonal Color Analysis is the most visual.  It does take into account your actual skin tone, coloring, eyes, hair, etc.  It doesn't necessarily say something about your personality, although I think the original Color Me Beautiful stuff did elude to that, it's sort of dropped out of it.  It's pretty straight forward, and it's about being your prettiest.

I do remember a time when I was rather irritated by Seasonal Color Analysis, because it didn't go more than skin deep... And yet there's a certainty in some ways, and a flexibility in others, you can play with it.

Fashion Feng Shui

There is also a reference to your skin tone, your hair and eye coloring, but also a lot of your facial feature shapes, etc. in coming up with your dominant of the 5 Chinese Elements. But you also can choose to play with any of the other 4 if you're wanting to support an intention in your life on any given day.  So it's pretty flexible and creative.

Dressing Your Truth

So the extremely popular and internet omnipresent DYT program is NOT based on your coloring, in fact can go somewhat against it.  It is based on their specific, copyrighted facial profiling system.  And it's based in some ways on your personality.  Ultimately, it is about coordinating your outer style type (one of 4) with your inner type so that there is harmony and a sort of statement, almost a warning to others, so they will accept you as you are.

You determine your Type by reading the books essentially.  You can get a bit more assistance on their website, but you ultimately have to jump in based on your own judgment.  This works for a portion of women, and a minority struggle and waiver, way too long.


IlluminEssensce (which I abbreviate as IE), is also based on 4 categories, called Tones, not types.  It is less present on the 'net.  You must be Toned in person, 1:1 or at a workshop, or you can send in a video, which is a second best option. Once your'e Toned, you're Toned.  There's finality.  In both, IE and DYT, you have a secondary, but that is still subjective in DYT and requires attending a much longer conference in IE to determine.  In both, there is a certain Fundamentalism.  You are a Type or a Tone, and don't go messing with it.  There's a lot of judging others in DYT as getting themselves "wrong" and therefore a lot of shadow judgments come into it, at least in my experience in FB groups discussing it.

I really wanted these two systems to "work" and probably still believe they do at some level, something like a recovering Catholic.  I believe I am a Tone II, with a IV secondary.  I just can't bring myself to dress Type 2 or Tone II completely.  I have done, and it felt good, but it ultimately didn't feel like "me."  Femininity in that soft way feels weak or something, esp. with my height.  I actually do know ways to tweak it, but the payoff of doing it never really manifested.  I guess I got discouraged and lost interest somewhat.

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